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For novice webmasters and SEO-optimizers it is important to know that a moving ranking. What it is and how to use it — read this article.

Ranking is ...

Ranking - it

This term, despite its complexity, for one of the most basic things when optimizing a website, namely, construct the hierarchy in search engines is influenced by user requests. It is not quite clear? Then will reply with simple words to the question, ranking — what it is. This term refers to whether the content of the web resource request and user-specific placement of the search results to higher positions.

That is why the webmaster, it is important to the ranking metrics, which will improve the attendance of the resource and thus increase earnings from the site.

Ranking Factors

Ranking indicators

The main indicators of ranking in such search engines as “Yandex” and Google, include internal and external factors. The first include:

  • Text ranking. That is how the text of the resource corresponds to the user request.
  • Quality content. This includes the literacy of the text, its naturalness and uniqueness. Literacy and uniqueness, everything is clear — I write according to the rules of the Russian language and try not to copy materials already available online. As for naturalness? This refers to the use of the words in the text. That is, the search engine counts the number of occurrences of a word/phrase and compares it with the average value in the database documents. Therefore, the text is checked for “perespa» keywords. If the site contains profanity or adult content, then the search engine may impose on the resource filter.
  • Site Properties. Under this option, understand the age of the resource, the format of the document, presence of keywords in title, domain zone. Under the age of mean number of days or years from its entry point into the index of search engines and the estimated age of the web page. For ranking this is a very important factor. For example, for some queries, “Yandex” blocks the penetration of the resource in the search results, if its age is less than one year. In the system of Google for this purpose there is a “sandbox”. According to the allegations of professional SEOs, the resource begins to rank well after only 3 years “life”.

For better website promotion it is recommended to use documents of type html. They are ranked much better than other formats. If the title of the document and its URL contains the keywords, the search engine may filter the share. The domain zone also affects the ranking. What is it? This is the place where your website was. If it is placed in susaninas area or area with a low confidence, then you should not expect a high position in the results.


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External ranking factors

ranking Method example

  • Static factors. They do not depend on what query the search engine must determine the relevancy of a document. These include page rank, TCI, etc.
  • Dynamic factors. These include the relevance of the text links to a user request.


Each search engine uses its own method of ranking. An example of how search engines do this can be found directly on the home pages of such sites. Such companies as “Yandex” and “Google”, are interested in covering some features of the functioning of their robots, as it directly affects the quality of search results and consequently on the level of satisfaction of user requests.

The theme of optimize online resources for search engines is quite complex and extensive, so we hope that a little bit could answer the question about ranking - what it is.

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