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Children's food "Theme" - natural products for small consumers aged from 6 months to 3 years, which is specially designed to take into account their individual features of growth. The quality and price correspond to each other.

"Theme" - baby food. Photos and description

It is known that proper nutrition, especially in childhood, is the key to good health of the baby. After all, the body of crumbs differs from the adult by its rapid and active growth. It is very important for him to get all the necessary useful substances in time, because the child up to a year formed all vital systems and their organs. Food in this case is the only source that provides the child's body with vitamins and trace elements for the construction of tissues.

Producing balanced products for children is the main credo of Unimilk. The manufacturer takes into account the fact that the need for energy and food substances changes with the age of the child, as the development of his body is gradual. Therefore, baby food "Theme" is made especially taking into account the age changes of the baby.

Summary of the manufacturer

The company that produces children's food "Theme" was founded in 1961. It all started from the Kiev Gormol plant No. 2. At that time, this enterprise was equipped with the latest technology and produced products that enjoyed great success among Kiev residents. In the early 1980s, the plant underwent a complete large-scale reconstruction. After that, Kiev's Gormol plant No.2 became the leading enterprise of the Soviet Union.

Galakton was founded on the basis of the above-mentioned company in 1995.

Today, Galakton has a new name, Unimilk. It was their curds, which were produced in a package of 50 grams, for the first time became known among the population brand "Theme". The baby food manufacturer produces on new modern technology in accordance with international standards.

In the spring of 2014, Unimilk launched a new line for the manufacture of dairy products for young consumers over 8 months.

Summary of Theme Products

Children's food from the brand "Theme" is represented by the following products:

  • (with pear, apple and carrots, blueberries, apricots, banana);
  • Kefir fortified (fat 3.2%);
  • 2.8% fat yogurt with raspberry rosehip filler, apple, apricot banana, prunes, banana-earthling;
  • Baby milk;
  • Biolact;
  • Meat purees (beef, turkey, cockerel, veal, chicken meat with beef, pork, rabbit, beef with liver, lamb, beef with tongue, beef with heart);
  • Meat puree (beef with zucchini);
  • Meat puree with cereals (beef with buckwheat, beef with rice);
  • Juices (apple lightened, apple-banana with pulp, pear lightened, apple-apricot with pulp, apple-grape lightened, apple-plum with pulp, apple-pear with pulp, apple with pulp).

All products are made only from natural and high-quality raw materials, without harmful colors and flavors.

The benefits of buying the above products

Why is it better to buy theme products for your child? Manufacturer's advantages:

  • Unimilk uses the latest equipment for production.
  • It has a wide range of products for small consumers from 6 months to 3 years, which is manufactured in accordance with the established requirements and fully meets the needs of the baby.
  • Children's food "Theme" does not contain harmful flavors and colors, is made from exclusively natural and high-quality raw materials, so it is ideal for the first lure of crumbs of early age.

Children's food "Theme": customer reviews

There are a lot of responses from mothers on the Internet, who fed and fed their children products of the above brand. Especially like small consumers of the products "Theme" curd. Moms write that they are tender consistency and tasty enough, so they are so fond of crumbs. Therefore, the "Theme" curd is out of competition compared to other manufacturers.

Moms also notethat children's food "Theme", their reviews concern both special products (biolac) and all others (juices, fermented milk, meat purees), is quite useful for a growing body. After all, the above diet for children is additionally enriched with useful vitamins and trace elements.

Although there are reviews of unsatisfied buyers. For example, some moms don't like the new bioyogurt packaging. For their children more convenient to use was this product in a cardboard box with a tube. Packing a bioyogurt with a lid brings some inconvenience, especially if the child is used to drinking it before going to bed.

Also, some parents note that the milk "Theme" has a slightly bitter taste. In addition, they claim that sometimes there is such a package of these products, in which the lid is loosely closed.

Prices for food of the above brand

Consumers note that children's food "Theme", the price of which corresponds to quality, has an acceptable cost.

For example, children's curd costs about 36 rubles, bioyogurt - 41 rubles, milk fat 3.2% - 25 rubles. For example, chicken meat with beef costs 43 rubles, beef with liver - 50 rubles, beef with heart - 51 rubles, lamb - 60 rubles.

Prices for meat and vegetable purees and mashed meat and cereals are a little cheaper.

For example, beef with buckwheat costs 37 rubles, beef with rice - 36 rubles, beef with zucchini - 37 rubles.

Children's food "Theme" - ideal for the first lure of the baby. The main characteristics of the products are hearty, high-quality, useful and affordable.

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