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Saint Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Russian Tsar Peter I, and today is one of the richest cities of Russia and the most luxurious cities in the world. The main value of the city is incredibly rich in cultural and historical heritage. The historic centre and the Palace-Park ensembles of St. Petersburg included on the UNESCO list of objects that are of value to all mankind.sights of Saint-Petersburg photo with the names

Great city

The Northern or cultural capital, the city on the Neva or the city of white nights, Venice of the North or Northern Palmyra - all of these poetic names are characterized by an amazing essence of magnificent St. Petersburg.

Description of the sights of St. Petersburg impresses the solemn major images. Over their creation in different years he worked in architects with a world name: Trezzini, Montana, Leblon, Mattarnovi, Zemtsov, Rastrelli and Chevakinsky, Rinaldi, Voronikhin, the Frenchman de Thomon, Bryullov, Rossi, and others.

Spacious squares and magnificent parks, embankments, bridges, monumental, and majestic buildings in the style of Baroque, classicism and Empire - unique sights of St. Petersburg. Photos with names, which abound in the various editions, nor in any way do not convey the magnificent atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.sights of Saint-Petersburg photo with the names

Peter and Paul fortress, the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, Nevsky prospect, Arts square and the Uprising, Ekateringofsky Park, the Hermitage, the Smolenskoe Lutheran cemetery, Botanical garden, Cathedral, Faberge Museum, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg other outstanding attractions attract thousands of tourists every year.


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The Richest collection of the Russian Museum

Museum of the Stroganov Palace

One of the main attractions is Peter Russian Museum. This is the General name given to a complex of architectural masterpieces, which includes the Mikhailovsky castle, the Stroganov Palace, Mikhailovsky and Marble palaces.

In museums with exhibits of thousands of masterpieces of world art. In addition, buildings-branches themselves are extremely picturesque and are of great historical and artistic value.

One of the famous architectural creations is a masterpiece Stroganov Palace built by Rastrelli.

Going Back in time, or as Stroganoff settled in Peterhof

Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg

The Basis of millions of names laid in the XV century, enterprising and intelligent Anika F. Stroganov. He was engaged in salt and fur crafts, trade. In 1558, the family received a letter from Ivan IV to the possession of the vast land inheritance in the Urals. Along the rivers Kama and Chusovaya Stroganov built the entire city. They moved deeper into Siberia, conquering more land. They were equipped Ermak's campaign.

In its activities, Stroganoff always remained loyal to the crown, for which he was awarded the title "eminent people". They were allowed to arm themselves and to have the team judge them only had the right king. In the eighteenth century all fisheries were added metallurgy. In 1722, the Stroganovs became barons, in 1761, they were granted the title of count.

Taking the life of aristocrats and as approximations to the court, the family settled in St. Petersburg. Rich nobles at the tailor Johann Neumann was purchased a plot on Nevsky prospect. The brothers Stroganov had his eye on a neighbouring site Imperial chef Shestakova. The latter, after long and persistent persuasion, I had to give them your site.

At the end of 1752 was laid Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg. For its construction, the Imperial family of the Romanovs, exceptionally, allowed to draw the court architect Rastrelli. In practice, it was the first private order. Large-scale works are completed in 1754. Senior Stroganov, Sergei Grigorevich, was delighted with a new Palace and generously paid for the work of Rastrelli. A housewarming party was marked by a magnificent fancy dress ball, which attracted the attention of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna.

Stroganov Palace photo

Description of the Palace

Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg built by the architect Rastrelli in the l-shaped form, has 50 rooms, a large pathogeny dance hall with an area of 128 square meters and the lobby is richly decorated with mirrors and sculptures. A large Grand staircase with gilded railing, decorated with marble décor, is a real work of art.

Both facades facing the Moika river and the Neva, decorated in the highest degree pathetic and solemn. High ground floor up, slender columns, combining the next two floors. Sculpture in the Italian style, elegant moldings, portrait medallions decorate the building. The main facade on Nevsky Prospekt decorated the Stroganov coat of arms.Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg

Visitors were impressed with the luxurious interior of the house - a majestic sculpture, elegant decor, expensive furniture, gold, marble, chandeliers the works of famous masters, scenicpaintings of great artists.

Alterations of the building to the taste of the heirs Stroganoff

After Rastrelli to the decoration of the Palace had a hand in the architect Voronikhin. He rebuilt the entire North-West side of the building, closing it in a square, terracotta color changed to yellow-pink, changed the style several interiors on a classic.

In 1790, the Palace suffered a major fire that destroyed everything except the dance hall and partly of the lobby. The Stroganovs were restored the interiors of the rooms, and the Palace again shone with splendour.

A total of Stroganov Palace worked more than 10 renowned architects. Something rebuilt, changed the style of the interiors and painting of the facades of the Palace after Voronikhin repainted in lilac, then in a brick-red, later light green. Now the Palace has a pink hue. However, externally, the building has fully preserved the original appearance as conceived by Rastrelli.

Stroganovski the Palace

The Architectural history of the Stroganov Palace is so rich and multifaceted that issued albums with detailed descriptions of the famous sights of St. Petersburg. Photo with the names illustrate all the stages of construction and alteration of buildings.

Life in the Palace until 1917

Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg became famous for glittering balls, rich receptions, outdoor dinners, which were available for every neatly-dressed residents. There was opened the first public library available for everyone. The Palace served 600 souls servants. Cook the Stroganoff was invented and today is a popular dish - beef Stroganoff.

The Count A. S. Stroganov has gathered a unique collection of paintings, supported by talented sculptors, painters and writers. Thanks to its advanced thinking in the Academy of fine Arts could do not only children of the nobility, but also gifted commoners. He sponsored the translation Gradecam on Russian language of Homer's "Iliad".

Everything was broken in 1917, when Stroganov had to flee from Russia. The Palace was nationalized by the Bolsheviks, part of the property looted, some transferred to the Hermitage.

The Contemporary Museum

Stroganov Palace photo

In Soviet times, in the Stroganov Palace there is an Agricultural Academy. By the end of 30 years, the Palace was settled several tenants, the most important of which was "Elektromarket". Since 1970, the main tenant of the PL Era. Only in 1988 the badly battered the building took under his wing Russian Museum.

Stroganov Palace was restored and was restored to its original magnificent appearance created by Francesco Rastrelli. In 1992, the latest member of the Stroganov family - Helen (Baroness de Ludinghausen) was in new York charity Fund, whose main task is the restoration of the Stroganov Palace, and other historical and architectural monuments of Russia.

Exhibitions and displays

The Greatest work of art - gorgeous Stroganov Palace. Photos can not convey all of its splendor. Only after seeing the Palace in person, you can enjoy its majestic architecture, outdoor decor, fabulous richness of the interior. Striking unique wooden flooring made from lemon, sandalwood, boxwood, ash and oak. In the Great hall, miraculously preserved in its original form, the arch is decorated with paintings of the Italian painter, Giuseppe Valeriani. The so-called plafond "Triumph of Aeneas" performed by 13 canvases, and, as the puzzle is assembled on the ceiling.

In addition to external and internal beauty of the house a modern Museum presents the rich and unique exhibits and displays:

  • Wax Museum;
  • Heirloom Stroganoff - the decorative art of the Stroganov artisans, Dating from the XV century, the Stroganov icon painting school, face sewing the representatives of the genus (shroud of our lady of Kazan, an ancient shroud, "the Holy Prince Dmitry");
  • Things of personal items (especially valuable - nominal; there are children's things, weapons, even foldable metal bed Baron);
  • An exceptional collection of minerals, collected by one of the Stroganovs, and a chest with polished marble and granite tiles. They are presented in the Mineral account, there is a unique library of the counts.Tour Stroganov diores

In the Palace are held periodically rich collections and exhibitions of masterpieces of Russian and world art, presented by other art museums.

Information for those wishing to visit Stroganov Palace: the address and operation mode

The Famous branch of the Russian Museum - Stroganov Palace - located in the heart of Saint-Petersburg at the address: Nevsky Prospekt, 17.

In the vicinity of the Palace are 3 metro stations. The nearest - "Admiralty" - a distance of only 300 meters, metro "Nevsky prospect" is located at a distance of 370 m From the metro station "Gostiny Dvor" (exit to Griboyedov canal) to the Palace can be reached on foot within a few minutes driving in the direction of the Admiralty to the Moika river.

You Can reach the destination and public transport. To the Palace will take the bus numbered 3, 7 ,22 or 27. You can also arrive by trolley №№ 1, 5, 7, 10, 17 or 22. A large number of taxi also stops near the Stroganov Palace.

The Front door of the Stroganov Palace is open to visitors on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday andSunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday from one o'clock till 21-00. A day off at the Museum Tuesday. Be aware that the ticket office closes one hour earlier.

How much is the entrance to the Museum

Ticket Prices are floating. For foreigners a tour of the Stroganov Palace will cost adults 300 rubles, the ticket for students costs 150 RUB. you can also purchase three-day tickets to all branches of the Russian Museum. Such an integrated ticket for an adult foreigner is 600 RUB, for students - 300 rubles.

For the citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus the prices are reduced. "Adult" ticket will cost 150 rubles, and for schoolchildren, students and pensioners - only 70 RUB. Integrated ticket costs 400 RUB. and 150, respectively.

There are beneficiaries, which the Palace allowed free of charge: WWII veterans, invalids of group I or II (they are also free wheelchair hire), preschoolers, children-orphans, pupils of art schools, students of different creative departments of Universities, large families and certain other persons.

I Wonder what monthly 18 th Museum to visit for free all persons under 18 years of age.

Famous neighborhood of the Stroganov Palace

Description of attractions Sankt Petersburg

Stroganov Museum is located in the heart of historic St. Petersburg. Near it are the famous sights:

  • Peter and Paul fortress and the Cathedral.
  • Aurora Cruiser.
  • Summer garden.
  • The Cabinet of curiosities.
  • Palace bridge.
  • Winter Palace.
  • Hermitage.
  • Museum-apartment of Pushkin.
  • Church of the Resurrection.
  • Russian Museum.
  • Kazan Cathedral.
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral.
  • Monument to the bronze horseman.
  • Mariinsky Palace.
  • Mariinsky theatre.
  • Yusupov Palace.

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