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Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna - famous Russian athlete who then became a coach in gymnastics. In 1960 he received the title of Honored master of sports of the USSR.

Career athletes

Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna

Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna was born in Moscow. She was born in 1937. In his youth began to engage in children's and youth sports school, located in the Kirov district of the capital. The first trainer of a future Olympic champion Boris Dankevich.

Professional sports career continued in the society "Burevestnik", "oilman" and capital "Dynamo". In 1955, 18-year-old Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna begins to work with the Honored coach of the USSR Alexei Alexandrov, who at the time worked in the sports society "Dynamo". Soon after, she was awarded inclusion in the national team of the Soviet Union.

In 1958 Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna became the absolute champion of the USSR in gymnastics. The late 50-ies was her finest hour. She became the silver medalist of the USSR championship in floor exercise, bronze in the all-around and vault. In team competitions, repeatedly won gold awards.

First Olympics

Olympic champion Lidia Ivanova

Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna is a famous Soviet athlete. In 1956 she went to his first Olympic games. It is noteworthy that they took place in two cities located in different parts of the world. In Melbourne, Australia and the Swedish Stockholm. The heroine of our article at the time was only 19 years old.


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The benefit of the gymnasts Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna came in the team competition. The USSR national team at the Olympics, but Ivanova was represented by Tamara Manina, Sofia Muratova, Polina Astakhova, Lyudmila Egorova and legendary Larisa Latynina. It is noteworthy that the heroine of our article at that time was not married, and therefore had a maiden name of Kalinin.

A Team of Soviet girls won a convincing victory, winning the gold medal. Also scored in the group presentations, the heroine of our article. She has won a bronze medal in the group floor exercise with a subject.

Personal life

Ivanova Lidiya Gavrilovna it

Olympic champion Lidia Ivanova gave his life in 1959. She married the famous football player Valentin Ivanov. By the way, at the Olympics in 1956, he also excelled, winning the gold medal.

It was the hour of the football team of the Soviet Union. The team gathered the strongest players of the country - Lev Yashin, Eduard Streltsov, Igor Netto, Nikita Simonyan and Boris Kuznetsov. 4 years later, virtually the same squad they will win the first ever Championship of Europe on football of 1960, which took place in France.

Success Ivanova at the Olympics

stories from the life of Lydia Ivanova gymnast

At the Olympic games in Melbourne, was part of the 16 teams, but many at the last moment refused to participate for various reasons. The Soviet football team in the 1/8 finals met with a United German team. At the beginning of the match the score was opened Isaev, and literally five minutes before the final whistle he was doubled archers. In the end, the visitors managed to pull one goal back, but the outcome of the meeting is not affected. The victory of the USSR 2:1.

In the 1/4 final opponent of Soviet players was the team of Indonesia, which has reached this stage of the competition because Vietnam refused to participate. The national team of the USSR had serious challenges with the Asian team. In the first half goals were scored Balling, Valentin Ivanov and Net, and in the second half Salnikov scored twice.

In the semifinal match the team of the USSR was found with Bulgaria, defeated at the previous stage of the British with the indecent account 6:1. Basic time has not revealed the winner of the meeting. And the start of the additional 30 minutes proved to be discouraging for the Soviet players - Kolev shot Lev Yashin. The real Savior of the team was Eduard Streltsov, who, at the 112 minute equalized, and after a few minutes Tatushin scored the second goal. USSR in the final.

The Decisive match has turned out approximately as persistent as the game with the Bulgarians. Yugoslav players proved a tough nut to crack. The only goal early in the second half, scored by Anatoly Ilyin. The USSR national team became the Golden medalist of the Olympic games.

The Olympics in General was successful for the Soviet athletes. It is noteworthy that the contribution to the common Fund was made by Valentin Ivanov and Lidiya Kalinina. They married just three years after the Olympics.

In the team standings, the USSR national team took first place, winning 37 gold, 29 silver and 32 bronze medals. Became the second the Americans trailed by five awards of the higher test, and if we estimate the total number of medals, the Americans against their 74 98 national team of the USSR.

Olympics in Rome

biography of Lidia Ivanova

In 1960, the gymnast Lidiya Gavrilovna Ivanova-Kalinin went for the second Olympics in his career. This time in Rome.

In these competitions, the heroine of our article again won gold in the all-around competition in the team standings. Along with it the honor of the country defended Larisa Latynina, Sofia Muratova, Tamara Lyuhina, Margarita Nikolayev and Pauline Astakhov.

At the Olympics, the USSR team was again first in the team standings. In the Treasury of the Soviet athletes was 43 gold, 29 silver and 31 bronze medal. The second again began the Americans. But this time, behind more importantly. The US team was only 34 gold awards and 32 medals for less.

The end of the sports career

Lidiya Gavrilovna Ivanova coach

Bright sports biography of Lydia Ivanova lasted only until 1964. After receiving a severe injury, she was forced to leave professional sports.

The Heroine of this article decided to become a coach. In 1970 she headed the youth national team of the USSR, having served in that post for 10 years. Then received a certificate of a judge of the international category.

For many years it was considered one of the most astute and respected arbitrators in the world. Tried many important competitions, including the Olympic games. In 1972 in Munich, 1976 in Montreal, 1980 in Moscow, 1984 in Los Angeles (where no one went to the Soviet national team, but highly professional Soviet arbitrators accepted with pleasure), in 1988 in Seoul and 1992 in Barcelona.

Having Finished sports career, Ivanov was engaged in education. In 1973 he received a diploma of the Institute of physical culture, specialty "trainer". In 1977, coach Lidiya Gavrilovna Ivanova was Honored in the Russian Federation, and two years later - in the Soviet Union.

After 1982 was engaged exclusively in the selection of gymnasts in the Soviet, and later Russian national team. Developed advanced methods of training athletes. In 1992 he served as coach of a joint team for the Games in Barcelona.


Even now, in the 80's, a biography of Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna quite full. In recent years, she works as a commentator on TV. For example, she held a series of exciting reports live from the Olympic games in London 2012 and the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Stories from the life of a gymnast Lidia Ivanova

When the heroine of our article became a TV presenter, journalists have again increased the interest in her figure. She began to appear frequently on the pages of Newspapers and magazines, giving interviews. Of course, many were interested in the story of her acquaintance with her husband, famous football player Valentin Ivanov, who died in 2011 at the age of 76 years.

Contrary to popular belief, they met at the Olympics in Melbourne. Actually this happened in Tashkent, when passed a pre-Olympic gathering.

Presenter Lidiya Gavrilovna Ivanova (Gymnastics she devoted almost all his life) remembers that when she first saw her future husband, then sat on the bench with the rest of the gymnasts. While they were very young and inexperienced girls, and then appeared in front of them players. Many of them already at that time were the real stars. Then a friend and she suggested getting to know someone, called Valya.

This match was the first but not the only one in their life together. So they were pretty sure that they brought together not only love, but also fate.

Travel to Australia

For the Olympics, the players and gymnasts flew on different flights. Besides the male and female parts of the Olympic village was among themselves divided by barbed wire. And if the men prevailed, the Libertines, the female was more like a monastery.

According to the recollections of the athletes, by the end of the competition they were so exhausted that anything was not simple. Around the same time it was a lot of temptations that hit the Soviet people, says Ivanov. For example, bananas, which they never tried.

One evening the women's team gymnastics made it to the men of the village to the disco. There Lydia again...

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