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In this article, the story will be about the YouTube channel Happy Body that are girls coaches with more experience. This is a sports channel, primarily for a female audience, filled with a variety of useful content to help you achieve the desired result.

General information

Consider the YouTube channel is called Happy Body ("happy body") and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, sports and motivation. Media activity began with the inception of the channel, namely from 5 may 2014. The main content of the channel is a video demonstration of various exercises, trainings and workouts. In addition, there are recommendations for optimizing nutrition, day regimen and physical exercise.

happy body

Features channel

To date, the channel has about 74000 followers and more than five million views on all videos uploaded, total number of which more than seven decades. "Happy body" - the channel that its recommendations will help many girls and women to bring your fitness to the desired parameters in a home environment without considerable expense and time on gyms and fitness centers.

Warm up

As you know, any, even a minor and short-term training requires preparatory activities and exercises, called warm-up. "Happy body"workout is the section of the channel is dedicated strictly to the issue. Classes are taught by different trainers, each with their own approach. Best known for the "happy body" Elena snare, which is almost face of the channel. Depending on the planned load of a workout.


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Abdominal Exercises

In the women's training this body part is one of the main that you should pay attention to. A flat stomach and formed by a press is an ornament to any female figure, but achieving a good result is possible, following the recommendations of professionals, as well as persistently training. "Happy body" is a channel characterized by caring trainers who strive to apply the most simple and effective exercises and complexes to practice in home conditions, making training available to everyone.

happy body channel

Thus, the channel has a separate playlist of "happy body"-press. Here you can find exercises on the whole group of muscles of a press, for each muscle separately as well as whole sets of exercises for maximum efficiency. The recommendations will help not only to shape and build muscle, but to keep in shape those who have long achieved good results. In addition, the number of loads directed at the area laterally, which allows to get rid of excess weight in this place and form a beautiful waist.

happy body Elena silk

On the channel "happy body" there is also advice on nutrition for weight loss, which prevents new formation of fat in the stomach area and sides.

Workout of celebrities

Many women who begin to engage in regular exercise and sports in General, often pay attention to celebrities. Famous personalities engaged in any activities necessary to maintain a good shape and nice appearance owing undivided attention from the audience. Of course, particularly acute, this question is for women who have to look amazing and be on top. Men dream about them and women envy looking at the beautiful stars athletic, model looks, however, this privilege is given only to those who works hard on his body in the gym.

happy body warm-up

So many women wanting to achieve some new parameters of their shape, focus on celebrities, which often seem to them the perfect. Nothing perfect does not exist, as we all know, we see only the results of competent and regular exercise, proper nutrition and rest. "Happy body" enables its viewers to see the next workouts that hold celebrities to maintain their shape and body. All exercises are performed by professional experienced coaches and are accompanied by practical tips and comments.

Power and motivation

Channel "happy body" refers to the consideration of the sport comprehensively. So there you can find not only video footage demonstrating various exercises and complexes, but also various recommendations and theoretical materials. Some of this information is dedicated to an important category of knowledge. associated with the proper technique of the exercise.

happy body press

Everyone knows that the effect of sport and physical education occurs only in the case of regularity, and the permanent building loads. However, if you do exercises incorrectly, you can not only deprive themselves of development and improvement, but even harm. Thus, only the compliance and consistent execution of exercises will give the opportunity to develop. However, without proper nutrition or diet, as well as optimized daily routine witha sufficient amount of time to rest will also be good enough. Thus, the channel has recommendations associated with diet, regime of the receiving water and sessions guests. A certain part of the video is reserved for the motivation of the newcomers, and to support those who are beginning to doubt myself during the long grueling classes.

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