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Raising a child is a very important and responsible business for every parent. Any of them seeks to choose the best methods of education for his child, carefully selects toys and cartoons, reads good tales at night and strives to provide the baby a happy and carefree childhood.

In order to guarantee the versatile development of the child, you need not to focus on one thing, and combine viewing instructive cartoons, reading children books and developing games. If you are asking, "What to do with a child at 4 years old?", then you definitely need to read this article.

What kind of children are 4 years old?

Мальчику 4 года

To find the right method of education, first of all you need to pay attention to how the child behaves both in the family and in society. Silent and withdrawn children do not need to be forced to communicate with peers - this you will only make worse and can completely discourage the desire to communicate with someone other than the family. Excessively sociable children also do not need to be seded for the fact that they in a matter of seconds find a common language with any stranger. You just need to make it clear to him that not every person who is in his environment can be kind and have only good intentions.

Usually children at this age try to understand and explain for themselves everything in the world, not for nothing because this age is called "age of whys." You can hear a lot of childish questions, and it is very important not to push away the baby at such a moment. Do not refer to employment, you need to explain the child so that he was available and understandable answers to all his questions.

It is very important that he can communicate with other children as well. It is during the "first childhood" kids begin to communicate with their peers, in their companies there are a kind of "authorities." They learn to establish and build relationships in kindergarten or in the yard. Don't be afraid of bad influence. To make as few mistakes as possible, try to clearly show him the line, what is good and what is bad. How do you do that?


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Model of family relationships through the eyes of a child

Малыш 4 года

You need to start with yourself and your family. Each child first of all draws the ability to communicate at home. In order for him to feel comfortable both at home and on the street, be able to listen to him, answer all the questions and give a little independence. In any situation with peers, first give him the opportunity to resolve the conflict on his own.

If there are quarrels in the family, try to discuss everything "behind closed doors" - upset parents will oppress and the moral condition of the child. Looking at such disagreements, he may be frightened, it carries the threat of injury to his not yet strengthened psyche.

Sincerely strive to show your child harmony in the family, it is very important for children to see that parents love each other and the child. Many grown girls and guys are looking for a soul mate, which is at least a little like mom or dad. So it should be, because a child who grew up in a strong family, feels comfortable and confident with such a person.

It is important to choose fairy tales and poems for children 4 years, corresponding to this age, and to teach the child such concepts as goodness, morality, good deeds, respect and friendship. This will help him to get involved in relationships with his peers faster and make fewer mistakes.

What literature should you pay attention to and why?

From the very beginning it is important to lay the basics of the behavior model in society. To make it easier for yourself to work, you need to choose books developing. 4 years - the period when the baby learns to contact with the world, and he needs to do it initially correctly.

Стихи для детей 4 летYou can start with special books, which give funny instructive stories, and in the end is concluded. On the example of young heroes from books, the child will learn many life's wisdom: how to behave with peers, rules of behavior in school and kindergarten, how to behave with adults, what to beware, how to make new acquaintances, etc.

Choosing poems for children 4 years, you need to pay attention to individual authors. For example, at this age the poems of Kornei Chukovsky and Samuel Marshak are perfectly perceived. It will be useful to read the child's tales about the Kid and Carlson, to tell about the adventures of the heroes from "Prostokvashino." You can read to the child small tales of different peoples of the world.

It is very important after each verse or story to analyze what you have read, discuss the conclusion and learn from the child how he himself understood what he read. The ability to express his opinion and formulate a clear conclusion will help him a lot in school.

Learn from the baby that he likes to listen, find similar fairy tales. It is desirable to show illustrations to each page - it will enhance the effect and memorization of the read, so your child will be easier to perceive the given information.

What about cartoons?

Yes, everyone associates childhood with watching cartoons! Perhaps it is difficult to find a child who would not sit all day waiting for the appearance of favorite characters on the screen. And for parents who are puzzled by the problem, than to occupy a child at 4 years, it is always a great solution.Putting a child at the TV screen, you can safely do their own thing.

Мультики для 4 летDespite the fact that now there are a lot of specialized children's TV channels, and to include a cartoon on your personal computer is not a problem, you need to be very careful. Before you include something to the child, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with what he sees on the screen.

Unfortunately, most modern animated films contain fragments of violence and disgusting drawing. Choosing cartoons for 4 years, you need to focus on proven options!

Invariably kind and instructive remain Soviet cartoons. It is worth paying attention to such masterpieces as "Well, wait!", "Capitoshka," "38 parrots," "Cat Leopold," "Crocodile Gene" and others. They reveal the value of friendship and kindness, they teach to help others and look for in any situation only positive moments.

Very popular and nowadays there are cartoons for 4 years of Disney and Dream Works: "Cinderella", "Snow White", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Little Mermaid", "Duck Stories", "Ghostbusters". They have always pleased with beautiful graphics, the characters in them are portrayed brightly, any significant moment is accompanied by a beautiful song of the main character.

Despite the fact that cartoons occupy the main attention of the child, you can invite him to see old Russian fairy tales in the whole family. There are entire collections in which you can often meet such beautiful fairy tales: "Frost," "Old Man Hottabych," Varvara-Krasa long spit, "Fire, water and copper pipes."

It will be especially pleasant for each child if you keep him company and explain any incomprehensible moments if necessary. In such moments he feels especially needed and sees your support.

How to combine the pleasant with the useful?

Ordinary viewing of cartoons can always turn into an entertaining and interesting training. If we think about what to occupy a child at 4 years old, it is thanks to cartoons it is possible to teach a child to count, distinguish and call colors, clearly pronounce incomprehensible words. Here's an example on two cartoons.

Мультики для 4 лет


What does this cartoon teach us? Of course, the fact that mercy and diligence will always be rewarded, good will surely overcome evil, if you do not give up and believe in yourself to the last. You can invite the kid to name the positive aspects of this beautiful princess, pay attention to the bright color of her dress, help him briefly retell the plot of the cartoon and voice those moments that impressed the most. These games for 4 years will be very useful and exciting both for you and for the little inquisitive kid.

"My Little Pony"

This cartoon will show your child the beauty and value of friendship, what any business is more pleasant and interesting to share with a friend. Putting at the right moment cartoon on "stop" can offer the child to count the number of ponies on the screen and call their colors. In addition, it can be explained to the baby that each horse got certain magical qualities for the fact that it showed itself as diligent and obedient in a certain area of activity. This will help your child believe in a miracle.

игры детские 4 года

Learn more about games

If you look in detail at the category "Children's Games (4 years)", you can find a lot of options of entertaining and interesting games. You can divide them into: games in nature, at home and with toys.


  • Entertain your child by drawing "classics" or "snail" on the pavement;
  • Build a cozy hut of branches for him;
  • Play catch-up or hide-and-seek in the yard;
  • Remember the rules of the game "Rogue Cossacks" and tell them to the kid, and then bring to life;
  • Lead around the garden and tell about each plant that will interest the baby.

Home games for 4 years:

  • You can safely include "lads" in them;
  • Provide coloring books and bright books for the child;
  • Play "twister";
  • Put together a picture of large puzzles;
  • Invite your child to act as a hairdresser and come up with a new hairstyle with hairpins and rubber bands;
  • Play fashion designers;
  • Make sandwiches together;
  • Just make something with your own hands.

Toys for toddlers

Recently, there are more and more different toys. Caring parents tend to buy them as much as possible for their child, but many of the dolls and typewriters and lie unclaimed. Why is this happening?

Игры для 4 летIt is important to pick up not only quality toys, but also relevant for the right age. These entertaining items accompany all children's games. 4 years is the age when a child pays attention to what his parents are doing.

Up to a year you can give rattles, developing complexes with large details and pyramids. From two to three years of age, the child's attention will attract soft toys. Special kitchens, sets of building materials accompany the game for 4 years.

When the child becomes a little older, you can give him books, where the best poems for 4-5 years will be collected. Between the ages of 5 and 7, the boys will be happy for the typewriters and designers, and the girls are Barbie and Bratz dolls, doll locks and clothes for them.

Чем занять ребенка в 4

Making games useful

It is difficult to find a child who would not be happy to spend time surrounded by friends and favorite toys. If you join him at the right moment, you can not only please your baby, but also teach him something useful.

Games for 4 years please with its variety, toys - quality and aesthetic appeal. You just need to learn how to combine everything properly. Then any kid (4 years) will be able to learn many useful skills.

Options for boys

When a boy is 4 years old, he definitely wants to play cars. You can invite him to count them, point to the colors, arrange races and give him to win them. With a toy set of tools you can conduct a lot of experiments, talk about their purpose and offer to look at how the same, only adults, copes with the pope.

Ideas for girls

Every girl dreams of realistic belly buttons. Four years is a period of female awareness, especially if she watches her mother care for her younger brother or sister. With a kitchen set of toy devices you can tell the child about the nuances of their use, tell what shapes mom uses when preparing curly cookies, and a special spatula turns over pancakes to make them tasty and fragrant.

With such an abundance of ideas and opportunities, none of the parents should have a question: what to occupy a child at 4 years? The main thing is to be careful, to have a good imagination and constantly let your child know that you love him very much!

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