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When you change environmentally or food conditions, many birds fly away to warmer climes. This may be due to the peculiarities of their reproduction. These creatures have a high level of mobility that is inaccessible to other birds. This article considers the photos of migratory birds with names for kids, once learned, the child will be clearly to distinguish between species and determine which of them depart to spend the winter in warm countries, and which prefer a cold climate.

Migratory birds. Names for kids

This article identifies a variety of migratory birds. Titles for children and description will serve as the perfect opportunity to put the starting point of the development of the child in the ecological area of expertise. Due to this, from the very young age people will be able in their minds to lay the foundations of a new science.

Known migratory birds. Names for children of different ages

So, for migratory birds should include only those who in winter fly away to warmer climes. The fact that these creatures are warm-blooded (41 degrees – their body temperature is an average value). So they can easily keep active in the winter position. But the problem is that not all of them are able to get food in the cold season, because the cover of the earth's surface freezes, and eat the inhabitants of heaven need a lot as they expended energy is much higher than the mark, which is allowed in the warm season. This is the reason for parting with the Homeland and flights to the countries with a warm climate.

Photo of migratory birds with names for kids

The representatives of the discussed groups include: swallow, lapwing, song thrush, Skylark, Robin, Oriole, forest Pipit, Redstart, Whitethroat blackheads and many others. Besides the migratory birds, there are also sedentary (spend the winter in their native lands) and nomadic (travel, depending on the severity of the season) the inhabitants of heaven. Below will be described in detail and submitted photos of migratory birds names for children.


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In what order the birds fly?

It Should be noted that birds are leaving their homes gradually. In society it was found that the first plowing the wings of migratory birds (names of children below), which feed on insects (insectivores). It is important to note that such creatures usually sing very well.

In the process of long-term studies it was observed that migratory birds (titles for children; a list of the birds see below), such as the swift and the swallow, be the initial link in the opening of the season of farewell to the homeland. Then South fly water birds (e.g. swans). And this is not surprising, because all waters, without exception, are covered by ice immediately after when be the appropriate sub-zero temperature. Following the crane flies (which happens at the beginning of the first autumn month), followed by the rook.

The Final link in this list are geese and ducks (the second leaving edge after all). There are many cases when the ducks chose not to fly to the South of the country, and to remain in his native place. But this phenomenon only occurs if the freezing of their homes, pond. Therefore, the people were led what the ducks are on their tails frost and the winter.

Fundamental differences between migratory and migratory birds

Migratory birds (names for children (middle group): rook, Swan, duck, Nightingale, lark and others) discussed it in great detail. It remains only to draw a line of differences between them and nomadic living beings. So, migratory birds in any case prefer to leave their country with the onset of cold weather regardless of the different circumstances. They have genetically incorporated the flights, therefore, to contradict nature in this case is impossible.

Migratory birds (titles for kids) is a grouse, treecreeper, woodpecker, hazel grouse, black grouse, crossbill, Jay, titmouse, and many others.

Migratory birds. Names (list)

Migratory birds decide to fly them down South or not. This decision depends on the weather conditions in their native lands. If the winter promises to be warm, jackdaws, Siskins, grosbeaks, bullfinches, nuthatches and other members of this group will happily spend the winter at Home. But if they feel the severity of the approaching time of year, it will surely fly away to warmer climes (e.g., Sparrow will probably remain in its territory, if the place of residence – European part of Russia; in the case of Central Asia, he'll fly to distant India).

Principles of flight the birds

With the development of science, gathered a considerable amount of information about bird migration. In this section, you should find out how birds are guided and how are the pack during the flight.

For absolute navigation of the considered creatures during long-haul flights there is a guide magnetic field of the earth. That is, the Starling can return from the southern countries Home only with awareness of the direction of the North magnetic pole, in addition, it is able to freely determine his location and needed to return.

The Formation of flocks occurs in an interesting way, as the Central role in this process is played by the dynamics of the light and dark elements. The fact that birds are thus engaged in maintaining a certain level of density, need to collect the necessary information from their neighbors through generated at the gene level characters and actions.

Migratory birds. Titles for children. Rook as the most famous inhabitant of the sky of this group

From a huge variety of migratory birds holds a special place rook. That's why people call it a harbinger of winter. Arrives this the inhabitant of heaven by the middle of March and leave their homes only in late autumn (late October or early November).

Migratory birds. Titles for children. Rook

An Interesting feature of the rooks is the ability to simulate human speech, and this is one reason why the society he revered. Length of an adult bird is approximately 45 inches, but the weight you varies from 310 to 490 grams. Visually, the rook resembles a crow, but it differs in the relative slenderness and the surface of the feathers, which is endowed with not only black color, but still purple tint.

The Beak of the bird is very thin, but straight. This device allows you to easily find food from all sorts of places (for example, they can easily afford to get food from the ground). In nutrition, absolutely not fussy, they eat earthworms, rodents and so on.

As for benefits to society that bring considered poultry, it is, of course, great, because rooks – active eaters of pests flora. Among these caterpillars, bugs, rodents and others. And this is one of the reasons why people are crazy about rooks.

Swallow as one of the most common migratory birds

Most Likely, in the absence of evidence, one would think that such a small and fragile bird is able to travel great distances. But it is true, in addition, performs the process swallow twice a year. Although it should be noted that the flight for her is a great danger, it is therefore often swallow does not reach to the destination (could be the whole pack). Usually, this situation happens in the conditions of adverse weather.

Migratory birds names for children and description

The bird looks simply perfect, because of its elongated wings and a clear section of tail doing the trick. It is important to note that a swallow – the perfect inhabitant of heaven, because this bird rarely seen on earth. It is interesting that during the flight she can sleep, eat and even mate.

Species diversity swallows very broadly: in nature there are about 120 species. These denizens of the sky quickly get used to new conditions, which is why they can be found everywhere, except Australia and Antarctica. Swallows eat only insects, taking them out of the ground or finding in the bark of trees.

The Nightingale and the character of his life

As you can see from the article, all migratory birds (titles for children can be found in the process of reading) have fundamental differences. The last candidate for consideration is the Nightingale, popularly known as a great singer.

Migratory birds. Names for children (the middle group)

Why the Nightingale sings? The fact is that during this process the bird completely forgets about all the dangers that threaten her. It just lowers the wings down and enjoys his art (a good idea if people could get a similar result from singing!).

In Winter, the inhabitant of heaven flies in North Africa, and in the spring returned. Usually in mid-April, already have the opportunity to watch the Nightingale, because at this time appear the first insects – and the bird is able to eat. Nightingale weighs quite a bit, only 25 grams and its color is very dark brownish-grey tint. That is why the bird ...

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