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Every year in every country in the world, studies of socio-demographic background. To change is affected by many factors: fertility, mortality, policy of the state in the social sphere, pension age, health of the nation, inflation and more. This study is the basis of the rating, which shows life expectancy by country. Why is this necessary? By rating specialists determine where the standard of living of the most high.

Little of the terminology and statistics

list of countries by life expectancy

To fully understand this topic, you should define key terms. Life expectancy by country – it is a demographic indicator that demonstrates the level of mortality. In other words, is the average number of years lived by the average person. The figure is constantly changing. This is due to events that occur in different countries and affect the duration of life.

This parameter as life expectancy in countries also depends on many chronic diseases. It should be noted that the young people at the present stage, have become chronic diseases that 40 years ago was the lot of the elderly. This leads to the deterioration of the environment, sedentary lifestyle, harmful food, the transition to the model of the consumer society.

According to who estimates, the main indicator of the quality of the health care system is life expectancy across countries. This index shows the number of years that the average must the people born in the same year or attained a specific age in the present time. This index will be deemed correct if we assume that over their lifetime the mortality rate in a specific age group will not be very different from that which was in the same year.


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Every year, the experts validate the statistical indicators on the basis of which conclusions about the change of the index of fertility and mortality. Take into account such characteristics as the age of the deceased people and causes of their death. Based on these data, and displays an indicator such as life expectancy across countries.

The Struggle for the improvement of living standards

the ranking of countries by life expectancy

Life expectancy in the countries of the Atlantic, Japan and China remain at a high level. It is surely the tendency to reduce the birth rate. States are trying to deal with such problem, undertaking a variety of measures. Efforts are aimed not only at improving the duration of life of the people.

Scientists have identified a threshold, which can accommodate people, according to the underlying genetic material. This is an average of 120 years. So science and medicine have to go. Life expectancy by country today are much lower than we would like. Therefore, various research centers at the present stage are preoccupied with human aging and the renewal of its youth. In recent years there have been many loud statements on the subject. Talked about breakthroughs in the study of this problem, achieving some results. Work today is very expensive. Massively to use them against the population will not even one country in the world which is rich enough. So governments are still paying attention to the changing mindset of the population towards healthy lifestyles and improved medical care of older people.

The death Rate among men and women are different

life expectancy by country

The Average life expectancy in the countries of the world among men, according to statistics, less than in women. Approximately 4-6 years. Depending on the country, its development prospects, economic and political component. In some States, the gap is even larger - up to 10-14 years.

What factors affect the life of men

The Average life expectancy in the countries of the world among men depends on many factors. The presence of harmful habits, food, how much he sleeps, like the rest, do sports, what hurts. These are the main physical aspects, directly influencing the duration of life.

Working Conditions in which men work, hard physical labor, the danger of the profession is also cut for several years. This can be attributed to the passion of extreme sports, whose popularity is now gaining momentum worldwide. Risk-taking was not in vain for the body.

life expectancy by country

War. Around the world there are new armed conflicts. Since have involved the male half of humanity, and the life they have, accordingly, reduced.

Men reduces your age because of the psychological component. They tend to live on wear, the most prone to panic and stress because too impulsive. Lately have become too apathetic towards family, friends, associates. The lack of passion in anything, the ability to switch brains with thoughts about work, financial situation lead to the deterioration of the emotional state. All this affects the psychological state of men and leads to wear of the organism.

What can you say about the quality of life of women?

Why is life expectancy higher for women? This is largely due to the development of medicine. Early detection of diseases, reduction of child mortality, communicable and non-communicable diseases, disease prevention. Women are more attentive to their health, and if they are worried, they will go to the doctor immediately, do not postpone.

life expectancy by country

Women are less than men prone to bad habits. They pay a lot of attention to nutrition, exercise, energetic lifestyle. Psychologically women are more inert and stable. Despite their emotional behavior, you may find your core is not only in work but in family, to which they are more attached. Women constantly addicted to something, go on various courses or independently develop them at home. All-round activities, not only in physical but also in psychological terms, contributes to the preservation of health. Thus women extend your life.

World indices

As already mentioned, every year the updated ranking of countries for life expectancy. Unfortunately, in the last list residents of Russia enjoy nothing. Our government surely is only 129. The average life-span at this a little above 66 years. If you compare the list of countries by life expectancy in excess of Russia, the following (taken into account the CIS States):

  1. Kazakhstan (slightly more than 67 years).
  2. Turkmenistan (a bit more than 68 years).
  3. Kyrgyzstan (68.9 years).

The leading Countries in life expectancy following:

  1. Japan. The average index of life expectancy equal 82,15 years.
  2. Singapore. Life expectancy reaches 82 years.
  3. France. People in this country live an average of about 81 years.

Among the outsiders especially strongly highlighted in countries such as Zambia, Angola and Swaziland. Primarily, this is because these States are constantly affected by armed conflicts.


the country's leaders in life expectancy

In this review, we described the situation of a lifetime. As the example was given of some countries, which occupy leading and lagging positions. Hope this review helps you understand this complex subject.


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