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Who has not heard about the terrible, and ascended the Undertaker? This man is known for his endless charisma, will to win and original acts. But unfortunately, few know about his real life outside of the ring. On who the Undertaker (the wrestler), and about the most interesting events in his life we can learn from our article.

the undertaker wrestler

The childhood of the future wrestler

The Present name of the most senior wrestler in the world – mark William Kalauey. The future fighter was born 24 March 1965 in Houston (Texas, USA). At school, mark has successfully established itself as a good basketball player. It should be noted that the boy was seriously hoping to continue his career. But, alas, not happened.

Early career

The Future of the Undertaker (wrestler) started in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), where he stayed from 1984 to 1989. Then he played under the nickname The Punisher Texas Red The Master of Pain.

After a series of victories over opponents William offered to join the USWF. There it is revealed as a real wrestler. In 1989, he he receive his first world title in the heavyweight division (played Kalauey by the nickname Mean). After that, an aspiring wrestler goes to the world Cup, but soon leaves him because of the reluctance of sponsors to continue the contract.

the undertaker wrestler photo

Career Development

In 1990 the world know in the face of Calaway a new winner. In his first bout he defeated Jimmy Snuka. It is from this period begins his "hot streak”. In the same year, William is determined by his professional nickname. The choice falls on The Undertaker (the Undertaker). Next, the Undertaker (wrestler) won the title of champion of the WWF after a long-awaited victory over Hulk Wahana.


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In 1993, he dares to challenge the Yokozuna – the then WWF champion, but with the shame of losing due to the interference of several wrestlers.

Should be said about the feud of the Undertaker with Shawn Milsom, with whom he participated in the battle of “the Cage of hell” in 1997. During the match won by Kane (story the brother of the Smuggler). Again to stand on the pedestal he helped Mankind, which wrestler left with a 16-foot cage, and then twice used his crown chokeslam.

In 2000, the Smuggler makes a decision to change the nickname for the American Badass. This character always goes to the ring on his motorcycle, what pleases their fans. In 2003 he was awarded the title of absolute champion of the WWF.

wrestler undertaker biography

"WrestleMania-20" it again becomes a champion. Victory and continue to "WrestleMania-21", when under his heavy hand hits the infamous Randy Orton. He later and regret that you took the fight to the Undertaker. The smuggler easily deals with him in “the Cage of hell”. In this period the battle between the Undertaker and Kurt Henry. Released into the ring once the enemy attacks, and proves its advantage.


In 2006, the brothers once again fighting hand in hand. This time the battle takes place known, then Mr. Kennedy and MVP. As usual, the struggle ends in victory. In 2007, the Undertaker gets a long-awaited world title in the heavyweight division, having won at "WrestleMania-23" Batista.

Then in another battle the Smuggler gets injured, which is inferior to the Edge. However, it is again charged to victory and to the title of world champion at "WrestleMania-24", defeating the very edge. After that, he repeatedly defended his title. But the next battle with Vickie Guerrero robs him of the opportunity to be a perennial winner.

And again victory, victory, victory…

In 2008, after a long lull, the Smuggler returns to Summer Slam. In his first fight, he fights to the Edge with “the Cage of hell” and defeats him. During the "WrestleMania-25" he again meets his enemy in the ring – Sean Milsom. Now the Undertaker (wrestler) - champion! After this humiliating defeat Shawn Michaels has no choice as to call the Undertaker for a rematch.

the undertaker wrestler the growth weight

In 2010 two of the best wrestler Dating again, and Sean finally manages to defeat the powerful Smuggler. After the battle, the Undertaker approaches Michaels, and offers him a hand. In the same year, Shawn leaves the wwe forever. He officially informs his fans and supporters, barely holding back tears.

What now

In 2012, the Undertaker (wrestler), a photo of which is in our article, is found with the Player. The wrestler has long provoked the Smuggler and his name was in the ring. Finally he agrees. To his joy, the battle is successful, and players take away from the ring. In 2014 at "WrestleMania" again he defends his world title after a fight with CM Punk.

But the winning streak of the Undertaker is interrupted by Brock Lesnaya on "WrestleMania-30". A year later, the Smuggler still manages to put win him the title.

In 2015, the title of champion I give Brock Lesnar. On February 29 at "WrestleMania-32" the Undertaker (wrestler), whose biography is in detail described in our article, along with Kane defeats Vince and Shane MacMahon.

Personal life of the Undertaker

In 1989, mark married Jody Lin, and after 4 years they have a son named Gunnar. Unfortunately, in 1999, the pair rasstaetsja, a year later, a wrestler is getting married again - to the beautiful Sarah. In this marriage there is 2 girls – Chase and Gracie. In 2007, Mark begins an affair with Michelle McCool, which leads to marriage in 2010, this couple is born a little girl named Kaya faith.

It is Known that the Undertaker wrestler (height, weight – 208 cm 118 kg) from the youth loves Boxing. Mark is always watching fights their favorites.

Wish a famous wrestler.


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