Recessed Ironing Board. The types and characteristics of models


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Built-in Folding Ironing boards are increasingly attracting the attention of Housewives. And there are objective reasons. Such designs are extremely convenient to use. Occupying a permanent place in the house, the products of this plan quickly become indispensable helpers in the household.

I guess the main advantage, which is recessed Ironing Board is a way of saving space. This moment is the most important for owners of small apartments.

The Value of the Ironing Board in the household

built-in Ironing BoardEvery housewife used to improve the life for private convenience and specific conditions. But how realistic is it to feel the harmony and comfort, when, in addition to a mass of used household trifles, in the middle of the room is a dimensional Ironing Board?

Ironing is among the traditional responsibilities that often fall on women's shoulders. To provide the convenience of performing such work, to save power and valuable space in the room allows recessed Ironing Board. Currently, Housewives assume a wide variety of such structures. Proper selection of suitable variant provides the possibility to facilitate the process of Ironing and to speed it up significantly.

Folding Ironing Board built into the wall

Ironing Board foldawayIf the free space in the apartment is insufficient, not that the placement of the boards in the corner, a closet on the balcony or outside the door, but even in the cupboard, help able to reach wall-mounted design. Despite the fact that such products are used mostly in the dressing rooms of hotels and Inns, their use can become quite comfortable in normal household conditions.

The unfolded wall recessed Ironing Board is more compact along the wall. Models of this category can be turned easily 180 degrees, which contributes to the ease of use and space-saving.

Built-in Ironing Board with mirror

folding Ironing Board built into the wallFolding design for Ironing can be presented in a rather original format, hiding behind the mirror. Folded products of this category are not distinguished from ordinary mirror surface. However, if you need Ironing easy transformirovalsya, sinking to the desired level. For the convenience of the housewife is able to personally adjust the mechanism.

Board, built-in wardrobe

built-in Ironing Board with mirrorIf the previous options are potentially not too comfortable and effective under existing conditions, preference can be given to design, which is located in the Cabinet. Ironing Board, built in wardrobe, easily mounts on virtually any door. In this case the housewife does not have to beg the question of where to hide it from prying eyes. This option does not interfere with movement around the house and does not violate the interior ensemble.

Ironing Board, built-in wardrobe, a well-thought mechanism. To bring such design in readiness, fairly light hand movements. To do this, just open the Cabinet door, then tilting fixed inside the product.

Features folding Ironing boards

Construction of this type possess the following qualities:

  • Easy to arrange, move quickly to the starting position;
  • Have a special automatic spring unit, which facilitates smooth movement in different locations;
  • Have minor dimensions;
  • Different reliable mechanism of transformation and, therefore, are for decades;
  • Depending on the installation location, a separate model can be decomposed in several ways.


built-in folding Ironing BoardMany Housewives are wondering where to find a built-in Ironing Board? Find a quality option for long-term use today in specialized furniture stores, and through the services of appropriate online services. If you want to choose design, which will be operated in a fairly non-standard, specific conditions, you can resort to the fabrication of a suitable model to order.

When the first place there is the need to preserve the harmony of the interior, attention should be paid to the Board, built-in mirror. Givingthe preference for this embodiment, it is possible to maintain the integrity of the design of the house. In this case people won't be guessing about the presence of the Ironing Board, taking it for a regular mirror. The most creative hostesses prefer to order a Board, the back side which simulates a painting or a mural on the wall, in accordance to the existing decor.

The Optimal solution for many Housewives remain products mounted on the wall and closet door. In their selection the main thing - to pay attention to the most reliable materials and high-quality transformation mechanisms that are guaranteed to last a long time.


Among the main advantages of recessed Ironing boards can note the following:

  • Special compactness, functionality and comfortable operation when used regularly;
  • Reliable and easy handling in both positions;
  • Convenient mechanism of transformation;
  • The ability to lock in certain positions and at different angles.

The Only drawback of built-in Ironing boards remains a relatively high cost. However, this disadvantage is more than kompensiruet a noticeable savings of space, practicality, easy maintenance and long service life.

Generally, whether recessed Ironing Board can be used in an ordinary private house, a large country cottage or a relatively cramped city apartment. Hardware this plan looks relevant, extremely successful solution, regardless of the circumstances and character of the premises.

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