Turkish actress, Neslihan, Athul: biography, personal life, filmography


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“All I have left of you”, “Black love”, “leaf fall”, “First love”, “the Two faces of Istanbul’ - movies and TV shows that have gained prominence, Neslihan, Athul. Biography of the star suggests that his first role she played as a teenager. What is the history of the Turkish actress?

Neslihan, Athul: biography of a star

The Girl, which first became known thanks to Comedy drama “First love" was born in Istanbul. It happened in August 1992. Biography of Neslihan, Athul indicates that she was born in a poor family. The father of the future star worked as a chauffeur and his mother looked after the house and children.

neslihan, athul biography

The Beauty of Neslihan fascinated passers-by when she was a child. Due to this, the girl's mother realized that her daughter is destined to a bright future. She got a career, Neslihan, began to drive her on acting auditions and modeling agencies. The efforts of women to succeed, at the age of eight years, the future star appeared in the promotional video. Further, Neslihan signed a contract with the prestigious Turkish modeling Agency, became involved in the promotion of well-known brands such as Sutas, Valenza Kids.

First role

From the biography of Neslihan, Athul that she first came to the set in 2006. The young actress made her debut in Comedy drama “First love" tells the story of a large family. The girl performed even minor but vivid role, Bahar.


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neslihan, athul movies

Following the achievement of aspiring actress – shooting in the TV show “leaf fall”. Neslihan appeared in more than thirty episodes of this "soap Opera" embodying the image of Denise.

The First success inspired beauty. Biography of Neslihan, Athul suggests that after high school she continued her education at the theatre faculty of the Istanbul University. Aspiring actress realized that to succeed in their chosen profession without special knowledge it will not succeed.

From obscurity to fame

In 2011, Athul returned to the set. The young actress went to one of the key roles in the TV series “father”, which, unfortunately, have not had much success with the audience. In the same year she embodied the image of a secondary character in the TV show ‘Life goes on”. This "soap Opera" tells the story of a teenage girl, faced with real adult problems.

neslihan, athul personal life

In 2012, Turkish actress, Neslihan, Athul became a star. This happened due to the Turkish-German tape “Purgatory” in which she played a key role. The protagonists lead monotonous lives, which are immersed in the abyss of depression. The husband and wife work for the hated work, while away the evenings watching TV serials. Of course, they dream of escape from the boring routine, and one day it happens. However, the new life is not so cloudless as it was represented the couple in their dreams.


Of Course, the above are far from all the main roles, Neslihan, Athul. In 2013, the court audience was presented the TV show “the Two faces of Istanbul". The series tells about the events taking place in a poor quarter of Istanbul. One of its occupants is a girl named Neriman, an image which embodied Tagul. The heroine was orphaned as a child, grew up in a family distant relatives. She was tired from the surrounding poverty, betrayed dreams of a beautiful life, wealth. Have fallen in love with her guy with average income have no chance to win the heart of aspiring beauties.

neslihan, athul starring

Of Course, not only in the long-running television removed, Neslihan, Athul. Films with her participation is also worthy of attention of fans. In addition to the “First love” and “Purgatory” the girl played in the film “All I have left of you”. In this melodrama, presented to the court audience in 2015, the actress got the role of a modest lady by the name of elif. The life of the protagonist is changing rapidly after she meets her first love. The guy who once captured her heart, is heir to a huge fortune. He needs the assistance of the elif in order to get their money.

What else to look at?

Where else to 25 years managed to pull of Neslihan, Tagul, movies and TV shows which is discussed in the article? Key role the actress got in the TV show "Black love". The series tells the story of young men and women from different backgrounds who fall in love with each other despite everything.

Turkish actress, neslihan, Tagul

In this series, Athul embodied the image of Nikon. Her character – the daughter of a wealthy businessman who suddenly finds himself on the verge of bankruptcy. She falls in love with the son of a Barber, Kemal, however, the father tries to force her daughter to the wedding with the heir of his companion, selfish, and immoral by the Emir.

Love family

Personal life, Neslihan, Athul takes her fans as much as movies and TV shows in which she managed to appear in 25 years. The beautiful actress was always surrounded byfans who wanted to win her hand and heart. However, her true love she met only in 2013. While working on the TV show “the Two faces of Istanbul", Neslihan fell in love with his colleague - Qadir Dogulu. Russian audience that people remember from the television series “Magnificent century. Empire Kesem”. This sensational TV show he embodied the image of Mehmet Girey.

The Actor is older than girls for ten years, however, the lovers ' age difference is not confused. Kadir and Neslihan found that they have much in common. The actors come from ordinary families, accustomed to modesty and do not suffer from arrogance. Also they are United by a common passion – travel. In 2015 came the news that Kadir has made his beloved proposal, which she accepted. The young people were married in July 2016. The marriage ceremony was gorgeous, the invitations were sent to more than two hundred people. Kadir and Neslihan were going to get married sooner, but the wedding was postponed to a later date due to the unexpected death of the bride's father.

Athul and Dogulu has not yet had time to become parents. At the moment young people focus on their careers, which is developing successfully. However, the husband and wife do not hide from the fans that are going in the future to have many children.

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