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Philip Kirkorov - pop king of Russian pop, this talented singer, composer and producer. 49-year-old man is not haunted by many fans. They are always interested, how is the personal life of the artist. The female audience is wondering, who is the wife Kirkorov, and whether a woman really is?

And so as the personal life of the singer covered in a dense curtain, yet it is sometimes possible to lift some of the veil.

Wife Kirkorov: does it?

For the First time that Philip lives not himself, but the mother of their children, the public appeared guesses even after the babies are born. When little Martin and Alla-Victoria grew up, in the press leaked the information that the young lady's mom calls a kind of Natasha.

wife Kirkorov

Following this, the woman with whom the singer, and has a wife Kirkorov Natasha. A photo of her at first it was impossible to find, as only close to stellar family known the woman's name.

Today, we are left with no doubt that Kirkorov's wife is Natalia Efremova.

How to develop relationships

The 49-year-old wife Kirkorov - Natalia is a pretty dark-haired woman having her own fashion business. At first she was just a friend. Philip met with Natalia for more than 10 years ago. One day the artist came into her huge branded boutique for an interesting costume. Chosen store trend clothing in Moscow, the actor, apparently, is not overlooked and the owner of the boutique. Struck up a pleasant conversation, which after some time grew into a strong friendship, and maybe romance. Natalia helped pick the best outfits for Kirkorov, strictly making sure that they were in a single instance.


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wife Kirkorov Natasha photo

It is Unknown at what point he moved to the house of the singer's current wife Kirkorov. Her biography is also shrouded in mystery. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that Natalia was baptized a little Alla-Victoria, being in the status of the best friend of the artist. Its a couple and the spiritual father of the girl became presenter Andrey Malakhov. Well, who knows - perhaps it was a distraction for the public.

Kirkorov's wife Natalia

Could Natasha have children Kirkorov?

Also it is not known who the woman who carried and gave birth to Philip Bedrosovich two children. We assume that this is Natalia, most likely, incorrectly. First, the age of the woman could not afford to have children. And secondly, once the king of pop said that his children gave birth to a different girl, who became surrogate mothers. One of them comes from USA. This circumstance is indicated by the fact that the difference between children Kirkorov is seven months. So the same woman physically could not give birth in the period such a small difference from the two kids.

But we cannot lose sight of the fact that the daughter of Philip and Natalia Efremova strikingly similar.

wife Kirkorov biography

What is the role of Natalia in the family?

According to psychologists, the man acted very wisely, by choosing a woman who has seen life. The singer did not deny children a normal upbringing when children in the family should educate mother and father. For this he chose the "right woman". Natalia, in turn, is a good friend and support for the most Kirkorov, and attentive mother to his children. This is very important in education. And how was conceived children this is a nuance.

Ephraim was born in Moscow, in the family of hereditary military. Therefore, how to behave as female in an exemplary family, she should be well known.

The book don't like to brag

All questions about the Natalie pop king he is. But occasionally gives dry review, like the fact that the wife Kirkorov - is not a public person, but the family to have his children complete. Children are not brought up "a single father", as many think, and that's all, according to singer, should know a wide and curious audience. Well, maybe it's right, because everyone is familiar episodes from the life of Philip Bedrosovich, when the fact that the people seemed happy, were not such in reality.

wife Kirkorov 2

Wife Kirkorov

Today know the names of many women, those years were decreed upon himself novels with Kirkorov, and he called them just that - her friends. There are many examples, and perhaps not entirely ethical to talk about them now.

All known first wife Kirkorov Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. At the time, the young actor fell in love with the prima Donna of Soviet music and won her heart. Parting with Alla was given Phillip a hard time, and for a long time he was depressed, promising to love forever Pugacheva.

Since then many years have passed, and today the singer happy again. He's got lovely kids: a little daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin. His current common-law wife replace the kids mom. However, Philip finally has formed a real loving family. And this is paramount and more valuable than all the awards. Therefore, it remains only to wish the singer all went perfectly and on. Not only on stage but also in their own family.

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