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Cyberpunk – a subculture in the modern world. It reflects the decline of society and its culture against the background of ever-growing progress of computer technologies. The elements of this subculture is the most diverse: a specific worldview, cinema, music, literature and even games.

Works that can be attributed to the genre of cyberpunk, shows a dystopian future world, where high technology is combined with the global social crisis and radical changes in the structure of society.

What's different about the cyberpunk genre?

Cyberpunk – it is an artistic mixture of such genres as science fiction, retro-futurism, fantasy and dystopia. Comprehensive computerization and the development of artificial intelligence – the most distinctive technical elements of cyberpunk.

The Social aspect of the genre is dystopian and post-apocalyptic features. In the environment of the enormous class difference can be traced to the decline of human culture on the background of the prosperity of the elite corporations that control world capital.

In addition, it often describes the life of hackers and large criminal syndicates. In the genre of cyberpunk thriving black market and the activities of mafia clans.

Ecology is in crisis, constantly undergoing climate change and disasters. Cyberpunk – this world, which intertwine global military conflicts and rampant crime.cyberpunk this


In contrast to existing subcultures that began with the release of certain pieces of music, cyberpunk as a genre emerged in the literature. For the first time the term was mentioned by Bruce Bethke in 1983. The writer chose the word “waiting” for the title of the story.


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The Morphology of the term reflects its value. The first part – “cyber”. She says that in the story there are high-tech. The second root – “punk”. He points to a certain world, where freedom and social protest are the priorities for a person.

Cyberpunk has become extremely popular genre in the 1980s. Because then for the average layman the world of artificial intelligence looked like something incredible and unattainable.cyberpunk films

The development of the genre

In the early 1990s cyberpunk had finally moved into the mainstream. This boost in progress has been quite natural. Mass culture was enriched thanks to the cyberpunk genre. The films were shown a futuristic world began to be shown more often. After all, cinema has the strongest influence on the consciousness of the public.

Some movies can leave a very noticeable mark in the minds of viewers. Trilogy is “Matrix”, which is a global cultural phenomenon, has become a highlight in the film genre of cyberpunk. Throughout the decades portrayed powerful ideas that were memorable to the audience.

Among the foreign cyberpunk movies is the following:

  • "12 monkeys";
  • “Existence”;
  • “Hackers”;
  • ‘total Recall”;
  • "equilibrium";
  • “Gamer” and others.

In the Russian mass culture is widely known for the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko “voice”.

cyberpunk games

Computer games

The cyberpunk Genre is considered to be the main direction of development of computer games. Dark and harsh world of the future, the constant local and global conflicts, ecological crisis – all this attracts the average person, steeped in routine.

What could be better than to immerse yourself in a fantastic world ruled by the transnational elite, and the hackers trying to survive at any cost?

Futuristic weapons and an original story – the chips of the cyberpunk genre. Game Shadowrun, Omikron, Deus Ex deserved the interest of the public. Mind control, immortality, cloning, mass riots and all kinds of conflicts-you can see and feel in the genre of cyberpunk.

Among them are the legendary Syndicate Wars and also Blade Runner. Here you can fully experience the originality of the cyberpunk space.cyberpunk style

Cyberpunk and casual wear

Cyberpunk – is not just a genre film and literature. It has penetrated all spheres of society, including fashion. Cyberpunk clothing features an incredible blend of traditional elements with additional stylized ornaments from all kinds of gadgets and technological innovations.

Of Course, real fans of this genre does not always relate well to the fashion of its kind. But for those who want to be considered a fan of this style, it's quite easy to follow some of the cyberpunk Canon.

Many people imitate the characters from the movies, thus denying the very essence of cyberpunk. After all, is primarily a protest against imposed by society ideas. In any case, cyberpunk-style, which unites the love for traditions and futuristic future.

Sometimes lovers to dress in a similar style to complement your look and a purely punk attributes - for example, hairstyles. This may be the Mohawks or dreadlocks of various colors. In the very same attire dominated by dark colors.

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