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Verkhnyaya Pyshma – a satellite town of the Ural capital of Ekaterinburg, located to the North of it. Founded three centuries ago, the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma after world war II is the focus of several large industrial enterprises, as well as the base city of the Ural mining and metallurgical company (UMMC).

Museum of military vehicles in Pyshma

But lately, Verkhnyaya Pyshma known and magnificent Museum complex of military and civilian equipment designed to pay tribute to the eternal memory of the heroes of our country.

How the Museum was created “Battle glory of the Urals”

The Opening of the Museum of military equipment in Pyshma is considered to be the year 2005, on may 9.

The Museum is located at the plant “Uralelektromed”, but rather at the Central entrance of the plant, near the memorial Playground “Crane”.

At the suggestion of several war veterans to the leadership of UMMC on the establishment of the memorial complex in honor of the factory workers who died in the war, UMMC-holding and JSC «Uralelektromed” with the support of the Military Council of the Volga-Ural district acquired the first models of military equipment.

Pyshma Museum of military equipment

And So was born the idea of creating a Museum of military equipment in Pyshma under the open sky. Gradually there were new pieces of military equipment, and exactly one year later, on may 9, opened a Museum complex under the open sky.

Pearl UMMC. Museum of military equipment of Upper Pyshma

Finding more and more instances of different types of vehicles and equipment, both military and peaceful purposes, the Museum “Battle glory of the Urals” became one of the largest among similar museums not only in Ural region but in Russia in General.

A Huge square under the open sky in Pyshma Museum of military equipment organized in thematic platforms. Each site deserves a detailed scrutiny. Here are the podiums of technology the post-war era and WWII as artillery, armored vehicles, naval machinery, self-propelled artillery, engineering machinery, marine artillery, missile launchers, rocket systems of volley fire, railway appliances, and more.


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Pyshma Museum of military equipment address

Automotive engineering

Not so long ago, in April 2016, at the Museum of military equipment in Pyshma, the opening of the Museum of automotive technology.

In the exposition of the Museum includes over two hundred units of various vehicles, a large part of the collection of Soviet cars of the Museum of military equipment to the UMMC. The exhibits you can trace the history of the development of the domestic automobile industry. Here you will see the car as mass production and small-scale models, and some specimens are rare rarities.

In addition to Soviet cars in the Museum are rare instances of foreign vehicles that served as a prototype of some Soviet machines. Also in the Museum collection presents motorcycles of domestic and foreign production. Unique motorcycles ever since the war of 1914-1918 deserve special attention. Bought abroad, these motorcycles served in the army of Soviet Russia.

Pyshma Museum of military vehicles photo

Also part of the exhibition is a sports equipment represented by racing cars and sports motorcycles. No less amazing exhibit is the representative of the air transport – biplane of the early twentieth century, high-speed pleasure boat, bicycles and much more.

Exhibition hall

In Addition to the open catwalks, the Museum of military equipment in Pyshma offers a three-storey exhibition center, built specifically for vehicles, equipment and other collection pieces that cannot tolerate temperature fluctuations and require careful attitude.

The building of the pavilion, built in the neoclassical style, or this style - Stalin's Empire style, its design and interior is designed to bring distant military era of the mid-twentieth century.

To visit the historical Museum students provided interactive tours in which visually presents the historical events of our homeland. These excursions are an integral part of the education of patriotism and feelings of debt to the heroic generation of that time.

7 thousand square meters of the exhibition center there are several thousand unique Museum exhibits on various topics (from military equipment and aircraft, to insignia and military headgear).

Floors history

A visit to the exhibition centre, it is recommended to start from the first floor. Here are cars for different purposes – and medical, military and General passenger cars, trucks, and cook, and even water amphibious vehicles.

Museum of Pyshma military equipment

The Second floor is devoted to the history of domestic cars mostly post-war period. Apart from cars there are also a variety of motorcycles, motorized wheelchairs and scooters.

On the third floor there is an exposition telling about the history of military awards of Russia, the history of military uniforms and smallweapons. Some of the exhibits are not in the Museum collection, but the model here can be seen using a special holographic installations. Also available in Pyshma (the Museum of military equipment) photo exhibits of various old machinery. And on the third floor offers a magnificent overview of the models of aircraft, located under the roof of glass.

Of Course, a visit to the exhibition centre, will be several times more interesting, if you can take a tour and talk about the exhibits guide.


Just one year the efforts of the staff of the Museum and with the help of the Sverdlovsk railway on the territory of the Museum increased the exhibition train station. In 2015, on the feast of Victory, held its opening.

The station has five trains with such designs of rolling stock, as passenger cars, van, tank, two-and four-axle platform and armored train progress.

Recreated from photographs of the railway, the exhibition is a full-size layout of the station Node. Here you can see the main elements of the railway equipment for more than half a century ago, namely the water tower, water pumps, cranes for loading coal.

UMMC Museum of military equipment Verkhnyaya Pyshma

In filling the Museum's collection of railway artifacts, many of which are rare and in their delivery, the active involvement of railway employees.

The Museum of military equipment in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. How to get there?

To visit this gorgeous Museum complex, it is best to come to Ekaterinburg. The boundaries between the towns are almost there. The borders of Yekaterinburg flow smoothly into the border of Upper Pyshma.

Located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma Museum of military equipment to the address: street Alexander Kozitsyn, the house 2. If you get from Yekaterinburg public transport, you need from the metro station “the Avenue of Cosmonauts" take Shuttle bus 111 or 111A, go to the stop “Metallurgists” or as it is now – ‘a Museum of military equipment".

Museum of military vehicles Verkhnyaya Pyshma how to get

To get to the Museum by car is even easier & ndash; leaving the Avenue of Cosmonauts in Serovskiy tract, which is following the road sign you will reach the Top Pyshma in 15-20 minutes. The Parking area is more than 200 Parking spaces, so Parking difficulties should not be.

The Museum of Pyshma military equipment, the operation mode which is a five-day (working days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and weekends – Monday and Tuesday) open from 10.00 to 18.00.

Please note that the Museum of automotive technology is located on the territory of the plant “Uralelektromed”. For those wishing to visit it with an open area of the Museum runs special buses.

Optional activities

The Museum offers unusual entertainment in the highest level. For example, laser shooting you can feel the shot and try different types of weapons.

Tank simulator will help you to feel a tanker is no worse than in the famous computer game. In a special 5D-simulation study even the cadets of tank school.

In formal modeling for the younger Museum visitors can simulate their own self-propelled guns and armored vehicles.

At the Museum café, and in the warm season you can even try military field mess.

To come to the Museum of military equipment could and should be more than once. Each time examining the exhibits, which are regularly replenished, you can get a special history that is closely intertwined with the history of our country. The diversity and abundance of cars is so great that can impress even demanding guests, not to mention the children. By the way, after all, created the Museum just for them - for future generations.

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