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Luisel Ramos is a famous Uruguayan fashion model and a fashion model. First she drew the attention of the maximum light weight. Her career ended tragically. It has become one of the most popular women in the world who suffered from anorexia. As it turned out, the obsession with dieting can lead to death.

Biography centerfolds

luisel Ramos

Luisel Ramos was born in Uruguay's capital - Montevideo. It happened in April 1984. Her father was a popular football player. His name is Luis Ramos. The family is not only Luisel decided to connect his life with the modeling business, the same path has chosen her younger sister Eliana.

Girls pretty quickly and easily came to success. At least become widely known at home. Many experts predicted them even international career, but foreign tours, they had not so much. To become famous outside of Uruguay, they just don't have time.

Latest show

luisel Ramos last show

Luisel Ramos, last show of which was held in Uruguay's capital, Montevideo, by 2006 was already a very visible model.

2 August for a major fashion show in the largest city of this South American country was attended by many eminent designers and socialites. And not only from Latin America but also from America and even Europe. The opening ceremony of the fashion week was held in a five star hotel "Radisson Victoria Plaza".

Tragedy with the heroine of our article was right on the podium. Suddenly all of Luisel Ramos fell. The doctors who were at that time in the hall, tried to give her first aid, but were powerless.


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Witnesses said that all of this happened after model paraded down the runway. She ran to the dressing room to change dress. In this time suddenly fell, Luisel Ramos. Last show girls remained in the memory of all participants that evening.

Cause of death

luisel and Eliana Ramos

According to the official version, the death of centerfolds Ramos, Luisel was caused by a heart attack. The organizers say that the ambulance arrived about 20 minutes. The doctor tried to bring the girl back to life. But no direct cardiac massage or electric shocks, any of various intravenous injections have not yielded results. Hearts, Luisel Ramos stopped.

The Main version is that the heart attack was caused by the lifestyle that led model. For several years she was diagnosed as anorexic. She literally died of hunger. Law enforcement officials, her father said that Ramos, Luisel a few days before the fashion show haven't eaten anything. And before that ate only the diet "Cola" and lettuce.

These assumptions are confirmed by her younger sister, who was also a fashion model. Eliana confirmed that Luisel, like many other girls in Uruguay was subjected to a test in the first place to starvation to have the opportunity to regularly go on stage.

Settings centerfolds

Ramos, luisel

Luisel Ramos biography which became a vivid and revealing case of how to achieve success and fame people risk their lives and health, had an attractive options for the model. Her height was 175 centimeters. Thus, Luisel Ramos weight had just 44 pounds. Thus, the mass index of her body was only 14.5 mm. While the figure is 16 units indicative of serious problems, the need to consult a doctor.

All In all it was a very attractive girl. With brown hair and green-blue eyes.

What is anorexia nervosa?

For Luisel Ramos anorexia was the main diagnosis. This disease, according to doctors, and caused the heart attack.

Generally, anorexia nervosa is a serious and dangerous disease in the first place it is mental. The main symptom of anorexia is losing a lot of weight. The disease is accompanied by a constant internal problems. The person is afraid of getting fat, because of this, it seems that even eaten every crumb may adversely affect its appearance. In the imagination of a diseased idea of his own appearance changes drastically. The patient remains constantly very unhappy with how it looks. So all the time, trying to improve his own physical form with the help of diets, grueling athletic training, ultimately with almost complete or complete refusal of food.

All of these problems lead not only to mental but also to physiological disorders. In particular, a strong hormonal and metabolic disorders.

Experts distinguish two types of anorexia: nervous and mental. The first implies a complete refusal of food, or a big restriction with a single purpose - weight loss. Generally, this type of anorexia is found in girls who are victims of the influence of modern mass media, which persistentlypromoting a craving for thinness and body parameters model appearance.

The Second type of anorexia is mental. It occurs for both women and men. The difference is that the person refuses to eat due to a complete lack of appetite. This can be caused by several reasons. First, depression. Second, the panic of a poisoning. Third, the catatonic state, when a person long stays in a stupor, unable to move.

Fate sisters

luisel Ramos anorexia

In a tragic accident, Loisel, and Eliana Ramos, died in a similar way. The younger sister of the heroine of our article, which was also a model, became a victim of anorexia.

The Tragedy happened about six months. In 2007, on the eve of Valentines Day, became Elian. Their deaths are very similar. As the older sister, Eliana has suffered from anorexia, which provoked a heart attack. In fact, heart stopped from malnutrition.

It is Worth noting that shortly after the death of Luisel Eliana Ramos told reporters that from anorexia nervosa suffers from a large number of Uruguayan children. Most of them torturing themselves with starvation.

It is Sad that the tragic experiences of the little sisters taught their colleagues. Soon in Latin America with the same diagnosis buried another model. This time a victim of the false ideals of beauty has become the Brazilian model Anna Carolina ReSTOR. It is widely known that she lately before her death, ate only apples and tomatoes.

Reaction to death from anorexia

luisel Ramos biography

The Tragedy that occurred with Loisel and Elianai Ramos, plunged many into shock. Uruguay then began to regularly campaign initiated by the Ministry of health, which urged women to abandon the starvation diets and suspicious in the pursuit of harmony and unnatural thinness. In addition, the number of deaths from anorexia began to increase. Some doctors even called this disease one of the most dangerous in the twenty-first century.

After these changes in the world of fashion has affected many countries. In particular, in Spain in 2006 at the world-famous Madrid fashion week decided not to allow to the models, the index of the body which were less than 18. A similar decision was taken by Italian designers. They decided to prohibit the work models with "zero size".

Note that the "zero" are the parameters of the body under the bust 80 cm, waist 58 hips 86. To understand how such unnatural dimensions, it is necessary to mention that the waist of the average 8-year-old girl in the UK is 56 inches.

However, the fashion industry in the UK did not go on the strict prohibitions that were adopted in other countries. Here limited only to the order in which designers are strongly recommended to hire only healthy models.

The investigation into the death of Ramos

luisel Ramos weight

Upon the death of the model was a thorough investigation, the coroner did the autopsy. However, local law enforcement agencies refused to comment.

However, there were also other versions of death models. So, the founder of the large agencies Pancho Dotto, who worked with the sisters Ramos, claimed that girls were physically healthy and well fed. And all the talk about their anorexia not true. In her opinion, the cause of death was a genetic disease.

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very sad story of two beautiful young women. The modeling industry must change its horrific standard of beauty which is causing young women their lives.


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The second photo, with the pink background, is Doutzen Kroes, a very famous Dutch model.

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