How to make a avatar for the group "Vkontakte"? The three most common ways


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We've learned that avatar is the personification of the user in the social network, his “image” to which we sort of turn to when you want someone to write something. So you can guess how important the image that is installed on the screen of the profile.

However, not all people pay so much attention to the picture of your page. Let's say, all users (if we talk specifically about this issue) can be divided into two groups: those who set the avatar your photo, and those who do not care about the profile picture. They either leave the default image, or using some third party image.

how to make

If we talk about groups, the situation is different. If your group will have an attractive, informative photographs – most likely, it even no one will come. Therefore, community administrators often wonder how to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte»? In this article we will consider several variants of its creation, as well as consider the features of photos in groups.

What should be the avatar of the group?

Let's start with a General theory about how should look like your photo. Based on this information, you will understand how to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte» like this, she liked to the users and attracts new participants.

It is Obvious that the photo in the group should be appropriate to the content that is posted in the community. This is a basic requirement to the picture: its content must be related to what you write. The second requirement is the attractiveness of the image. Because what the visitor sees about your group, – the name and the picture, respectively, the latter must be the most attractive to the user wanted to click and go to the page of the community. When you want to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte», please consider this. The last requirement for the group photo should be called informative. Roughly speaking: on the avatar it would be appropriate to portray that hint to the user what the group. It can be done, for example, by using labels.


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Looking for a finished image

The list of ways to create group photos search finished image is the most popular and simple at the same time. All you have to do – is to visit the website with images and download category of pictures related to the topic of your group. The most successful photos, you can save and edit (or even just post it on the community website with no changes).

Make a avatar using the online editors

The Second option – editing images (or creating new) using online editors. Fortunately, there are now many services that allow you to develop your avatar as a “zero”, and by using one of the templates. You just need to decide what you would like to see in the image to ava, and then about how to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte” without “Photoshop”, don't worry – resource will do everything in automatic mode. Such ready-made solutions now Network quite a lot. They are free and versatile. The only disadvantage of working with such sites – a watermark - the resource, which made you an avatar placed in a bottom corner.

how to make

Make the avatar in the “Photoshop”

If you do not know how to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte» without reference to someone else's site, you'll have to use the most popular program for image editing. This “Photoshop”. It is quite simple, the main thing – to learn the basics, understand the basic concepts and categories with which the program operates. If you already have at least minimal experience with it – to create an avatar for you will be easy. If you do not know at all how to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte» in «Photoshop”, you'll have two options. First – it is to seek help from the person who knows how to work the program, the second – to study the features editor of their own: to find lessons, examples, practice by yourself.

Create an avatar

Finally, after we answered the question “How to make a avatar for the group «Vkontakte»?" it's time to think about what is pictured in the group. As already noted, this should be something thematic, attractive and informative. We offer you to take a sheet of paper and a pen and schematically sketch the logo of your community. After that, you can start creating the image.

how to make

It can be Done one of the above methods. If you don't know which avatar is better, you can resort to a simple but effective method of determination: vote by the band itself. Let the people decide which photo is better.

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