Composition is the words of its Creator


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The painting is very common that a term such as composition. It is, in fact, organizing something that is relevant to fine art. The composition makes the picture holistic and unified, allows you to make all of its components in a logical chain consisting of major and minor elements. the Composition is aAs a rule, it is intangible, but valuable something is the basis of not only painting but also any other kind of art. There are music, architecture, literature and even floral. They differ from each other and the principle of preparation, and appearance, but all share this term, which is simply indispensable in the concept of beauty.

If we talk about painting, but the most common is a frontal composition. Its meaning is hidden in her name, that is on the canvas or the paper sheet image is presented in full form, while it lacks any axis, perspective and the like. Frontal compositionMost Often, artistic works of art based on front composition – the patterns, ornaments and the impressive and surreal painting. Like the composition – very clear image on the plane the big picture. That is why on the front figure, the image is always clear lines and boundaries, it is easy to see and understand. It should be noted that very often such songs are found in the interior and exterior of the house, so as to depict on a flat surface a clear and complete picture is very simple.


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Wrapping in our age, it is impossible not to notice that the paintings that appear now, nothing like artistic pictures of the highest class. Therefore, in this context, the song – is the ability to see in the lens the picture, which will look more harmonious. For finished photos of all the components that were in the frame should complement each other, with the result that the composition will look good. Floral arrangementIf the pictures do Amateur, the likelihood that the result will not be so harmonious and attractive, very high. That is why in order to learn how to make beautiful photos, it is important to first understand and feel the song. This concept is the basics of any kind of art, and the camera is not an exception.

This term is quite common among designers who are engaged in the design of buildings and the installation of various decor items. For example, floral arrangement, which we often call a bouquet, in fact, requires great care and taste, otherwise it will be a random set of flowering plants whose appearance is not so attractive.
Therefore, in this context, the composition – a selection of colors that look the most harmonious. However, they fit either in the interior, which is decorated with, or are suitable to the image of the person who carries them with them as accessory. Most often, flower arrangements order from florists for the wedding, lavish banquets and other celebrations.

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