Minerals in the Novosibirsk region: description, list, titles and field


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Minerals Novosibirsk region are quite numerous: all areas are operated 83 field of 523 have been explored. There is coal - and coking, and high quality anthracite, there is a refractory clay. A lot of peat, but it is not yet extracted. There is oil, gas, nonferrous metals and gold.

mineral resources of the Novosibirsk region


Only in Gorlovka pool of proven, high-quality anthracites nearly a billion tons, and even optimistic forecasts of 5.6 billion tons. Two coal-bearing basin - Doroninskoe and Zav, where the coal too much. Since 2007, the year the Novosibirsk coal scout and develop licensing OOO "best" and JSC "Region-oil". Mineral resources of the Novosibirsk region for the most part, mothballed and waiting for industrial development to start extraction.

Deposits of anthracite coal in Gorlovka pool is the only source of raw materials for all of Russia's Eastern regions, as these raw materials needs of the electrode industry. The largest Russian plant - NOVEZ (Novosibirsk electrode plant). This coal produces for the company ZAO "Siberian anthracite". Other mineral deposits in the Novosibirsk region, on coal, is not so widely developed.

what minerals are in the Novosibirsk region

Oil and natural gas

Seven oil fields discovered in the North-Western regions, but they are out of service posterino displayed, despite the fact that there is an abundance of minerals in the Novosibirsk region. List mestorozhdenii:

  • Verh-Tarskoe;
  • Vostochno-Tarskoe;
  • Maloichskoye;
  • Rakitinskoe;
  • Tai-Casscoe;
  • Vostochno-Mezhevskoi:
  • Vostochnoe.

One Deposit - Veselovskoe and gas. All the oil discovered in the region, high quality close to that of mark Brent. Occurrence of the most productive formations - an average of two and a half thousand meters. The largest field at the Verkh - Tarskoye, there are more than sixty percent of all the oil that is in the field. Operated only two Maloichskoye and Verkh-Tarskoye where probable reserves - over one hundred thirteen million tons.


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minerals Novosibirsk region names

Other minerals

Novosibirsk region got lucky with the reserves of peat - more than seven billion tons, but the cost of extraction and processing are too high, so peat deposits are almost not developed, most likely - yet.

Quite a large Deposit of ores of nonferrous metals discovered in the Novosibirsk region, there are approximately 1.7 million tons of titanium dioxide and 7.2 million tons of zirconium dioxide. Conducted exploration and development Filippovsky plot (ordynskoe zircon-ilmenite placer).

minerals Novosibirsk region list


Gold in the Novosibirsk region on industrial standards a bit - one Deposit of ore and twenty-four loose estimated at only seventeen tons. Both types of deposits and alluvial placers and gold-bearing weathering crust is suitable for open-pit mining. However, gold-bearing minerals in the Novosibirsk region they are not limited to: there is native gold - gold-quartz, gold-rare metal, gold-polymetallic, if we talk about the ore-formational types.

Prospected about forty tons, according to forecasts in the Northwest of the Salair ridge (Egorievsk zolotorudnoj district). Analysis of this resource base suggests that practically all of the placers are worked out and developed, and further development of gold mining is necessary to find and evaluate new deposits that are likely to be. And, of course, you need to master the gold deposits of the other commercial types. The more that the mining companies provided jobs only for the next few years, the future prospects of raw material base is very small.

mineral deposits in the Novosibirsk region

Marble, tin, aluminum

Decorative marble and other expensive stones facing increased demand in the amount of eight and a half million square meters contain the fossils of the Novosibirsk region. The names of the fields:

  • Petrescue (best field);
  • Shipunovskoe (mramorizovannogo limestone);
  • Serebrennikovskaya (the same).

Deposits are developed, OOO "Marble."

It is Difficult to list what minerals are in the Novosibirsk region, because a lot of them, but not all of them will be developed. For example, two melkorazmernyh small deposits of tin - Barlakskoe and Kolyvan - about six tons in total, clearly unprofitable: the average content in the tin-bearing placers casserite is about polugramma per cubic meter. Stand on the cadastral account and two deposits of bauxite - October and Christmas, where the balance of reserves - 2068 thousand tons. Stocks of aluminum in this ore is too small.

mineral resources of the Novosibirsk region

Cement, clay, glass

Black river field inIskitimskiy district has the reserves of cement raw materials: in the Northern area - 88900 thousand tons of limestone, Shale plot - 22083 thousands of tons of shales, in the southern sector - 38163 thousands of tons of limestone of the first category and 223776 thousand tons - the second. This field is being developed by ZAO "chernorechenskiy Kar".

And Refractory clay are available in four fields: Doroginskoe, Evsinskijj and Vassinskiy - refractory, and Ob - refractory. Here works, LLC "Universal" (Plant of ceramic products). Already included three small stockpiles of frac sand, they are about 8150 thousand tons of the first category and 875 thousand tons - the second. The right of using these subsoil is of LLC "Siberian industrial holding", who gave this right to a subsidiary company LLC "Mineral Group".

mineral resources of the Novosibirsk region


Deposits of building materials is usually the most common. In the Novosibirsk region accounted for only eighteen deposits of building stone, thirteen of them being exploited. Annual production is about two and a half million tons. It diabases, porphyrites, granites, limestones and other rocks. About the marble mentioned above, and clays. In total the entire resource base of minerals total distribution is more than sufficient for their own use and for neighboring areas. There are new geological prospecting and exploration of new sites of this raw material. Only construction Sands will not be developed, although the deposits are rich. Environmental reasons, since all of the deposits of sand are located in the valley and the river Obi.


In the field of very high water resources: mineral, thermal and fresh water obtained from ten thousand wells in more than half a million cubic meters daily. The forest Fund of the Novosibirsk region has a population of 4 490 000 ha, including coniferous species grow on the territory of the 977 300 hectares. Total timber reserves of the main forest-forming species can be proud of - it is estimated at 278 800 000 cubic meters.

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