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If you come to Murmansk, the Philharmonic visit is a must. This is one of the city's major cultural institutions. It is famous for professional artists, a good concert program.

History of the Philharmonic society

Murmansk Philharmonic

Where to go in Minneapolis? To the Philharmonic. In taking this decision you will not regret it. Even the history of this institution is interesting and exciting. To start with the fact that in Murmansk Philharmonic hall appeared not so long ago. In 1975, the local Executive Committee took the decision to convert has existed in this Northern city earlier concert-pop Bureau. And appeared in Murmansk Philharmonic hall.

In a new cultural institution was immediately sent young talents. From Leningrad and Moscow as well as Kiev, Novosibirsk and Saratov. They faced a difficult task. To educate the listener, to instill local residents with a real love for classical music. To achieve this, performances were organized not only in the concert hall. Murmansk artists came to large enterprises playing right into the shops. Staged mini-concerts in the red corner during lunch breaks. Went fishing together with fishermen and played the works of Bach and Mozart in the middle of the Barents sea. The artists of the regional Philharmonic Murmansk for several years travelled the length and breadth of the entire Kola Peninsula. Thus, in the year could hold up to 1,700 concerts. Almost at 5 gigs a day. Without weekends and holidays.

Private room

the Philharmonic society of Murmansk

This is a private concert hall of the Philharmonic society of Murmansk for a long time was not. He appeared only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1994, the artists moved to a separate room for 600 seats.


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It was truly worthy of the hall. Its excellent acoustic properties were appreciated by young and experienced musicians. At different times there were singers, Anatoly Solovyanenko, Zurab Sotkilava, Bela Rudenko, Elena Obraztsova, cellist Daniil Shafran, violinist Sergei Stadler, Eduard Grach, pianists Denis Matsuev and Alexei Nasedkin. Many of them became stars of the national level.

Philharmonic this Northern city has always been famous for diverse composition. There were promising young musicians, and an experienced, Mature, already established masters. To Murmansk was many graduates of the leading conservatories of the country. A rich repertoire consisting of pieces by foreign and Russian composers, is always different from the programs of the Philharmonic society. And it was not only classical pieces but also folk music, spiritual compositions, music of contemporary authors.


The Institution is located in the street of Sophia Perovskaya in the house №3. The Fund of the Murmansk Philharmonic society is located at a different address: Lenin street, 67.

The Philharmonic hall is located in the heart of the city. Almost opposite are the Murmansk regional Duma and the monument Park of Kirov, near the main square. Nearby is the Palace of culture named after Kirov, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General.

Tickets to the Philharmonic

cash in Philharmonic society of Murmansk

An average of 300 rubles for a visit to the Philharmonic society of Murmansk. Tickets can be purchased at the box office. In this common subscription program.

Most popular - a ticket to visit the Murmansk Philharmonic orchestra. Two thousand five hundred rubles from classical music fans have the opportunity to visit the 7 performances of the musical season.

For the young inhabitants of Murmansk is the "Big music". This membership is for two individuals: the child and one parent. 1 600 rubles is planned to visit five performances. Not only in Murmansk, but with the visiting teams. For example, Duo organists Ichinoe Dina and Denis Makhankov from Karelia, winners of the international competition organist Julia Uvarovoj and saxophonist Olga Popova of St. Petersburg.

The program "Magic organ" included six concerts during the musical season. It will cost 3 thousand rubles. There are scheduled performances of Russian and foreign performers. For example, Italian Luke Mascali.

And another program called "On the jazz wave". Over two thousand spectators can visit the four jazz concerts featuring American vocalist Sharon Clark, the ensemble "Jazz portraits of Stevie wonder", which are stars such as drummer Oleg Butman, saxophonist Maxim Warsaw, the bass guitar plays the Cameroonian Daniel La petty, and the percussion -Cuban Norlan Natural. Also season ticket holders will be able to get to the speech of people's artist of Russia Daniel Kramer, American singer Rita Edmond, Murmansk Philharmonic orchestra program of simpotiaga.

Festivals in Murmansk

Murmansk Philharmonic tickets

Great attention in the Murmansk Philharmonic to devote to the carrying out of various festivals.

"Melodies of the Arctic" will be held from 15 October to 26 November. The festival "Christmas meetings" scheduled for the last month of 2017.

In 2018, the year of the 80 anniversary of the Murmansk region, is preparing a major festival "Musical offering". Inhis program will not only performances of individual artists and concerts - "pied Piper of Hamelin", "Alpine souvenir", "Three of a basso profundo. Love songs", "In the musical realm. At the organ of the state", "the Predecessors and successors of Mozart - the edge of joy."

Billboard Philharmonic

regional Philharmonic Murmansk

Of Course, in the Murmansk Philharmonic's rich playbill regular performances and concerts.

For Example, a concert of jazz music, with the participation of drummer Pavel Timofeev, contrabass player Sergey Vasiliev, the piano will play Ivan Farmakovsky and vocalist will be Sharon Clark from the USA.

Moscow ballet with the participation of the state academic Bolshoi theatre will come to the gala concert.

People's artist of Russia Yevgeny Knyazev will perform on the stage of the Murmansk Philharmonic solo performance of "Queen of spades" based on the eponymous tragedy by Alexander Pushkin.

The Main part of the Murmansk Philharmonic orchestra will prepare a programme "Operetta - my love", will be held for children musical fairytale in a new way, "the Journey is the muffin man, or a Midsummer night's Dream".

All this and more can be seen and heard on the stage of the Philharmonic in Murmansk.

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