How to treat "semolina" in fish: Furacilinum, salt, "Antiparos"?


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The Appearance of white spots on the body your favorite fish is causing panic. Ichthyophthirius and how to treat "semolina" in fish - the theme of our article. We will help newcomers to cope with the problem. Fans and those who are seriously involved in breeding, I know a lot of ways on how to treat "semolina" in aquarium fish. Today we reveal a few secrets.


how to treat semolina fishIn order to begin treatment and not to lose the Pets, you need to correctly identify the disease from which they suffer. First, we define that it is precisely Ichthyophthirius, and then think how to treat the fish from the "monkey". What is "semolina"? Here you can focus on the title. It this disease is not in vain. Because the type of fish looks like she poured the semolina. The body is covered with many small white dots no more than a millimeter in diameter. In this case the longer you wait, the more spots appear on the body. Another sign – sick individuals randomly floating around, it is clear that they are itchy body on the rocks and the vessel wall. The cause of the disease is an infection that is spreading ciliate Ichthyophthirius, hence the name of the disease.

Ways of infection

how to treat semolina aquarium fishesThe Parasite has a body in the form of eggs, and size of only one millimeter. Living ciliate only two weeks. After getting ciliates in the body of the victim, it is saturated within a couple of days. Then, well-fed, she gets out through the skin. It looks like the yield as a white dot. Down at the very bottom of the aquarium, the Paramecium begins to multiply. When reproduction is ended, it begins looking for the next victim to power. Not finding such, the parasite dies from starvation. For one cycle of the reproduction of the Paramecium displays thousands of their own kind. So the problem really exists, and no wonder people are concerned about the question of how to treat aquarium fish from monkey.


how to treat semolina fish FuracilinumThe Best way to escape from diseases to prevent them. An important role is played by preventive procedures. What should I do not to ask then the question of how to treat "semolina" fish:


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  • Water that is poured into the aquarium must be subjected to filtering.
  • In Any case not SuperCool the water in which they live Pets.
  • If you have purchased a new individuals, do not release them directly into the aquarium, let them live in a separate vessel so that you can observe; that newcomers are often carriers of diseases; in addition, pests can enter in with food or water.

How to treat "semolina" the fish

how to treat semolina at aquarium fish saltThe easiest way to treat illness is to apply the procedure of raising the temperature of the water. This should be done very carefully, otherwise you can kill all the fish. The increase in water temperature two or three degrees reduces the period of stay ciliates in the victim's body, she comes out of it and dies. Leaving this temperature for a short time, you will help restore the immune system of a sick individual. But do not overdo it. Where there is one disease, you may receive both. Immunity needs to be lifted and special preparations.

It is Also recommended to assemble with a tube the water from the bottom. Leave about a quarter of the total. Add new water. Fish removed from the tank. Infusoria will die without food. Those fish that were infected, should be separate to full recovery.

Furatsilin help

how to treat fish from monkeyIn addition to the basic raise the temperature of the water experts know how to treat the "semolina" fish Furacilinum. How to do it?

  1. No need to change anything in the condition of the aquarium, change the water, increase the temperature, to switch off the machines.
  2. Dissolve one tablet of furacilin in forty milliliters of water and pour the mixture into the aquarium.
  3. Daily Pour ¼ of the water and add new.
  4. Through the day, pour the solution furatsilina.
  5. You Do the procedure for three weeks, and if necessary - longer.
  6. After a few days you will notice an improvement will disappear the itching, dogs will begin to eat.

What would we do without salt?

how to treat aquarium fish from monkeyAnother useful advice on how to treat "semolina" in aquarium fish salt. There is one caveat with this treatment. Aquatic plants do not like salt and will die if not removed in time. Some species of fish also can't be in salt water. Here the approach should be individual. It all depends on the kind of Pets in your aquarium. Having made preparation, we start treatment. It is possible to act in different ways. The first way:

  • Increase the water temperature to thirty degrees;
  • Add the aquarium table datirovannoe salt of a teaspoon of salt per ten gallons of water;
  • Hold this water for months, it is not well;
  • In parts and will replace all fresh water on.

Second method:

  • Put the infected fish in a separate vessel;
  • Sprinkle the bottom of the vessel salt (about thirty grams per liter of water);
  • Twice a day, change the water;
  • You do the procedure for ten days.

The Second method is designed so that fish swim from above, and ciliate falls down on salt anddie. You promptly replace the water and clean the dead parasites.

"of Antipas" as output

how to treat semolina fish with AntiparosA Separate question - how to treat semolina fish "by Antiparos". Many praise this method as the drug is used to treat a variety of diseases and destruction of pests and parasites, including ciliates. How correctly to treat? This drug is used both for treatment and for prevention. Prevention is applied, short bath. Ten liters of water is added to one milliliter of preparation. Tub lasts for three hours. If you notice signs of illness, repeat the bath two days later.

If the disease progresses, applies the relocation of sick individuals in a vessel with a solution (one milliliter "Antiparah," fifty liters of water) for a week. This method is called long-term bathrooms.

During treatment, you need to turn off all the lights in the aquarium to filter the water so as not to disturb the concentration. Plants and decorations to clean no need. The water temperature should be around 25 degrees. The drug is very effective, but excessive use may harm the fish. So at the end of treatment is necessary to disinfect everything that was in the aquarium with the "Antiparos". It is best if you process all this boiling water.

Malachite green and more

The Last thing we'll tell you how to treat it, "semolina", the fish with malachite green dye and drugs. For this we need:

a syringe.


malachite dye;

- special products.

What we do

  • Model third of the water in the tank is new.
  • Disable the filter or put the filter in weak mode.
  • Add a proven drug purchased in a specialty store.
  • Before you add the medicine, change a quarter of the fresh water.
  • Raise the water temperature a couple of degrees.
  • Sprinkle with a pinch of salt every day: it speeds up the healing of wounds on the body.
  • After a week, replace the water is clear, turn on the filters.
  • In a day reduce the temperature of the water to normal levels.
  • If you use the malachite dye added 0.06 milligrams per liter of water, the color should be barely green.
  • Drugs that may be recommended to use: "Super IR Coeur", "Funamori", "Sulfur Kestopur".

Remember that die from drugs only those pests that went out and in the water. Fish that have already suffered this infection, acquired immunity. But these same individuals can carry parasites and infect others. Ciliates can hide both on television and in the gills, and in a favorable time for them again to strike.

Hope you benefit from the information in the article. The people who grow fish for a long time, have learned to deal with different diseases. After all, what better way to soothe and entertain, than the beautiful fish swimming in clean water. Few things can match their beauty. And to the inhabitants of the aquarium as long as possible please your eyes, you need to carefully monitor their health.

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