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The profession of actor and Director are some of the most complex and popular in the world. Many dream to work in these areas only because they believe in high income. No one even thinks about how difficult their chosen profession. And it's not just that sometimes shooting lasts for days, but that a real actor must have the talent, it needs to work not only because he wants high wages, and for the reason that he likes a lot. Today we talk about a pretty famous person in the field of cinema.

Valentin Karavaev

Valentin Karavaev — the world-famous Director, screenwriter and artist. In his long career, this man took not so many works of cinema, but they all turned out very interesting, so they just pay attention. In this article, we discuss in detail the biography of the Director, his filmography, and much more that related to it.


Valentin Karavaev was born 29 August 1929 on the territory of the Kirov region. In Moscow a young man he studied at the art school, and after graduation he entered the art class at a popular Studio called “Soyuzmultfilm”. Courses, the young man graduated in 1959, and then began to work closely with the well-known magazine «Crocodile».

In 1968 the future Director graduated from the faculty of directing at the Russian state Institute of cinematography named after Gerasimov, and then immediately started to make small animated films for the Studio "Soyuzmultfilm”.


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Biography. Valentin Karavaev

Many people know this cartoon, how the ‘Return of the prodigal parrot”, which appeared on screens in 1984. Now, the Director of this piece of cinema is Valentin Karavaev, filmography which will be discussed in our article right now!


During his lengthy career, the man was related to a huge number of works of cinema. Where he was a Director was involved in as writer, and in some cases was a painter.

On the cartoon works by Valentin Aleksandrovich Karavayev grew millions of children, and at the moment these projects cinema are still popular, because children watch them with great pleasure. Even modern cartoons can't beat those cartoon tapes that were released many years ago, and it already speaks volumes.

Early career

One of the first works of this Director is a cartoon "Soon it's gonna rain" of the 1959 edition, where today's employees acted as animator. In the same year he published a cartoon called "the adventures of Pinocchio”, and the next there is such a animated film, as “Firefly №1».

Valentin Karavaev: filmography

It is Also worth noting that in 1961 he published a cartoon called "First stage" and some time after that there was an animated piece called “MUK n 4”. In addition, in 1962, came just four works of cinema, which we are discussing today the Director has acted in the role of the artist-the multiplier. We are talking about such projects as “Peace to your house”, “not now”, “Firefly No. 2”, “Ball”.

In the period from 1963 to 1970, Valentin Aleksandrovich Karavayev performed for the first time as screenwriter and Director of some works. In this case, it is worth noting animated films “Run points”, “Cock and ball paint”, “Thunder and lightning”, “Santa Claus & summer”, “narcissist”, “a Little misunderstanding" and others.

Career from 1971 to 1987

In this period of time is known throughout the world the Director made quite a lot of cinematographic works that have become some of the most beloved animated films by children from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and modern countries, such as Ukraine, Russia and others. In this case, not to mention cartoon “more expensive” in 1971, where Valentine became a writer.

In addition, special attention deserves such films as “a Lesson not for the future”, “Wrong”, “Pieces” (1, 2 and 3 section), “the Hare and the fly”, “the Wise Gudgeon», «the little things of life”, “Reflection”, “hunt” and many others in which this man played the role of a Director.

Valentin Aleksandrovich Karavayev

Additionally, we note that in 1984, Valentine has released the first part of the cinematic work entitled ‘the Return of the prodigal parrot”. After that, the man had a break and returned to work in 1987, when on screens there was a second part of the popular cartoon strip. In the same year a man has released a cartoon called "Moo-Moo" a year later, children across the country had the opportunity to watch the third part of the “Return of the prodigal parrot”.

The End of a career

One of the latest animated works of this man were such projects as “Frog dares” 1996, “the history of the city. The organ is" in 1991, as well as “Morning parrot Kesha”, 2002 (by the time the Director was already dead). Recent works of this man conquered the inhabitants of the vast number of countries, because the cartoons were quite sincere and interesting, so many people liked them, and the children were so amazed.


Today we discussed such a famous Director as Valentin Karavaev, photos of which are available in this material. Died great Director December 11, 2001 at the age of 72 years. His cartoons remain popular even today, and this suggests that they are indeed very interesting and emotional, so children remain in awe of them.

Valentin Karavaev: photo

Choose any cartoon presented today, nice view and good mood!


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