Earnings on entering captcha. How to make money online newbie?


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Among the many ways to earn income online beginners tend to choose earnings on entering captcha. This method does not require special skills and is suitable even for students. In this article, you will learn where you can effectively earn on entering the captcha and how to withdraw money from the system.

What is a captcha?

A Mechanism that protects websites from spam bots, called a captcha (from the English. captcha). It represents a chaotic set of numbers, letters and symbols on the picture. Enter captcha code — is the transfer of images from image format to text format. Such a mechanism can often be found when registering on forums, social networks or when entering personal information in the electronic wallet. The essence of using images is to confirm the identity of the person at check-in or performing certain actions in the network. After all, the robot is able to recognize only text characters, but not the bitmap.

earn money by captcha

In order For the spam bots were able to bypass the security on websites, it's taken the decision about creation of the special services manual captcha by real people. After you enter the captcha is a laborious and time-consuming process that is difficult enough for one person.

Earnings on entering captcha

Webmasters came up with a practical application to the mechanism of the captcha and made it possible to earn money regular users of the Internet. Earnings on entering captcha is a manual form-filling a real person to create a key database for spammers. How you will use these keys subsequently, a simple layman, as a rule, are not interested. Importantly, such a simple action as reprinting the images, you can make good money.


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earnings on entering captcha

Earnings on entering captcha can be implemented in online services, allowing in the shortest terms to gain the minimum withdrawal amount for e-wallet or cell phone bill. The most famous and reliable website you'll ever need for this type of earnings is the project Rucaptcha.

The Most reliable resource for making money on the captcha

Rucaptcha won the trust of users a few years ago, when the topic of earnings in the network only began to gain momentum. To register in the system enough to enter username, e-mail, room WMR purse and come up with a strong password.

Earnings for the automatic input of captcha can begin immediately after registration on Rucaptcha. To do this, simply click on “get to work” in the personal Cabinet. However, the update rate of the images will depend on the system load. For example, in the evening, the website is very overloaded with users, so the pictures will load slowly, which will adversely affect the speed of earnings. Therefore it is best to realize earnings on the captcha in the morning on weekdays, when free to enter the images will be much greater.

How much can you earn on entering the captcha?

Hours of active work, even an inexperienced user can not enter less than 250 combinations of numbers, letters and symbols. For each such combination (depending on its complexity), the system pays from 1 to 10 cents. That is per hour of work earn money by captcha will bring to 25 rubles. Spending the evening on the captcha you can get 100 rubles on your purse WebMoney. In addition, this simple operation will allow to considerably increase the printing speed.

earning the automatic captcha

Of Course, 100 for a few hours of active work can be considered a serious earnings in a network. On creating your own site or the performance of tasks as a freelancer you can earn a lot more serious money. That is why the founders of the project Rucaptcha thought competent referral program that allows you to earn on entering the captcha several times more.

Referral program Rucaptcha

The Essence of any referral program is to invite new users to the project. It is enough to send your invitation (referral) link that it needs to register and start working. To invite people to the project is not difficult, because beginners are willing to undertake any work which can bring real money. It's very true now, when the network appeared a huge number of fraudulent resources.

earn money by captcha automatic

From each invited user to the account of the referrer will go to 10% of referral earnings. That is, if your referral earns 100 rubles on the project, the referrer will automatically receive a 10-roubles bonus to his account. Accordingly, if the invite to such a simple work of 10 people who will exercise a daily activity, you can get 100 rubles passive income daily. 3000 rubles a month on referrals — it is a excellent earnings for any beginner in the field of online business, considering the fact that this method does not require any special skills and skills.

How to withdraw the money earned?

The advantages of the system are automatic payments, through which users don't need to wait for the decision of administrators while in withdrawal. All earnings displayed in a captcha machine can bring to your electronic purse WebMoney. It is enough to specify its number during registration and in the process to gain the minimum amount for withdrawal. On the website Rucaptcha this amount is only 15 rubles without Commission.

earn money online captcha

If the user has no e-wallet, the money you can always bring the balance of the mobile phone, as additional earnings in the network. Furthermore, using mobile payments today you can make purchases and pay for various services.

In our days to form an additional source of income allows you to earn money online. The captcha is a real proof that to earn online good money even a novice without any special skills.


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