Beautiful, congratulations with the 25th anniversary of the girl: the best ideas


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Not everyone is able to come up with beautiful greetings happy birthday. Sometimes ideas just swirling in my head, but not arranged in the desired text. To find a good congratulations with the 25th anniversary a girl can be in this article.

Happiness is in our hands

"Today you are celebrating his birthday! Becoming a full-grown woman, you can safely get the device future life. I wish you achieve all your goals, but don't forget about dreams. Let you are accompanied by success, good fortune, and love makes every day amazing."


First quarter-century

"Age is slowly starting to remind myself. It is not necessary to give it value either now or through another quarter of a century. Life can and should play for you with all the colors. The color palette you choose for yourself: nice stuff, beautiful scenery, favorite meals, a warm embrace. In birthday I wish you to maintain a youthful enthusiasm, energy and commitment to new horizons. Let the Luggage experiences is replenished with pleasant memories. Stay as sweet and blooming!"

Favorite daughter

The families do not forget that greeting the girl with the 25th anniversary should be borne by the festive mood.

“Our dear, beloved daughter! You're young, beautiful, smart and full of vitality. As parents, we may wish to extend this happy time, feel free to go ahead and surround yourself with true friends and loved ones. Let the house where you grew up, will always be a place where you do not penetrate the vanity and bad temper. Be healthy and happy!”

Holiday with friends

New stage

"Well? If you calculate that a quarter of a century of your miraculous existence has passed. It's time to start the next stage. Mother and grandmother are preparing to ask about her husband and grandchildren, and employers are afraid that you have to let go of the young employee on maternity leave. Still wish to realize the dream of a strong family life. May the fates smile upon you and lights every day!"

Big girl

"You're a big girl, though parents remain the child. So many doors open now, so many possibilities. Don't be afraid to use them. Let someone know your plans seem too bold, you gotta jump and be happy. Don't forget parents, with love and awe raised you. Want to meet on your way as many bright and positive people!"


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A wish

"Dear, sweet, bright, kind! I hasten to say to you congratulations on the 25th anniversary! Girls, if they had the opportunity, I would like to stay in this age for as long as possible. Of course, the youthfulness of the body and greater opportunities beckon, but should not rely only on them. I wish you to remain beautiful, feminine and charming yet for many years. Catch yourself admiring glances of men, save in the heart of the only true feelings, give love and care to your family!"

My soulmate

"Darling! Today I want to speak greetings to the 25th anniversary of the girl that completely changed my life. You are incredibly caring, attentive, gentle, passionate and temperamental. Every day we spend together, hardly similar to the previous one. In you I found a continuation of yourself, your desires and aspirations. Let together we will build something strong, filled with love and understanding. I wish to be a beautiful, fun and extraordinary!"

First quarter

"I Hasten to congratulate the first quarter of a 100-year plan successfully completed! During this time, you learn a lot. Now all the acquired skills should help to live a long and happy life. Surround yourself with good people, because they are able to do at least a little, but still wonders. Real love, mutual support, strong friendship – familiar concepts, but to meet all of them can not everyone. We wish all of them were present in your life, filled it with paint, doing amazing and unique!"

Beautiful girl

"it's So nice to say today is the day of the 25th anniversary of a girl who possesses so many merits. Thanks to his charm and kindness you can easily find common language with people, intelligence and insight makes it easy to solve sometimes complex life issues, and the beauty and elegance do not leave men indifferent. I wish for true love, good health, prosperity and happiness!"

25 birthday

Easy words

"Today I say to you many compliments and beautiful words. After all, it is supposed to. I want to make a cool congratulations with the 25th anniversary of the girl sitting opposite. Why the enthusiasm of big words, if soul and body are still young. Don't look at age: in the rain shoes rubber boots and slaps through the puddles, play with snowballs in winter, and in Park eat the biggest cotton candy. Let someone call it childish, but to be yourself is more important. I wish every day to catch the rays of the sun. Let the traffic lights always green, and in the pockets of clothes are forgotten the money."

Congratulations with the 25th anniversarygirl poems

You are now 25!

I Want you we wish:

To Be happy and loved

A Welcome and unique!

And don't forget you're beautiful.

Slightly feminine be dangerous.

A little Mysterious and gentle,

And let life be good!


To Celebrate a birthday – great!

But the years considered so dangerous.

Figure up stubbornly crawling

The past years so no return…

All these Thoughts I drive myself!

You are 25, love you friends

Parents, the one in the heart of the store.

I wish: cry only from happiness.

Let the door never knocks the storm,

Health is not going to fail,

I Want to sing, dance and create!


Darling, are you him good!

The Mind is a beautiful soul.

Today, at the 25th birthday

Readily you accept congratulations!

And we hasten to fill up their number:

Want to feel majestic,

Let all that you desire will certainly

In life is embodied, once again happy birthday!

Congratulations 25 anniversary


Using this article to make a greeting with the 25th anniversary of the girl will be quite easy. This is one of the most beautiful periods in life, and therefore, you should make a holiday bright and memorable. One person can be a friend and colleague, relative or loved one. In each case the text will be different, but he will definitely warm the heart of the birthday girl. If you find it difficult to come up with it yourself or you have the inspiration, you could use a ready-made option above.