Dmitry Savitsky, the General Director of radio "Silver Rain": a biography


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This man was behind the founding of the legendary radio station "Silver rain". Despite the many changes and challenges, it is headed by radio from the first day of its Foundation in 1995. Almost 21 years Dmitry Savitsky is unchanged by the Director General of the radio station. In addition, the additional it gained popularity, becoming one of the founders humorous award «Silver Shoe”, which was given to famous people for dubious achievements.

Dmitry Savitsky: a biography

Born the future leader of one of the most popular radio in Moscow, in 1971. Their first money Dmitry Savitsky managed to earn quite a young age. He did not hesitate to work at the post office and deliver Newspapers. After graduation, the young man decided to pursue higher education and entered the evening Department of the Leningrad Institute for the training of cinema in Moscow at the faculty of engineers. At the same time Dmitry Savitsky combined studies with work on the “vulgar”.Dmitry Savitsky biography

To complete higher education young man failed because even in the first year he was called to military service. Sawicki served in the internal troops in NKAO. Was in Armenia and in Azerbaijan. During the service young people had a chance to score, for which he was awarded several medals and certificates.

Where he worked for Dmitry Savitsky to "Silver rain"

After the army, it so happened that the guy decided not to return to the Institute, which, according to his interview, no regrets to this day. According to data that may be available to read in the Internet, after the army, Dmitry worked for some time as a taxi driver. Then, in the period from 1991 to 1992, he worked as a sound technician in the “Asset LTD” − Soviet-British broadcaster. Then he had the opportunity to obtain useful further experience in leadership positions, occupying the post of Executive Director on the joint Soviet-French venture «New time», which represented the International Association of artists. This position he held for almost a year, from 1992 to 1993. The next stage in life Savitsky became the legendary "Silver rain”.


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Base station

Sam Savitsky recalls that in 1995 the media space of Russia in a situation when their broadcasts were only five or six radio stations. They were all purely music, and that Dmitry had the idea to create a news and music radio station broadcast which you can hear various programs. This idea was supported by his adherents, among whom was now the ex-wife of Dmitry Savitsky, Natalia Sindeeva.silver rain

At this time, authorities declared a Federal competition for a new radio station that would broadcast on a particular wave. Sawicki with his team presented the developed concept and won the competition in April 1995. Three months later, in July, the station started round the clock broadcasting on the air. Since then, broadcasting "Silver rain" did not stop for a minute. Natalia Sindeeva has held the post of the General producer, and Savitsky Dmitry Vladimirovich, the rights of the founder of the station, became CEO.

Main areas of radio broadcasting

Today, the audience of this radio station represents the Russian middle age with a stable income above the average. Broadcast regularly out of about 20 software copyrights, each of which has its point of view on certain events. Perhaps it was due to the fact that there is no strict censorship. The General Director of radio "Silver Rain" says that “top” no taboos and prohibitions of their radio stations did not, to their employees it permits to illuminate any event, following any point of view. While Sawicki says that there is only one subject that he will never allow the air – is the theme of nationalism.

CEO of silver rain radio

The Need to support themselves and recoup the cost of independently forcing the radio station to let their esters a large amount of advertising. Many listeners have noted this fact, but he Sawicki refers to it very pragmatically and said that this source of income helps "Silver rain" to support themselves and not ask for extra money from shareholders. In fairness it must be noted that at frequencies of this radio station, in addition to commercial advertising, often can be heard and social projects, for example, warning drivers to get behind the wheel drunk. This is implementing a radio based solely on their conscious civil position, and the extra money they get for it is not.

“Silver Shoe”

Over time the team "Silver rain" came up with a new project, which has attracted a lot of attention. It became an annual award "Silver Shoe”. She meant the awarding of public individuals in certain “antidementia”. Many recognizable people tried to avoid “Silver Shoe”, and only a few celebrities could adequatelyto accept this “a reward”.Savitsky Dmitry

This project has existed for several years, and the presentation of the last award took place in the Kremlin in 2013. The real reasons for the closure of “Silver shoes" known to few, but according to the official version, voiced by Savitsky, the award was closed, because they do not become conditions for further implementation of the project.

Evil Director

The Need to save money on absolutely everything possible, make the Director-General to be rather strict leader. Management Dmitry Savitsky, a photo that provided in our article, like not all employees "Silver rain”.

Some time ago, the network discussed about the work on "Silver rain" left by a former employee. The girl told in detail about the strict system of fines, which entered Sawicki. Monetary penalties are carried out for any violations – late breaking office equipment and so on. Described pathological saving light, which the Savitsky required to comply with from the office staff: if outside during daylight hours – to include artificial light is strictly forbidden. Also, she pointed too high personnel requirements, which include lightning understanding by staff of all thoughts of the chief and move around the office at a fast pace – walking with measured steps Dmitry is regarded as “doing nothing”.

Dmitry Savitsky photo

Commenting on these reviews of former employees, the Director-General recognizes that in some cases it really can be hard. But Sawicki is of the opinion that the end justifies the means, because in order to keep their radio station on lot really need to save. Concerning the staff, Dmitry says that his team has a number of professionals who worked with him for over 10 years, and such restrictions are not upset. To those who are dismissed from the radio station, the CEO is also the attitude is quite normal. The only thing he can't forgive former employees – when they go to work for the TV channel «Rain». This categorical position has its explanations.

Personal life

The Owner of the TV channel «Rain” is the ex-wife of Dmitry – Natalia Sindeeva. When the wife had the idea to create a "Silver rain", Natalia fully supported him. After the launch of the radio station, she took the post of commercial Director. She eventually decided to create their own channel and call it “Rain”. the wife of Dmitry Savitsky Rupture of business relations coincided with the end of a great love between the spouses. Their divorce was very difficult.

Dmitry was not able to forgive Natalie that she in every possible way tried to entice to your channel of radio station staff, many of whom gladly agreed. Dmitry annoying that the name “Rain” and “Silver rain" they are very similar and often confused. But most of all, Savitsky dopekat that after the divorce, Natalie was one of the most influential shareholders "Silver rain" and to sell the package it does not intend.

An affair with the legendary Xenia Anatolyevna

After a loud divorce with Dmitry Savitsky happened no less loud novel with Ksenia Sobchak.Dmitry Savitsky To the surprise of many, these relationships lasted long enough – for several years, but in the end, the couple broke up. About the true causes of the former beloved, do not apply, but they say that the difference interests and different ways of life very influenced by the separation. Sawicki never liked parties and does not consider himself a media person.

Unlike Sindeeva, Ksenia Dmitry has maintained a good relationship. After a certain period of time after the breakup, they speak about each other's warm enough.

In an interview Sobchak even said that now they are family friends, and she communicates well with a new wife Savitsky Daria.

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