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Parrot Little Corella (nymph) will make an excellent pet. No wonder this breed is one of the most popular in the world and is second on this indicator only wavy parrots. Corella (nymph), the price of which today can range from 30 to 100 dollars will be a great gift for a child. It is best to buy a young parrot that is already tamed to the hand of man. The adult bird will require more attention and training.

Popularity breeds

Austrian breed of parrots, usually very affectionate, which is one of the main reasons for such popularity. In addition, they can be taught to talk. Everyone who has ever seen Corell, I can confirm that they can also whistle a tune. Of course, that they need to learn, as well as good behavior. Birds are characterized by kindness towards children. But in spite of this, if the house has children under 6 years of age, it is better not to have a parrot.

Corella nymph

Korella very clean. The bird is able to clean its feathers through the powder they have in their feathers. On the one hand it is good, but if you have allergies, can create some inconvenience. The birds live an average of 15 to 20 years. Although, as in other animals, there are also long-lived. So the parrot has lived long, he must look good and constantly maintained. Important and diet with constant movement. If you would prefer the bird was constantly on the loose and flew around the house, it is best to immediately purchase a large cage. In this case, it will be able to play and waving his wings.


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What you need to know

It is important to know that the Corella parrot quite shy. Especially the bird is afraid of the dark. It is best to put the first time near the cage night light, so the parrot didn't scare everyone and myself included. If not, then it is likely that he will start to rush around the cage, screaming and may even hurt themselves.

Corella photo

What is superficially supposed to be a parrot Corella (nymph)? How to determine the sex of a bird? These questions are intertwined, because the males have bright plumage and striking yellow around the face and crest. But it is not always possible to immediately determine gender even on these grounds. Usually this question you will answer during the purchase. I must say that male and female do not differ much behavior. Experts only suggest not to put a mirror in the cage with the male. This can cause excessive aggression, may try to protect his "friend" Corella. Photo parrot confirm that the bird is not able to cause person injury. But scare very easily.

In a cage to live comfortably parrot

As we have said, cockatiels - very playful birds, so it is important to give them plenty of space. Moreover, the cage should be large, it is desirable to hang a swing or other toys. The distance between the bars should be small. In addition, you need to buy the cage with both transverse and longitudinal rods.

Corella nymph price

This will allow them to constantly be on the move and move quickly. Making sure that the bird is spacious enough for regular exercise, you can be sure that the parrot will always be, and he is not constantly screaming and distracting you. Very good to have a bird like Corella (nymph). Caring for her is easy.

The Best food for your feathered friend

Corell is not whimsical parrot and happily eats any grain mix, fruit, whole grains, vegetables, Brussels sprouts. A good idea is to diversify its food, treat the bones of cuttlefish, which are rich in calcium. Proper and timely supply, ensure long life the parrot. Of course, to put a cage not on a window where it can easily blow out. They sleep an average of 10 hours. They need darkness and silence. Of course, the parrot important attention and communication. He's capable of very nice Twitter and even be friendly in nature. A very good feature that can appeal to a lonely man. Owner reviews very eloquently about the fact that birds respond to the care trust.

Corella nymph caring

No wonder many owners characterize their Pets as a sensitive and gentle creatures. We can say that the parrot is a reflection of its owner. It is not enough just to feed them and care, they need to constantly communicate, and then reciprocate Corella. Photo of parrot is usually very bright, but in real life they are the same.

The Domestication of birds to man

It is Important to make every effort to tame their new pet. Initially, it should be quiet and give the parrot to get comfortable at home. The first time you must talk to him calmly and quietly. Over time it will start to get used to the voice and even respond to it. Will not be afraid to approach the familiar person. A good way to make friends with a parrot will offer treats. It is worth doing carefully and even carefully. Closer to corellia for this reason, he has to do it. If a few days continue in the same spirit, to talk to a parrot, to treat sometimes, then a week later he will trust you and you will become good friends.

Corella nymph how to define gender

It should know that if Corella (nymph) yelling, then it can happen for several reasons. First, it can't be avoided at first, when he is in a new home and new surroundings. Need to exercise maximum patience. It will not hurt to clear the room and just wait for the rest. The screaming will stop as soon as the parrot will get used to the new environment. Secondly, because it can attract attention. This usually occurs when a parrot lives in the house one week, and he doesn't get enough attention. Will be very useful to release from the cage the bird and let her fly a little around the house.

How to educate a winged pet

It so Happens that the parrot can suddenly pinch on the arm. In this case, do not be a violent reaction. You just need to take your hand and next time be careful, to prevent this from happening. Some owners suggest when dealing with a parrot to put on my gardening gloves on his hands. Do not yell at your pet because it is very unlikely that he will understand his guilt and change behavior.

But if the parrot does something good, in your opinion, you should encourage him to repeat the action next time. For example, you like how it chirps or plays - encourage him. If he does something wrong, just ignore it. Almost like with young children. Very good selection of pet – Corella (nymph). Caring for a bird is not the most difficult, but the pleasure of communicating with her much.

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