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Of course, every pet owner is insanely happy when his pet is not sick, shows maximum activity and is full of vital energy. However, sooner or later you have to put up with the idea that the pet will grow old, as a result of which he may have various kinds of ailments. They are just in most cases and cause the pet unbearable suffering and torment. Dogs and cats, just like humans, are susceptible to such serious pathologies as kidney failure, tumors, heart defects, and so on. How to help your pet in this case? Some, not finding a way out, begin to think about such a procedure as euthanizing animals. Of course, at first glance it may seem blasphemous, but on the other hand, why should an animal suffer from unbearable pain?

It should be noted that the euthanasia of animals is performed only in extreme cases, when we are talking about an incurable disease or the biological age of the pet indicates that he has very little time left to live. Moreover, the above procedure is carried out very quickly, and the animal does not feel any additional suffering. Everything is done "under anesthesia" and through medication, so you do not need to buy a gun for euthanizing animals.

The moral side of the procedure

Of course, for many, the euthanasia of a cat or dog is a real abuse of domestic animals. From a psychological point of view, it is very difficult to decide on such an act. Nevertheless, you should not despair, worry and worry about this, because euthanizing animals is sometimes the only way to get rid of pain.


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Where the procedure is performed

Some owners of four-legged pets have no idea where euthanasia can be carried out. Be aware that the euthanasia of animals is carried out both at home and directly in veterinary centers.

In the first case, the specialist is called to the owners of the cat or dog – this is a fairly convenient form of assistance to pets.

Individual approach

Specializes in euthanasia, as is known, a veterinary clinic. Euthanasia of animals occurs primarily because they have acquired or chronic diseases, which, unfortunately, are incurable. At the same time, serious injuries that cause unbearable pain can also lead to a decision to euthanize.

In any case, each specific case requires an individual approach, and a preliminary consultation with a veterinarian is a prerequisite.

If you have finally come to the conclusion that the only way to help your pet is to put it to sleep, then you should not postpone the matter. You should not be tormented by the correctness of the decision made, think better about how painful it is for the animal, so do not hesitate and ease its suffering.

The specificity of the procedure

At first glance, it may seem that euthanizing pets is an easy and quick procedure: it is enough to make one injection.

However, in reality, everything is somewhat more complicated. No one wants to cause additional torment to a dog or cat during euthanasia, since these are their favorite pets. That is why humane euthanasia of animals involves a procedure that is carried out in two stages.


Before starting euthanasia, the pet is subcutaneously injected with a drug of narcotic properties, which puts the animal to sleep. Under its influence, the dog or cat ceases to feel discomfort and pain. The veterinarian should carefully monitor the condition of the animal. Only after the anesthesia finally takes effect, you can proceed directly to the procedure itself.

Injection with muscle relaxants

Next, it remains to make only one injection, under the influence of which the heart and respiratory organs will stop. This is how animals are put to sleep – reviews of this procedure, as you may have guessed, are contradictory: there are both supporters of the use of euthanasia, and its opponents.

It should be noted that in most cases, the heart fails within 5-15 minutes after respiratory dysfunction, but it also happens the other way around.

If we are talking about clinical death, the agony can last an average of a quarter of an hour, while the pet no longer feels pain, but due to the automatism of the heart muscle contractions, the lungs are still functioning, and against this background, convulsions may occur. Unfortunately, it is not possible to minimize such risks.

Cost of the procedure

Of course, many people prefer to euthanize animals at home. In this regard, the question of how much such a service can cost is of paramount importance. When determining the price of euthanasia, two components should be taken into account: the first is the cost of medicines (as a rule, they are expensive and high-quality), and the second is the cost of calling a specialist at home.

It should be noted that the work of an experienced veterinarian of high qualification is also not cheap, so in order to increase demand in many veterinary clinics, euthanasia services are performed by ordinary specialists. Also, in some cases, the customer is offered a cremation service, the price of which depends on the weight of the pet.

< h2>Conclusion

The moral aspect of the euthanasia procedure is certainly very important for all pet owners, but I would like to wish that as few people as possible resort to euthanizing cats and dogs as a forced measure.

To minimize the above risk, take maximum care of your pet, properly take care of him, at the slightest suspicion of the disease, immediately contact a specialist.

If in one veterinary institution you were informed that it is no longer possible to save your pet and it needs to be euthanized – this is not a reason to panic. It is mandatory to refer to another hospital because the doctors too, can make mistakes.

If such a problem still occurs, then do not hesitate to solve it. Remember that qualified specialists will never impose euthanasia services. You have to make that decision yourself.

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