Congratulations happy birthday to the man with a sense of humor - an unusual and very funny


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Men, like women, love to receive gifts and hear warm wishes to your address. So prepare in advance for the birthday of her husband, brother, colleague, neighbor. Gave greetings to the man with humor. Humorous funny skits or just a cool poem – you decide! The birthday boy will love your performance.

Topic of the day

Themed parties relevant for a long time. You need to choose close to the spirit of the hero of the occasion theme and to organize an unforgettable evening. Everything must relate to the selected areas: food, clothing, room decor, games and contests. Men close to the theme of cowboys, cars, fishing. Select what he is interested in birthday, and get creative. This birthday he will remember forever, most importantly, carefully prepared. Then congratulations happy birthday to the man with humor will be a great success!

congratulations to the birthday man with humor

Go fish gold

This year, birthday lucky enough. Creative and positive in his favorite holiday of the year is provided. Surprise him and arrange a congratulation happy birthday with jokes. If he enjoys fishing, goldfish – exactly what you need. Themselves dressed in the costume of a fisherman than comic work, the better. You can wear a poofy dress, hat and rubber boots. The highlight of the program will be disguised as a goldfish with a full your friend. The costume can be done independently of gold foil or flowing fabrics. Head of marine beauty install a crown or a headdress. Part of the fisherman: “Hello birthday boy! Brought your gift from the Mediterranean sea! The ear will not go, painful death!”.


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Includes lush fish: “happy birthday, old man! You are incredibly lucky today! Wished you well, but the biggest – me! I am the mistress of plant sardines in tomato sauce, three-meter beach in Sochi! Live now! Here's your gift!”.

congratulations to birthday with fun

Golden beauty jumps right on his knees to surprised sweetie. Such fun, congratulations to the man with the birthday yet no one has ever given!

Camp comes to you

It Seems to be a hackneyed theme Gypsy greetings can be a little alter will make a great scene. In the midst of the holiday runs into the room colorful Gypsy. Better if her role will be performed by the man. Long skirts, lots of jewelry, baskets, bags, in the hands of a baby. Of course, as a baby wrapped in sheets, the pillow.

“Ah, my dear, it's Golden! There you are! Looking for you everywhere, and you're at home, the table was laid, look. My son and Yasha just in time. Dad can see how we are waiting for!”.

Hardly somewhere else, the audience met such greetings happy birthday man. With humor presenter explains that the birthday boy leads a secret life and has a lovely family. Gypsy presents the honoree of a baby with the words: “Here is your gift for birthday. The same hero as you. Handsome, intelligent, already able to guess on the horse to ride! I wish you another five or six heirs, the sea of happiness, I was beautiful, the house is such that three of the camp there fit. Salary – gold, three kilograms a day! Be successful in everything!”.

Greetings birthday to the man with humor will love!

funny greetings male birthday

Precious gift

To make this a surprise, you will need a lot of patience and paper. Will fit old boxes, Newspapers, magazines. A little present in the form of rings, lighters, pens wrap layers of paper. The ball should be increased to the size of the box from the refrigerator. Very huge box should be painted with paint, stick a giant bow and can deliver! Pretend that it is difficult to draw a gift in the room together. The birthday boy draws in his imagination a gorgeous gift and are beginning to expand…

It Will be very fun to watch this spectacle. Rarely seen greetings birthday fun!

congratulations to the man with the funny humor humorous

Verse form

If you do not want much bother with the skits and performances, just say funny wishes, looking into the eyes of the birthday boy.

Handsome and strong,

Charming and smart

Handsome and beautiful,

For the girls – dangerous.

Heartthrob and a Joker,

A Lover of fried chicken.

Rich and famous

A sense of flavor.

But that's all I said to myself,

Now I will congratulate you!

I Wish you happiness and love

To revered, respected

Never forgotten.

Friends, let them be in your house,

And girls in the sweet languor.

Greetings birthday to the man with humor will love.

Be Sure to congratulate family and friends on the holiday. Arrange surprises, surprise them. Maybe you next year waiting for an extraordinary party!

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