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Maggie Lawson is an American film and television actress, who won international fame for her role as Juliet O’Hara in the detective series Psych. Other popular movies with her participation - "Nancy drew", "the Cleaner," "Two and a half men".

Maggie Lawson


The Future actress was born in Louisville. Her mother Judy is a housewife and father Mike Lawson - Manager of the hotel. Maggie studied at Catholic school for girls.

In 16 years, our heroine realized that she wanted to become an actress, so I started to find all sorts of auditions to get at least a small role.

Maggie Lawson movies


Maggie Lawson first appeared on screens in 1996, playing Kim in the teen sitcom Hang Time. This was followed by a more prominent role in another sitcom "Unhappy together".

In 2002, the actress was chosen for the lead role in the children's adventure film "Nancy drew". From the audience the film received mixed reviews. Among the main disadvantages of the picture mentioned a simple script and too much romance where a detective element has faded into the background.

In the same year, Maggie Lawson received a supporting role in the science fiction television series "Smallville". The TV series was a huge success in the US, Canada and Europe. More than 8 million moviegoers worldwide have seen "Smallville".

The Most important role in her career, the actress received in 2006, after a successful audition for the role of detective Juliet O’Hara in the TV series Psych. In multiserial film also played James Rodey and Dule hill. In just 8 years it has been filmed 8 seasons of psych. The eighth season was the final due to a significant fall in ratings.

In 2007, the actress starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes in the Thriller "the Cleaner" Director Renny Harlin. The film found its fans, but hardly the most successful in the career of Lawson. Critics, despite a good cast, found the tape tightened and meaningless.


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James rodey and Maggie Lawson

In 2010, Lawson had performed a cameo role in the sci-Fi movie Brand Neveldine and Brian Taylor's "Gamer". Maggie had the opportunity to work with such Hollywood stars like Gerard Butler, Alison Lohman and amber Valletta.

In 2014, the actress started work on the Comedy series "Two and a half men", the shooting of which was completed in 2015. Maggie played the role of miss was mcmartin, her character appearing in 12 episodes of the series.

One of the most famous movies of Maggie Lawson - crime drama "Justice". The series was not only warmly received by the critics, but is popular among the audience. Only it looked more than 4 million people.

Despite the fact that in the filmography of the actress there are films of many genres, she prefers to act in Comedy television series. Fans could also see her in the situation comedies "angel from hell", "four walls", "Back in the game" and "Everything is relative".

Maggie Lawson

Personal life

In 2006 on the set of the television series "Psych" actress met James Rodagem, starring. James Rodey and Maggie Lawson met 8 years - from 2006 to 2014, until the end of the joint work on the series.

In August, 2015 Maggie Lawson married actor Ben Koldyke. The wedding ceremony was held on the family ranch Ben in Las Vegas.

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