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Today we can't imagine our life without aviation. The first passenger flights took place in 1908, and the first airline that flew on schedule, was created in 1914 For the past hundred years, the entire planet girded the network airlines and the beginning of the 21st century on earth there are already about 44,000 airports. In large cities this is a huge complex-air hub. Key features of any of them, they are: passenger traffic, cargo turnover, the area of the runways. Annually an independent organization is the largest of the stations and determine what is the largest airport in the world. The main indicators for this is considered to be the number of passengers and cargo, because even large areas can be used effectively.

Haneda, Tokyo

This complex is in the top largest airports in the world. In 2017 it is ranked in the top fifth. Annually, it serves 60 million passengers. In Tokyo, the major international flights go through the other airfield and Haneda receives a large number of domestic flights. Overseas flights to Seoul, Shanghai, Honolulu, Paris, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. The airport has a hotel for passengers and located in the vicinity of several hotels.

Haneda airport

International airport On’'hare in Chicago

The complex is located 29 km North-West of Chicago. Today, he is fourth in the ranking of airports. Not so long ago was ranked first, but numerous delays have deprived him of this title. The airport has seven runways for take-off, but at the same time they cannot be used, since some of them overlap. Here there are nine rooms, there are four sectors. Passenger service is superbly designed. It is also very popular with filmmakers. Here were filmed scenes for the movie "home Alone". Air Harbor in Chicago takes 77 million passengers per year.


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Airport in Chicago

Dubai international airport

It company in Dubai in recent years is developing rapidly. It is a ten minute drive from downtown and is home to a major airline "Emirates", in use where the large number of Boeing. At the airfield, four passenger and one cargo terminal. There is a special Department for the believers. To operate two runways. In 2017, the hub handled 83 million passengers, and has moved into third place in the ranking.

Dubai, additionally, the largest airport in the world by area. It is 3.5 hectares and the area of the terminal more than 1 million sq. m. to Move between them falls on the subway. The terminals are located five-star rooms, entertainment centers, SPA, gyms.

airport in Dubai

Beijing capital international airport in Beijing

The Beijing Hub was opened in 1958 and was reconstructed several times. In Asia it is the largest. Over the past year, its services were used by 90 million customers. The airport has three terminals, which are located more than 80 food outlets. The administration closely monitored the prices were not above the city. Runway can accept aircraft of all sizes. Between the terminals constantly ply buses. The city airport is linked by high speed route. The path to the city takes 40 min. the Third place in the rating of this host is well deserved.

Beijing Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta

It is the largest airport in the world by passenger traffic in 2017 Through it passed 104 million people. It is about a third of the population of the United States. The airport is about 10 km from Atlanta, capital of Georgia. To him also belongs the first place in number of takeoffs and landings. Five runways constantly busy. There are flights in all directions within the country and abroad. The airport is named in honor of two people: William Hatfield (its founder) and mayor Maynard Jackson. To services of visitors two terminals are constantly working shops, cafes, hotels, children's area, relaxation area. Between terminals there is an underground passage, which every two minutes buses. Transitions include moving sidewalks. Today it is the largest airport in the world.

the Atlanta airport


No Russian airport terminal is not included in the top largest airports in the world. The two largest Moscow airport Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo is respectively 58 and 69 seats. Sheremetyevo was opened in 1959 and several times reconstructed capital. On the territory there are six terminals. Their total area is 500 sq m. the Airport is a first class property. From Sheremetyevo flies the most flights abroad. It can accept planes of any class. In 2017 have passed through 34 million passengers. The world Cup is being built a new runway length of 3,200 meters.


Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the second busiest in Russia. It was opened in 1964 and In 1999 began its reconstruction. As part of these reforms has been completely changed the whole complex, which opened in 2000, 2004 and 2008 was the modernization of passenger terminals, in which the surface has been increased to 500 thousand sq. m. In 2011, he was recognized as the best airport in Eastern Europe. The world Cup will open a new area of the passenger terminal with an atrium and three panoramic elevators. Built multi-level Parking and a new runway. In 2017 the services of Domodedovo have used 28.5 million passengers.

We are currently in active construction and reconstruction of airports in the cities of Russia, which will host the world Cup 2018. It is expected that they will take more than a million fans and guests from all over the world.

Interesting airports

In a world of many aerocomplex, surprising their uniqueness, although they are not included in the 10 biggest airports in the world. In Osaka Japanese, the terminal has been located in the city and could no longer cope with the required load. Near the city it was impossible to find space for new construction, so the area was formed artificially. Into the sea was specially filled with the soil and created an island. Implemented a giant engineering challenge. Kansai airport had a successful launch. In the design it was assumed that the island will sink into the sea, but the speed of immersion was much higher. In 1994 the island was submerged by 50 cm, the Government is actively fighting this and now the speed decreased significantly. Passengers these problems do not notice. But spectacular landing in the sea is impossible to forget.

airport in the sea

The international airport of Gibraltar is located on a narrow sandy isthmus. With two sides of the runway abuts the sea, the Strait of Gibraltar. Its length is only 1680 m. This limits the types of aircraft that can fly there. In addition, the runway crosses a car track. During take-off or landing of aircraft, the route overlaps with a barrier. Drivers can enjoy the view of taking off or coming in for a landing air giants.

On the island of Madeira in Portugal, the airport was built on a special trestle. Pilots experience the thrill during takeoff or landing on a narrow strip on one side of which the sea and mountains.

Madeira Airport

Airport in Sochi

In Russia, the Sochi airport is one of the most difficult for pilots. It is situated between the sea and the mountains. To land there only from the sea. Over the mountains the plane can not go to the second round, if necessary. A strong side wind, the proximity of the sea greatly complicate the work of the crew. 25 Dec 2016 crashed TU-154 of the Ministry of defense sent to Latakia. He crashed into the sea after 70 seconds of flight. The crash killed 92 people. Among the dead were Elizabeth Glinka (Dr. Lisa) and the musicians of the ensemble. Alexandrov, headed by Director V. M. Khalilov.

The Ratings of airports are constantly changing. The air gates are built, expanded, moderniziriruyutsya. The question what is the biggest airport in the world, every year there are different answers.

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