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The Park hotel Forest club «Partizan» is located in a picturesque and peaceful spot amid a pine forest. Guests will enjoy an unforgettable vacation year-round fishing and a lot of positive impressions.

“Guerrilla” living conditions

There are places where you want to return permanently. Park hotel «Partizan» - this is the place. It is unique for its originality and atmosphere in the club throughout the year. Everything here is decorated in the style of life of the guerrillas.

Park hotel Partizan

The Hotel is in a secluded area, closed from prying eyes. The territory of the country complex is very unusual. Around its perimeter you can see the network in disguise and captured Schmeisser machine guns. Lighting replace anti-tank, guests to relax instead of benches offer a seat on drawers for ammunition. Here you can even see the legendary "Blue bridge", which emphasizes the unique atmosphere of “guerrilla” life.

Park hotel «Partizan» Offers a rustic family vacation. Modern mini-hotel is always ready to accept new guests. Guests can enjoy views of the picturesque lake in the guerrilla headquarters with the fireplace or in the gazebo located on the shore.

The hotel has a guerrilla restaurant, guests can dine in secluded places: on the summer terrace or in the ‘Watchtower”, offering a beautiful view on the entire country club and lake.

Fishing for «Partizan»

Favorite men rest on the shore of scenic lake of the Park-hotel is laid out in detail. Wishing to acquire a fishing permit, which includes rental of the pier and the necessary tackle: fishing rod, spinning rod, bait, bait, a net, podatki, etc. Also included caught fish.


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Park hotel forest club Partizan

The Organizers of fishing guarantee a large catch. If for some reason the hotel did not catch any fish, what happens quite rarely, give him fresh fish in accordance with the cost of trips. For fish caught in excess of the limit specified in the waybill, will have to pay. There is a menu in which fixed rates.

The lake is stocked with trout, sturgeon, tench, catfish, sturgeon and carp. Fish here quite a lot, as from time to time by the importation of young animals. Fishing is available all year round. The lake is specially equipped to ensure that water did not freeze even in winter.

Park hotel «Partizan» provides all conditions for comfortable fishing. In the winter frosty day a fisherman can always warm up in the partisan headquarters. Chefs will prepare for a guest caught a fish in a special recipe on the grill or in the oven.

Park hotel forest club Partizan Bryansk

Events «partisan» site

Park hotel “Guerrillas” is not only suitable for recreation with family. Here you can arrange any family celebration, a festive party with friends, interesting corporate event, child's holiday, pleasant week-end, business training or seminar, a presentation, a unique photo shoot.

That can offer country club guests:

  • A Unique celebration in a peaceful and incredibly beautiful location within a 20-minute drive from the city.
  • Banquet can be arranged in special arched tent, which can accommodate 130 people.
  • Stylish and well-Groomed territory with forest lake and picturesque nature.
  • Guests can be deployed field kitchen.
  • Marriage registration can be located at a comfortable piers located above the water.
  • Restaurant meals, a varied menu of European cuisine, a grill menu.
  • Photo Shoot on site.
  • It is Possible to organize the event “turnkey”.
  • Rich show programs, musical and dance groups, talented hosts.
  • High-Quality sound and light, the music and projection equipment.
  • Quality design of the marquee and site, flowers.
  • If necessary, the Park hotel can provide transport.

Park hotel Partizan Bryansk prices

In the forest of the club «Partizan» it is possible to organize and conduct events of any size.

“Guerrilla” pricing

Guests are welcome throughout the year to come to Park-hotel «Partizan» (Bryansk), the prices here are set to the following:

  • Fishing (permit) – 1500 RUB.
  • Standard 2-bed room in a mini hotel – from 2000 RUB.
  • Parking Place for car free of charge.

How to reach

The City in which is located the Park hotel Forest club "Partizan" – Bryansk. This place is just 10 km away, near the Memorial complex. Travel is done by car, taxi or bus.

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