Georgian female name: anthropological history


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Any female Georgian name has a long history with a great interweaving of the cultures of other countries. We can say that this nation has absorbed all the best that was offered to him by other people of the continent in particular and the planet in General. However, there is in this and disadvantages, which are that native indigenous culture in the formation of names is not actually observed. Of course, used language features, but mainly all the kids called the kids of Europe, Russia or, for example, Byzantium.Georgian female name

Reflected in the names of the complex history of Georgia

Each of the women's Georgian name, as well, and male, reflects a quite complex path in the history of this nation. A special role should be allocated to religion, since early adoption of the Christian religion affected the culture, and quite strongly. Despite the fact that the birth of the Georgian kids were called so, as in other countries, the native tradition is still present. We have to consider all these issues in more detail.

Georgian Foreign origin of names

Throughout the history of the peoples of Georgia is always good and was closely associated with the population of neighbouring States. This could not affect antrGeorgian female namesOpenmike. Any female Georgian name for the moment has not only native but also foreign history. A significant contribution is observed from the side of the Arab Caliphate and Iran. First, in forming the names of the participated Persian literature. They have been taken from different works, the most popular at the time. As example, the names Layla or Rusudani. Later, when the country came to Christianity, it also made changes to the anthroponyms. Were used the names of saints written in the Bible.

The different of the same names

Georgia experienced another quite interesting trend. Since the country attended the interweaving of cultures, it seemed that Georgian female names are abundant. However, in reality, everything was completely different. Georgian female name simply a few different forms. For example, one girl could call Nina and the other – Nino. And it was believed that both these name are different from each other. Though actually one of them has changed because of the norms of language, and the other remained in its original condition. In addition, the short names are also the place to be. And they, too, are new.

Naming in the native language

The Presence of other traditions does not mean that female Georgian name was compiled only when using other languages, met and national. In an example, “was Sekala”, which means “Sunny girl” or “Tsira” - “maiden”. Interesting fGeorgian female names beautifulThe act lies in the fact that the world renowned and often used the name “Hope” (in Georgian it sounds like "Imedi"), was not feminine, but masculine. I should add that it was popular a few centuries ago, its frequent use has been observed to date.

One thing is certain: Georgian female names – beautiful, despite the fact that they are far from traditional culture. After all, it's not how people name their children, but directly in the education, love and care. These important factors name any way can not affect.

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