The philosopher: how is it valuable?


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What is interesting in this phenomenon, as the philosopher? Man is probably the only being on planet Earth that yearns to understand his own life and himself. Philosophy is a knowledge and worldview that can sort through and rationally determine all of these complex phenomena. But that's not all. Philosophy is reduced to rationalism. She is in the same plane as faith, feelings, beliefs. Just a philosopher can do everything to prove it.


Besides, every thinker has always been convinced of the correctness and errors of others, and proving that his opinion carries the truth and the delusion. But anyway, this is a special form of description and definition. Try to consider it.

The philosopher as worldview

Speeches, aphorisms and statements of thinkers – this is not always a system of views on the world, but rather, the manifestation of active self-determination of the person who is looking for his way. Moreover, this search is often a goal as such. Andre Gide advises to trust people who seek truth, but be very cautious about those who claim to have already found her. Isn't there a kind of echo of the speeches of Buddha (which is also often perceived as a philosopher and not only as a religious figure) about the fact that happiness itself is the path. The road to this Paradise does not exist.

Saying of the philosophers of lifeThe philosopher as understanding

Quite often quotes from the great thinkers of antiquity constitute advice to other people about how to relate to reality. It happens that they look the direction of people who already had seen everything in his lifetime to those who can't deal with the turmoil. This is especially true for philosophers of antiquity. "None of us encounters in his life nothing that would carry," - says Marcus Aurelius. He seemed echoed by Pythagoras in his, this time far from mathematics that any need is also a possibility of anything. On the other hand, philosophers of the modern era is often criticized ancient in humility before despair, preferring rebellion and sacrifice, such as Camus.


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Statements of philosophers about life

Saying of the philosophers about manMany thinkers believed that man was always interested in the meaning of his existence in this world. Eat, drink and be merry, forgetting that tomorrow we will die – that is, from the point of view of philosophers, the desire to stick his head in the sand. The meaning of life – it is a very complicated thing. This is not knowledge. No wonder the philosopher Mamardashvili spoke about that person sooner or later reaches a certain point where knowledge is powerless. And then he goes to look for meaning. There are many quotations, which show that the philosophers believed that man himself creates the content of his life, he creates art. For example, Erich Fromm wrote that identity, its creation – the main thing in our biography. Every person has some potential. And life is given to him to implement it.

Statements of philosophers about the person

– a strange creature, and at the same time, worthy of veneration. So thought the philosophers of the Renaissance. "People could fall below the demons, the angels fly above", - says Pico della Mirandola. On the other hand, why are there evil people, fools, scum? Socrates was convinced that a bad man does bad things does not is based. He does so without any benefit, according to some internal prompting. People who do not Shine with intelligence, according to Wilson Mizner, always like to say that they are not stupid. Quite an interesting statement on this subject is the conclusion, though not a professional philosopher, but a writer, that man is like the moon. He always is there a dark side. However, from time to time it is not visible.

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