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Of Trevally - fish squad okuneobraznyh. It belongs to the family Lavrinovich as externally somewhat resembles those fish. Giant trevally, diamond trevally - all names for the same species.

The Fishermen of the Hawaiian Islands called karanka a symbol of strength. And all because caught the bait fish is not so easy to keep because it with admirable tenacity and strength beats from side to side. And because of its weight and length make it even, diamond trevally

How does the giant trevally?

To Catch a giant karanka, however, as all representatives Lavrinovich, in the waters of the red sea. In addition, the exotic lovers of fishing can catch it off the coast of Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, Hawaii and Africa. What exactly caught giant trevally, can be understood on a number of its features are:

  • Length of fish carcasses from head to tail, is 170 cm.
  • Weight is about 62 kg, as an adult;
  • Fish head is large, and the body somewhat flattened from the sides;
  • Colour of a body depends on gender: in males it is dark, almost black, while the females – silver;
  • Scales on the fish small and fine;
  • The tail is slightly pointed.
    trevally fish photo

Types of trevallies

Fish, trevally is of several types:

  1. Golden trevally. This representative has the average body size of 40 cm, the weight reaches 2-2,5 kg. body Color - gold.
  2. Big trevally. Body length from head to tail reaches 1 m, weight up to 20 kg fish near the coast, mostly alone.
  3. Senegalese of trevally. The representative is the smallest species of fish. Body length does not exceed 35 cm. Body much flattened laterally, the head has a pointed shape. Alone fish move extremely rare, since it is a gregarious species.

Giant trevally under natural conditions

Karancsi — is a shallow water fish that live and act on the depth of not more than 100 m. Large clusters are observed near reefs, in marine bays or lagoons.


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Immature species of fish travel mostly in flocks, to which they are recruited is essential for life skills. Basically we are talking about hunting, because in part of the pack a chance to catch the production at times increase. However, when the prey is surrounded, each of trevally becomes for himself, so "a piece" is possible only to the largest and more experienced members of the species. Hunting these fish happens early morning when they are the most agile and active.

As soon As karancsi reach adulthood, their flocks break up and each fish lives further apart.

These representatives Lavrinovich predators and feed on other marine life. The purpose of their attacks are small fishes, cephalopods and some crustaceans.

Karancsi able to migrate in certain seasons. Their movement is 30 km South of the permanent place of their habitat, and young representatives can cover distances 70 km giant trevally

Extraction of karanxha

Fishing diamond karanka is on an industrial scale. Every year fish hunting brings from 4 to 10 tonnes of catch. But such performance does not threaten the number of sea representatives, at least at this stage.

At seaside resorts there are away fishing for the tourists who are in the open sea. There is a fishing giant trevallies, sometimes even in a competitive form - on production of the largest fish.

The fish, tourists can take in the resort's restaurant, where he will cook using various recipes.trevally fish

Fishing for giant karanka

Relaxing in the hot countries of the red sea, an avid fisherman just can't miss this kind of entertainment, like fishing. Fishing giant karanka is not a quiet event, but a real extreme and test their strength.

Since this fish has a huge weight and length, and the fishing is not carried out using conventional fishing rods. The technique, which is used for fishing, called trolling or casting.

The Lure, which mostly lure fish, called Popper. One of the successful ways of fishing is casting the right bait. Of trevally instantly responds to the sound of a Popper on the surface of the water and immediately seeks to its source.

Of Course, for beginners, before leaving on a fishing trip will be a detailed briefing where experienced fishermen will tell you about all the intricacies of hunting for the fish.

Fishing for giant karanka the strength to cope only men. Since this activity requires considerable physical strength and dexterity. As such, the representative stavretovic, having fallen for the bait, starts with NEGURA force to spin and bend. By such action the fisherman can throw overboard so we need the ability to adequately resist the attempts of karanka to escape.

It Often happens that the fishermen who caught the prey, take photos with the fish karanka and let her go back.

Cuisine of karanxha

The Most popular recipe of fish karanka is "Julien". Enjoy this dish at restaurants resort hotcountries where the fish are caught and professionally prepared. Examples of such resorts include Thailand, Hawaii, Egypt.

You Can prepare a “Julien of karanxha with shrimp” in home dishes, and with ease, because the recipe is simple. The main thing - to find on the shelves of Russian fish carcass.

For the dish you will need:

  • Fish, trevally — 300 g;
  • Shrimp — 300 g;
  • Cream   50ml;
  • Cheese-100 g;
  • Parsley-1 bunch.


Carancas cut into pieces. Shrimp, already cooked, spread on the bottom of the ramekins. They poured the cream and placed on top of sliced fish. Again pour all the cream. Salt and pepper. Sprinkle with grated cheese and send in a clay pot in the oven. Cook for 15 minutes at 200⁰С. Ready julienne served with sprinkle with parsley. trevally fish recipes

Of Trevally has become a favorite fish of Russian citizens. Her filet fried, baked, and smoked. Meat is tender and delicious.

Attractive, impressive with its size fish of the family Lavrinovich is a real test of men in physical strength and agility. So, while vacationing in Thailand, Hawaii or Africa, is to go on an exotic fishing trip, which takes place in the form of competition. And no matter what size or was caught fish, trevally - it will be a real trophy.

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