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Kim Amaev known is the father of the famous Russian TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, who became famous in the popular project "Dom-2". At the same time, in certain circles he is known as the largest and most influential criminal authority. Many associate his name with the notorious Grandfather, Hassan. At least last time in the pages of the media Amaev "lit up" when he was arrested at the Wake of Ded Hasan, who was considered the head of a large criminal Empire in Russia.

Biography of mafia boss

Kim Amaev

Just say that about the past Kim Amoeba known to very few. This is not surprising. Such people usually conceal the circumstances of his life, and presenter Ksenia Borodina, which became a public person, communicates with him throughout the greater part of his life.

It is known that the Armenian Amoeba Kim Gamevice, whose biography is given in this article, March 8, 1983 born daughter. It was named Xenia. This joyous event took place in Moscow.

Father Borodina Kim Amaev

Wife Kim Amoeba was Inna bulatovna Borodin. When Xenia was just one year old, parents who have not found a common language in family life, divorced.

After that, mother Borodina married again, this time for the architect and a prominent businessman from Italy, who owned a construction company. She went to Western Europe, leaving the daughter in the care of his mother Galina Ivanovna and her husband bilalovich of Bulama, which was for the little girl's mom not his own father, and stepfather.

In the 90s mother Borodina lived in Italy, and in Russia, daughters and parents sent numerous gifts that helped to survive a little Xenia with her grandmother and her husband. When she grew up, she began to frequent in Italy and even became friends with his stepfather.


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Relationship with the biological father

Photo of Kim Amoeba

The Biological father of the girl Kim Amaev, a biography which you can read in this article had little contact with her daughter after she was born. While she was little, they were still seen from time to time. But at 16 she waited for him for four hours, and he never came. After that Kseniya has decided to remove Amoeba of his life.

Xenia had him hurt. Even experienced, that is the name Amoeba. As soon as she turned 18 years old girl using the age of majority, took the mother's surname, becoming Borodina. Resentment at his father and not passed.

Biography Amoeba Kim Gamevice

Despite the name change, and now one can see a portrait likeness of the Xenia and her biological father Kim Amoeba. Photo of crime boss you will find in this article. Many of the features she definitely took over from him.

In an interview with reporters, Borodin refuses to talk about his father, for it is a taboo subject. Moreover, all the conjectures of ill-wishers about the fact that the girl television career helped organize influential relatives, is not likely to have any Foundation. Kim Amaev although considered authoritative, influential person in the criminal world, but has no relations with his family, and those only this and excited.

In the criminal chronicle

Father Borodina Kim Amaev because so influential in the criminal world that many associate him with his Grandfather, Hassan, indicating even their kinship.

In the center of a media scandal Amaev was in February 2013, when he was detained by law enforcement officers at the funeral of his Grandfather Hassan.

The Latter is a crime boss and thief in law, whose real name is Aslan Usoyan. It is considered to be a major culprit, which has managed to expand its influence in the criminal world in the territory of almost whole of the former Soviet Union, and a significant part of Western Europe.

The Authority Usoyan

Many noted that he held conservative views on the structure of the criminal community, respecting the code of unwritten rules of the underworld. It is often attracted as a kind of arbitrator in solving various conflicts in the criminal environment.

The clan was one of the most famous and powerful in Russia. Took part in several wars that ensued after the collapse of the Union. In the Usoyan is the place of the assassination. In 2010 he was fired from a Kalashnikov assault rifle in Moscow, on Tverskaya street. Usoyan was wounded in the abdomen, but survived.

In 2013, he was still killed. In the courtyard of the restaurant "Old Phaeton" he was shot in the head with a rifle.

It is known that Amaev was a relative Usoyan, like several other well-known crime bosses - Yuri Usoyan, Timur Kaloi, Tengiz Michael, Temuri Mirzoyev.

Commemoration at Santa Hassan

Biography Kim Amoeba

Usoyan was killed on January 16. Soon after that they organized a gathering of crime bosses. The meeting of the gangsters was to be held on site Kornston,now known as the former hotel "Eaglet", which is located on Kosygin street. The authorities decided to gather for 40 days after killing their leader.

Among the detainees was a distant relative Usoyan - Kim Amaev, who at that time was 72 years old. Along with dozens of other detainees he was taken to the Department of the Moscow police. There I was photographed, fingerprinted, thoroughly checked for involvement in previously committed crimes.

The Whole process took several hours, after which Amoeba, like all the others, was released as officially present they had nothing.

According to operational data, the leaders of the criminal world planned to discuss the current issues of life of Usoyan's criminal Empire, appeared beheaded after his death. The event was planned by around a thousand people. They settled in the biggest room of the restaurant, taking more than a hundred tables.

An hour after supper went into the building armed people in masks and people in civilian clothes. According to the official report of the Moscow GU Ministry of internal Affairs, law enforcement officers were prevented the gathering of criminal authorities.

All were about 70 people.

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Significantly on the relationship between Avivim and Usoyan unknown. According to some assumptions, he is a distant relative of the wife of one of his sons Nodari Usoyan. We are talking about Inge Nodari, who is co-owner of several commercial companies.

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