Anomaly 2013: nature's revenge


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Natural anomalies which year take a significant place in the news. On global climate change began to talk in the XX century, but now this topic is becoming increasingly relevant.

natural anomaliesThe only anomaly 2013 brought many challenges with which people still can't cope fully.

At the beginning of the year in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Israel struck the strongest over the last two decades storm. The authorities were forced to close a municipal building, cancel flights and impose a ban on sea travel. In several places were recorded by a snow layer up to 1 m. has Not managed and without victims: in total, the storm claimed the lives of 20 people.

Natural anomalies in February 2013 – this is a separate issue. As you know, this month has been a fall in the famous Ural meteorite. In many buildings badly damaged glass in the hospital received a huge number of wounded. Fortunately, the meteorite fell far from the settlements.

More than eighty people were injured in Taiwan, in March. Here occurred one of the most powerful in the past few years, quakes with an amplitude of 6.3. The vast majority of injuries – a result of collapsed buildings and fallen objects.

The April 2013 peace month is also difficult to call. This time anomaly touched the Middle West of the United States – as a result of the spring flood of the Mississippi river began the massive flooding. Some dams collapsed under the water pressure, and its level was much higher than normal. Some barges are not able to stay at the ports and continued to limp to go with the flow. Others went under the water. However, this anomaly in America has not ended.

In the very next month, in may, the open spaces of the USA swept as many as 76 tornadoes, destroying in its path thousands of buildings and killing hundreds of people. The amount required to cover the insurance, reach a huge size.

natural anomalies 2013

The highlight of June, undoubtedly became a disaster in India. As a result of massive floods killed several thousand people. However, this was only the beginning. Due to the large number of bodies, the epidemic began, the only way to combat which was the burning of corpses on the spot. But such extreme measures were not fully effective: many hundreds of people, among which were attended by employees of the security services, caught a gastrointestinal infection. The situation is further complicated by flows of mud, smashing on its way the whole village.

Heat waves in Japan in July also caused victims. 85 people died in Japan as a result of thermal shock, many turned against the consequences of overheating in the hospital. The number of such complaints was twice as high compared to last year.

September the most difficult month was for China. Powerful Typhoon Usagi hit a lot of settlements, which was attended by a large city. The authorities promptly took appropriate measures: they closed schools, cancelled the dispatch of trains and flights. However, do avoid victims could not: about 30 people died, many buildings were severely damaged. In some areas was recorded waves up to 10 meters.

In October, the typhoons continued to run amok. According to experts, the damage was done at least 7 million people. Less than 10 of them were killed and four reported missing. In many places stopped the supply of electricity, roads washed away, and several dams were broken.

anomaly todayEurope, the disasters are also not spared. At the end of October through the whole territory of North-Western Europe, hurricane St. Jude. It started in Ireland and came to St. Petersburg. Victims of the raging elements became 17 people. The wind speed has reached an incredible level of 120 km/h.

The Real nightmare was the November Typhoon that affected the Philippines. At the moment there is information about hundreds of dead, and the bodies of many were found right on the roadside. At the moment, the Philippines sent all that is needed to restore the area and search for missing people.

One can only hope that we are not waiting for the next natural anomaly today and the last month of the 2013th year will bring us only a festive new year's mood.

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