Earthquake in Turkey and Greece broke the plans of holidaymakers


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The well-being of the beach season 2017 was violated adverse seismic situation on the Turkish and Greek coasts. After the June earthquakes in Turkey intensity of 6.3 points to a strong destruction befell the island of Lesbos (Greece), where one of the villages were destroyed, one person died and 15 were wounded. On 21 July, the resorts of the Aegean sea was rocked by a series of new aftershocks, causing more extensive damage and numerous casualties.

The Disaster

Bodrum is a popular Turkish holiday resort for foreigners and residents around the holidays and summer months. Barely started the Friday 21 July when the second half of the night the ground started to shake, and the city suffered a seismic shock force of 6.7 points. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Aegean sea on a ten-kilometer depth is approximately 10.3 km South-East of Bodrum and 16.2 km to the East of the popular among Europeans the Greek island of KOs. According to eyewitnesses, the first wave of the strongest earthquakes in Bodrum (Turkey) lasted ten seconds.

tsunami wave flooded the coast of Turkey and Greece

After the main seismic shock was followed by numerous aftershocks — lower intensity aftershocks, which there were more than twenty. At least 13 aftershocks (12 in Turkey and one in Greece) was shaken at resort areas for three hours. Five of them exceeded 4.0 points, and one aftershock at 1:52 am achieved 4.6 points. The earthquake caused a tsunami with waves of half a meter in height and 25 cm in amplitude.

Assessment of the earthquake

CNN Meteorologist Karen Matings on the same day reported that the earthquake intensity of 6.0 to 6.9 are classified as strong, and a relatively small depth of the hypocenter (10 km) classifies seismic shock of July 21 among the major. She also warned that aftershocks will continue for weeks, maybe months.


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distribution Map of seismic activity from the earthquake epicenter

The radius of the largest actions of seismic activity, there were about 900,000 people, feel the maximum force of the mainshock and several aftershocks. According to estimates automated reporting systems of earthquakes, 4.3 million people felt this earthquake in Turkey with different degrees of intensity.


The Most close to the epicenter of the earthquake localities have suffered different degrees of losses. The greatest damage, severe injuries and two deaths suffered by the Greek resort of KOs, despite the fact that he was from the epicenter farther than the coast of Turkey, where the earthquake caused much less damage. The tsunami wave flooded the beach Turkish and Greek hotels, in some areas have been damaged of the transmission network and gas distribution, due to overload any interruptions in mobile communications, in some places there were cracks and landslides on the roads. Because the aftershock lasted a long time, most of the tourists and the population of coastal cities spent the night on the streets, and some hospitals for the same reason, were evacuated.

effects of the earthquake in Turkey

Damage in Turkey

The Earthquake occurred at night when most of the tourists and the indigenous population were in the premises. Despite this loss of life and serious injuries followed. It is believed that the greatest damage suffered port resorts of Mugla and Bodrum, although closest to the epicentre of the settlement was the coastal town of Marmaris. Of the destroyed buildings in the Turkish cities were not reported and only minor damage, broken water mains, gas leaks and breakages of power lines.

Managing Mugla essengul Civelek said at a press conference that initial reports revealed no serious losses, and minor injuries affected a small number of people. The mayor of Mugla Osman Gurun said that the interruptions in the supply of electricity has affected some parts of the province, and the telcos have problems due to overuse. Bodrum mayor Mehmet Kocadon reported that the effects of the earthquake in Turkey resulted in small cracks in some old buildings, the damage to one road and breakage moored at the berths of boats. According to the research center Bogazici University in Turkey Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, in a country wounded 80 people without serious injuries and deaths are not registered.

Boats thrown huge waves after the earthquake

The Loss in Greece

The Island of KOs suffered the greatest casualties. According to the President of the Association of hotels of KOs Constants Svino, July 21, there were 200 000 tourists. The mayor of KOs, George Kiritsis, told local radio that the damage done won the main city, but the rest of the island, serious problems were observed. He confirmed that the collapsed old building, and the rubble of his crushed people, some of them wounded, two people were killed. All damaged buildings were mostly old, built before the introduction of registries for the construction of seismically dangerous regions.

destroyed by earthquake road

Jermain Defoe Halkidis, a regional government official in KOs, confirmed the information about the destruction in the city and added that injured more than 100 people. The representative of fire service of the city reported three of the wounded who managed to save from the collapse. Greek coast guard was informed about a port damages or termination for some time of operation of the ferry. According to reports in the Greek press among the damaged historic buildings and houses were collapsed the minaret of the Ottoman mosque Defterdar.

Fatal bar

Governor of the South Aegean region George Hadjimarkos told Greek TV channel "sky" on the death of two people. The death of 22-year-old Swede and a 39-year-old tourist from Turkey, when they were in the bar White Corner Club, which was located in a 1920 building construction. This place and a city district known for its bars, was very popular among tourists. After the first, most powerful push at 1:30 in the morning collapsed the roof of the White Corner Club, pinning the visitors. Some managed to run out, most were wounded. According to local police, another Swedish tourist, who was there, lost both legs.

Razrusheniya coastal cities

Seismic history

The Aegean region is one of the most seismically active in the world as it is at the intersection of several fault lines, including the Northern Anatolia. Because earthquakes with intensity of 5-7 points on the Turkish and Greek territory often. Last summer's earthquake in Turkey was forced to recall more scary and not-so-old tragedy.

  • 1903, in Turkey remember the two earthquakes. First, the strength of seven points in April shook Malazgirt, which led to the destruction of the 12,000 buildings, killing 3500 people. In may, the tremors reached 5.8 points, affected several villages and over a thousand people were killed.
  • 17 000 people were killed in 1999 when in the vicinity of the Izmit earthquake was recorded, which exceeded the intensity of seven. On 17 August, it ravaged the North-Western populated areas of the country, and particularly affected district of Istanbul. The same earthquake produced aftershocks intensity of 5.9 points in Greece, killing 143 people.
  • In October 2011 in the Turkish province of van has killed 600 people after a serious earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 and a number of strong aftershocks.
  • In 1912, 2800 people were injured, and 80 000 were left homeless after the August earthquake 7.4 points, after which there destroyed 25,000 buildings.
cracking facade Church

The Tragedy of 1999 forced a review of the valid construction regulations for Turkish regions affected by the earthquake. Now in Turkey built houses with seismic stability. Perhaps because the coast of this country suffered to a lesser extent than the Greek KOs.

August 2017

The Fifth of August underground push force of 5.3 points with a series of aftershocks which followed completed the summer season of earthquakes 2017. Again, the epicenter was in the Aegean sea near the Turkish city of Bodrum — 15 kilometres South-East of the city at a depth of 6.96 km, this time without casualties.

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