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Savarin (warehou) – a fish that belongs to the family Perciformes. It inhabits the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian ocean. Most large shoals savarina you can meet off the coast of New Zealand and Australia. What is this fish? Photos and description will be discussed further.

General description

fish SavarinSavarin – marine commercial fish. They have compressed laterally body with a well-defined dorsal fins. Fish eye rounded, large. Small mouth has several rows of small teeth. Scales small, with a silvery sheen. Externally, the fish very similar to tuna, especially the subspecies Savarin – blue warehou that has scales with a bluish tint. However, tuna is distinguished by its smaller size. Will help to understand what the appearance of this fish, pictures above.

Savarin or warehou has commercial value for New Zealand and Australia. In these countries, the annual fish catch of the species is tens of tons. Here the fish is small comes to Japan, where it's used to make sushi. Individuals whose weight is about 4-5 kg, are exported to Europe and America.

In what conditions lives Savarin?

Savarin belongs to the category of warm-water fish that inhabit shallow depth near the shore. Usually these fish are kept in flocks. They eat a variety of animals, in particular small fish, crustaceans, squid. Weight limit savarina is achieved of the order of 5 kg. Catch a fish with seines and trawls. Accurate fishing statistics on the number caught savarina not conducted.


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What does Savarin on the domestic market?

fish photoAs mentioned above, the bulk of savarina caught by countries that belong to the region of Oceania. Then the fish comes in frozen, whole or split carcasses to the markets of USA, China, Japan, Indonesia. Further, the product is trafficked in limited quantities to European countries.

Nutritional value

Fish Savarin is quite high in calories. 100 g of the product here is about 113 kcal. However, it is valued not for it. After all, in the seas and oceans there are a whole lot cheaper and more nutritious fish.

The fish Demand Savarin uses because of its richness of meat proteins. To meet the daily needs of the specified item, the adult person has enough to eat no more than 150g this product. Meat warehou also contains important elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, potassium.

It is Worth noting that the fish Savarin dwells only in clean waters. Therefore, it is considered as safe, environmentally friendly marine products.

Savarin in cooking

warehou fishSavarin Fish fillet has a gentle brownish tint. In the process of heat treatment of meat brightens. Prized fish for a small amount of bone and waste. Quite often its fillet is used for sushi. In addition, meat savarina is ideal to obtain a dried product. Smoked fish can be cold and hot method.

In the home of savarina steaks, fillets. Fish suitable for boiling, frying, baking. The best solution seemed to be preparing her fillet on the grill. In the latter case of fish derives the bulk of fat. While meat is delicious and keeps all the beneficial nutrients.

What harm to the body can cause the use savarina?

Savarin belongs to the category of so-called oily fish. In the composition of its fillet has a high concentration of fat. It is believed that the frequent consumption of such meat can cause diarrhea. However, in the case of overeating or wrong cooking fish.

As practice shows, the use of balyk, smoked steaks from Savarin, has unpleasant consequences. Cases of poisoning related to this fish relate only to the insufficient heat treatment of meat-eating fillets in the form of land.

To Refuse from eating meat savarina not worth it. The only exception is the idiosyncrasy of such a product. However, to cook this fish we need so that from its fillet almost completely went away fat, because the latter brings almost no benefit to the body.

Popular recipes Savarin

blue warehouMost Often this fish is cooked on the grill. 1 kg fillet take a few cloves of garlic, lemon, parsley, Bay leaf and rosemary. The fish is washed, cleaned from the innards, then cut into small pieces. To taste add salt and pepper. Meat is rubbed with crushed garlic, crushed Bay leaf and goes for a few hours in the fridge. Then the fish put on the grill, where they cook on a slow fire, turning occasionally. In the finished meat decorated with herbs, sprinkled with lemon juice.

Among the popular recipes it is also worth noting Savarin cooking with fruits and vegetables. For this you will need apples and grapes as well as tomatoes, onions, salt, pepper. Fish and remove the entrails, carefully remove the backbone, bones, fins removed. The skin not removed. It is recommended to leave even the scales, which will make the meat more juicy. The fish inside is stuffed with pieces of fruit and vegetables, salt, pepper, and then placed on the grill and bake for about an hour on small fire. Of course, before you eat meals with fish will need to remove the scales.

A Great option is a preparation of filet steak savarina. For this purpose the fillets, free from skin and bone, and fry in the same grid. Serve grilled meat with sour cream sauce, which add chopped green onions, parsley, pepper, grape or Apple cider vinegar.

I would Like to mention something to eat at a time more than a few fillets at the first acquaintance with this product is not recommended, no matter how tasty were not cooked fish. If the body normally perceive such food, the portions can gradually be increased.

In conclusion

sea fishHere we have considered what constitutes a Savarin. Fillet of this fish not only has a unique taste. Its meat contains a lot of microelements, essential for the human body. It is not surprising that Savarin is in demand in the domestic market.


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