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When the question of buying incense comes up for the first time, it is not surprising that it comes to a dead end. The quantity of such goods in today's market is incredibly large, and it is difficult to immediately understand what is what. At the same time, the meaning of incense is hidden in their various scents. Using a certain fragrance, you can improve your psychological and physical health. Therefore, it is not surprising that the word "incense" has synonyms - "aroma", "fragrance", "spirit", "smell","abmra".

It should be noted that there are several ways to classify them in the world. This is due to the huge variety of varieties, in addition, a wide range of their use. They are mainly classified by appearance, place of production, purpose and composition. Since ancient times, they are a unique product of Thailand, India, Malaya and Ceylon.

First, you need to pay close attention to their appearance. They come in different shapes: in the form of briquettes, mixtures, pyramids, sticks, oils. Also, when choosing, it is important to consider the method of incense burning – non-flammable and combustible methods. In this article, we will learn with you what incense is, and also consider its types.

Oil incense

They have 2 components in their composition – a base that perfectly absorbs essential oils, and the oil itself or a unique composition of them. According to the form, there are the following oil incense: sticks, string or plasticine.

Combustible incense

Basically, they have the form of sticks and cones: aromatic ingredients in the form of powder are mixed with combustible material. First, it is set on fire, then the resulting fire is blown out, leaving the stick or cone to smolder. After that, the smell of incense begins to fill the room. This species is traditionally used in Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. Their composition usually includes wood of aromatic varieties, resins, essential oils and some types of spices.


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Mixed-oil incense

What is a mixed-oil incense? They include a coal-based oiled base, as well as ghee, honey, manure, and plant powder. The main component in them are considered essential oils, which have certain healing properties.

Manure and honey incense

Such incense is of particular interest, since its production goes back to ancient times. They were used during the Ramayana period. Honey incense is distinguished by the fact that it has a sweet, barely noticeable smell that accompanies the main aroma. They are used for aromatherapy, puja, and room aromatization.

Of course, you can doubt the need for manure incense. What incense is, we have already found out, but how it can be produced from manure is still unclear. For us, it seems to be something unclean and bad-smelling. At the same time, our opinion about it is radically different from the meaning of the texts of ancient scriptures, which say that it is used to produce both incense itself, which, it is worth noting, does not smell like manure at all, and various medicinal preparations. They can only be distinguished by their rough appearance and very thick smoke, which is released during ignition.

Camphor cardamom

Camphor or camphor cardamom sometimes serves as the main component. Its disadvantage is that the quality of incense is somewhat reduced, but the medicinal and aromatic properties are preserved much longer. Camphor incense is recommended for removing toxins and for cleaning rooms from unfavorable energy and spirits. Moscow has a wide network of salons and shops that sell camphor cardamom, so no one will have any difficulties with their purchase. Moreover, these incense also contribute to the prevention of epidemic and respiratory diseases, have an immune-strengthening effect.

Herbal Incense

Vegetable incense, synonymous with which we have given above, has a calm aroma, close to natural. As an effective soothing agent for aromatherapy, it is recommended to use baseless incense.

Bamboo straw

Basically, for sticks, a bamboo straw is taken as a basis. If certain technologies are followed, a thin layer of charcoal powder is applied to it, which is impregnated with essential oils, honey, herbal extracts and other medicinal aromatic components, otherwise called "masala". Such Indian incense is affordable and inexpensive.

They are used in various fields: when fumigating rooms to create a comfortable atmosphere, as well as to purify the energy space. It is also very interesting that such sticks are used in religious rites and medical practice. They can even be put in the car when washing clothes. In addition, some of them are an effective remedy for moths.

Basic incense

For the manufacture of incense sticks, bamboo is most often used as a base. But there are also baseless incense. Sticks of this type are more fragile in their structure, although the main flavor when they are gorenje not added an admixture of burning bamboo, and this is considered a huge advantage. Among the baseless incense, "plasticine" and "cones"are popular.


At the moment, the choice of incense was very wide. Among such a huge variety, you can also find cone-shaped baseless incense. The convenience of their use lies in the fact that the ash is in one place during gorenje, without crumbling. Their color scheme is very diverse. They come in a natural shade, which is inherent in the natural colors of the components included in them.

Sandalwood (cone-shaped) incense in the Middle Ages came to Europe, where they were highly appreciated and were burned only on holidays. Cone-shaped incense is made by pressing aromatic herbs with the addition of a certain amount of juniper resin, fir and some other plants (not surprisingly, the synonym for the word "incense" is "aroma"), as well as without binding additives.

It should be noted that they have the appearance of a pyramid, and this is a huge advantage, since the smoke released during gorenje has a huge energy. The method of its use is the same as that of the other incense.


Only natural ingredients are used as a basis: a mixture of ghee and honey, plant resin, special varieties of wax. It is also possible that the base will be chemical, although they are rare. Thanks to their convenient shape, they can be attached to any surface, in this case there is no need for a stand. Due to their ability to emit a lot of smoke when smoldering, they are used by merchants on the streets.

They are also applicable for temples and other large rooms. In religious rites, they are most often presented to Kali and Shiva. No wonder the synonym for the word "incense" is "spirit". It is very difficult to find "plasticine" on the shelves of Russian stores, because it has a very peculiar, interesting smell. You can only buy them to order. In India, in their homeland, there are about 30 types of such incense. The most popular is "plasticine" with a base of honey and ghee, which emits a lot of corrosive smoke when smoldering.


We have already found out what incense is. Now let's learn about their variety, which is called "shoelace". It is the next interesting form of incense. This is a coil of hemp, slowly smoldering rope, which is soaked in some fragrant essential oil. Here it is impossible not to say that the smell it exudes is extraordinary: a combination of burnt hemp rope with burnt mahogany or sandalwood.

In India, lace incense is in incredible demand among both merchants and buyers, including in vegetable markets. Shoeshine cleaners and street hairdressers are among the connoisseurs of this fragrance. At the present moment in Russia, lace incense could not find a special application.

Powdered base-free incense

Powdered, baseless incense is of great interest, which is associated with aromatherapy. Their composition is exclusively natural, while it will be obvious to replace the components with chemical ones. Most of them are produced in Tibet, but in Russia in ancient times the same incense was used to fumigate the sick. In addition, shamans use these herbal powders in their various rituals. Sometimes they are also used for puja. It is worth noting that with the departure of the ancient Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations, the tradition of burning such incense in temples has also exhausted itself.

In choosing incense, you need to rely on your taste. Most of them, especially the Indian ones, have a very persistent aroma. They should not be burned round the clock, 1-2 sticks will be enough, otherwise your sense of smell will be blunted and there will be a feeling that there is no smell in the room, while the aroma will spread throughout the apartment. In another case, a sharp smell will cause a headache and nausea. In everything you need to know the measure, and in this case, nothing will prevent you from getting a real pleasure from aromatherapy.

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