Tunisia. Weather in October. Reviews and impressions


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Summer – the unconditional time for the holidays. People enjoy the warmth and sun, trying to use every moment to get as much pleasant emotions and remember how gently warm the body and soul with gentle sun rays. Many anxiously wait for summer days to travel and enjoy a luxurious vacation on a luxury foreign beaches. But the summer – not the only time of the year when you can pamper yourself with warmth.

The Advantages of autumn rest

There is no dispute that June, July and August and a few weeks before and after this period – the best time for swimming and sunbathing. But summer time is so fleeting, and Sunny days tend to end almost before it began. So why not try to extend a feeling of warmth? Why not give yourself an extra vacation, while all the others are already starting to wrap up in warm clothes and to pick up winter wardrobe.

Tunisia. Weather in October. Reviews

To Choose a resort suitable for autumn travel will not be difficult. There are many places where the weather at this time brings warmth and sunlight. This is especially true of those coasts, where the summer heat is usually too debilitating, for example Tunisia. Weather in October in North Africa is truly luxurious. After all, this is the month when there comes a velvet season.

Another important advantage is the significant saving of money. Autumn – a time when wanting to relax is not so much as in the summer months. Therefore, many hotels and tourism companies make substantial discounts for buying tickets. Money, which in August will rest one person fall will be enough for a few.


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Family vacation – the best gift for loved ones

Parents with small children can safely go in the fall to Tunisia. The weather in October there is smooth and pleasant. No debilitating heat, the temperature is not too high, which beneficially affects the health of the kids. After all, swings and weather changes usually lead to serious acclimatization of children and adults. That is why many travel companies when choosing the right autumn tour is recommended to pay attention to Tunisia.

Weather in October

Reviews of tourists who visited this famous Spa town in the fall, filled with warm words. Many have noted the softness of velvet and the current climate, admire the water temperature and quantity of available fruits, which are already Mature.

Tunisia. Weather in Oktyabr

The Average daily temperature usually reaches +25-28 °C, sometimes it may exceed the thirty-degree mark, but such heat is not exhausting. The number of Sunny days, usually 25, so there will be enough time to enjoy plenty of sun, and there are still days for excursions and easy walks.

October – a month when, on the African coast sharply increases and the amount of precipitation. Often it can rain, but they are short and absolutely not be a hindrance for entertainment. So the only thing that will in no way be able to prevent a great stay in a delightful country – is the weather.

Tunisia. October 2014: beach rest, excursions, entertainment

Warm, but not hot autumn weather helps to diversify the pastime. Available to tourists for beach holidays and Hiking. It is possible, absolutely without fear of sunburn and overheating, spending time on the beach. Swimming is also permitted, even water and not be called a "fresh milk".

Those who prefer active rest, will not find a better country to search impressions than Tunisia. Weather in October is perfect for long walks, skating on camels and even a trip to the desert.

Weather. Tunisia. October 2014

Tourists can also visit the ruins of Carthage, a trip by jeep across the Sahara, a study of the local national parks. Snorkellers can explore the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, enjoying its beauty.

The Place where you can pamper yourself with Spa treatments, mud baths, seaweed wrap – Tunisia. Weather here in October is quite pleasant. Frequent rains and small, compared with the summer period, cold leave enough free time for an active beach holiday and also for cosmetic events.

The Journey to the resort in the fall has its advantages and disadvantages. There is always a risk of the onset of cold weather and rainy season. But the weather is unpredictable, and relying on it completely is impossible. In any journey you need to go with a good mood, waiting to see new landscapes, learn interesting facts from the history of the world and desire to change the situation and relax. Then not be afraid of any obstacles. As the saying goes: “there is no bad weather. Each weather-grace”.

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