Corset for correcting posture: reviews. Orthopedic corset for posture correction: which one is better?


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Corsets have been used by people since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, they were part of everyday women's clothing. With their help, the beauties tried to emphasize their waistline as much as possible. In different centuries, corsets were worn over clothes. Today, this tool is as invisible as possible to the outside eye. At the same time, it plays a huge role in maintaining the health of the spine.

Types of orthopedic corsets

All corsets for posture correction are divided into different types depending on the style, material and level of rigidity. The scope of their application depends on this.

Types of corsets:

  • Healing;
  • Warming;
  • Movement protection;
  • Overload protection.

Corsets may contain special muscle stimulators, massage stimulators and other physiotherapy devices inside.

It is forbidden to use a corset to correct posture without consulting a specialist. Reviews of people who use corsets are very diverse. For various reasons, people start wearing a corset.

The use of corsets

The corset is extremely necessary for people who have suffered spinal injuries, have problems with joints. By wearing a corset, you can cope with diseases such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, spondylosis, osteoporosis. People with intervertebral hernias, fractures are also recommended a corset to correct posture. Reviews of its positive use are given by patients who have been prescribed to wear corsets with pinched nerves. They perfectly relieve muscle tone.

Wearing a corset is recommended as an additional means to get rid of an existing health problem. This does not replace the main therapy. You can't wear it all the time. It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's instructions and recommendations for wearing. It is also important to put on a corset correctly.

Corset for correcting posture - which is better

Correcting or fixing corsets are used to correct posture. Fixing loosen the load on the spine and back muscles. They are more often used after injuries and operations. The corrective corset corrects the existing deformity of the spine in all planes. Some elements of the corset put pressure on the necessary areas, contributing to correction, while others consolidate the results obtained.


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The best option for a corset is the one that is made specifically for the patient. To do this, you need to contact a specialist who, after taking measurements, will select the appropriate option for individual use. It is made in a single copy. And it is designed to be used by one person. This is the most expensive corset. If the posture disorders are minor, you can contact a pharmacy. There are options for adjustable corrective corsets. They are made taking into account the frequent types of posture disorders. A corset for posture correction, made with your own hands, will be the most affordable option. But it is strictly forbidden to use it if there are serious violations with the back. Amateur activity in this case can greatly harm your health.

Lumbar corset

Orthopedic lumbar corset is used for the lumbosacral region.

They are used for prevention and treatment. They have different degrees of rigidity. There are also differences in the strength of fixation, the design of the corset and the purpose. Very often they are used to warm the lower back by athletes, dancers, gymnasts. These are ordinary belts that do not require approval from a doctor. If there is a need for adjustment, then it is better to solve the issue individually. The posture correction corset described above is similar to the lumbar one. It should be used according to the same rules.

What corsets are made of

Warming belts-corsets are made soft and made of wool. Their main task is to warm the human body and increase blood circulation in the lower back.

They are worn only on the naked body. The orthopedic thoracolumbar protective corset is made of dense material. It can be strong plastic or metal. The fabric used is dense inelastic. They are used during physical exertion to protect against overvoltage. They are worn for a short time. These corsets are used only as prescribed by a doctor. Orthopedic corset for posture correction is made of dense elastic material, may have special inserts. It is made to order. The doctor takes measurements and casts from the patient's back.

Protective corsets can be from overloads and from excessive movements. Those that are worn to limit motor activity are the strongest. They are used after injuries and in the presence of chronic diseases.

Correct wearing of a corset

The final result depends on the correct donning and use of the corset. Some models wear only on the naked body. Others are on top of thin underwear. Those corsets that are prescribed to restrict movement must be worn lying down. Be sure to pay attention to the location of the corrective and softening inserts and the tension force. In such a corset, the movements are performed slowly and smoothly. Certain difficulties can be caused by a corset to correct posture. Reviews of novice users say that doctors recommend starting wearing for a short time. They also emphasize that during the socks, in the first days it is necessary to take breaks. The discomfort will pass with time. The back adapts to the new position.

Children are also recommended to use a corset several hours a day to correct their posture. If a child has stage 2 scoliosis, the corset is worn almost constantly, 16-23 hours a day. The more complex the form of posture disorder, the more hours a day you have to wear a corset. It is allowed to take it off only for taking a shower.

Correct removal of the corset

How to properly wean the body from wearing and safely remove the corset to correct posture? Patient reviews confirm that it is impossible to abandon it abruptly and immediately. Doctors warn about this. It is necessary to gradually reduce the wearing time by 1-2 hours per month. This must be done for a long time, at least 6 months. The withdrawal stage takes longer than the habituation stage.

After a complete refusal to wear a corrective corset, it is necessary to observe a doctor with a mandatory picture of the spine. This stage should last at least 4 years.

Only with a serious attitude to the adjustment process can a lasting effect be achieved.

The best health care is the prevention of diseases. A healthy lifestyle, sports will help to avoid many back problems. If, however, life has developed in such a way that the back is injured, do not treat the spine negligently. His health is an important factor in a carefree life. They need to be dealt with immediately, without postponing for later.

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