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To conduct classes in a kindergarten or school may be required of the riddle about the tree. Most often they are used in the organization of environmental events.

Riddle about the tree can be conditionally subdivided. You can select those where the answer is this word, and those where you need to pick the right kind of plants.

Riddle about a tree

Riddles about trees with responses in poetry

For thematic lessons about forest or garden trees will need questions about specific plants. If the answer to these riddles children develop phonemic hearing, they learn to feel rhythm, rhyme, choosing the answer that will fit into the verse.

  • In the yard and in the meadow
    The Whole month of July standing in the snow.
    Summer white earth.
    Who we are, you know? (Poplar)

  • Near the rivers the place is beautiful!
    Loves to settle there… (Willow)

  • The strongest, Most powerful,
    To compare With it is impossible!
    If you, my friend, is not stupid,
    Let me Guess: it's… (Oak)

  • It is not terrible chill!
    Sticks green crest
    Bristling needles.
    Learned? This… (Tree)

Riddle about the spruce

  • The pretty one
    She is High, slim,
    Just be careful
    About the needles do not forget it!
    Though beautiful in the miracle,
    Very obstinate girl!
    Because one
    And her name is… (Pine)

  • I'm in a good mood,
    Greeted with a treat:
    Sweet fruit
    Like the sun is yellow!
    I am from the seeds have sprouted
    Delicious South… (Apricot)

  • All the treated fruits
    Don't hurt Anyone!
    Because without them you will –
    Very delicious food.
    Cook grandma jam –
    For the whole winter treats!
    And still go in the compote!
    And even decorate a cake!
    I would never superfluous,
    With a sour-sweet taste… (Cherry)

  • Loved by all: young and old
    Very delicious lemonade
    In honor of whom it was named?
    The tree… (Lemon)

Riddles about trees answers


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  • Waiting on the branches of chests,
    Round puzzles
    Who will open them, in order
    Waiting for the sweet gift.
    Chests are my strong
    Waiting for the Giant hands!
    And now say is not a sin,
    Who am I? (Nut)

If we consider the tree as a plant and as a building material, this is a riddle:

  • Me and the boat I'm building,
    A Horse with a rope tail,
    Pencil in your pencil case
    Also from made me.
    Though I live on land,
    Throw into the river will float
    But, look, hold me
    You away from the fire!

There are direct and physical properties of wood and how it is used.

Riddle about the tree for kids

Custom puzzles

How can I replace traditional questions? To portray the riddle about the tree without words, through movement or through painting. To show this concept body, you can stand on the floor, pushing to his feet, and his hands raise up and spread his fingers. Let the children guess what he is trying to portray an adult, and then all together will try to repeat the shape.

As illustrative material suitable puzzles. For knows musical notation, you can use the note "re", surrounded by the syllables of “de” and “in”.

What is it

The Mystery about the tree for kids not only entertain them. The search for the answer involves both memory and thinking. It should not just analyze the text, but also to remember all known plants, and then to choose the one that fits best. During the lesson you can ask children to invent riddles about the tree that they are familiar with. This will teach kids to identify the main features of objects and focus on them. This ability is essential in teaching not only in elementary school, but on. And it would seem - just puzzles!

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