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Moray – fish, not very attractive. It is not want to get involved, not even knowing about the danger of too close contact. But we'll still try to get close to her and get to know this mysterious and very interesting creature, surrounded by dark glory.

How does the Moray eel

The Fish, a photo of which you can read in this article is of a naked, decorated with an intricate pattern on the skin, devoid of scales and covered with a thick protective layer of mucus, small eyes and a huge mouth armed with long and very sharp teeth, – here is a brief description of the appearance of eels. Add to this the elongated and flattened laterally body, devoid of pectoral and pelvic fins, making it look like a snake.snake fish

Previously, it was believed that the teeth of Moray eels are poisonous in the same way as a snake, but researchers have found that this is incorrect. But the slime that covers the body of this amazing fish, saves her not only from germs and mechanical damage, but is poisonous. From contact with her on a human skin can be traces, as from a burn.

Interesting features

Murena-fish, with the different colors – it all depends on the habitat of this predator. Its camouflage coloration helps a fish blend in with the landscape. Even the inner side of the gums is covered with the same pattern as the leather, because the eels almost always keep the mouth open (to close it interfere with too long teeth).

Their victims Moray eel feels the smell at a great distance, but her vision is like night animal, almost not developed.bite Moray

To Swallow even a large piece, cut off this fish, it helps extra jaw, called a pharyngeal. It is located in the throat eels, and pushed forward as soon as the victim is dangerously close to the jaws of a predator.


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Moray can live in great depths (up to 60 m) and in the intertidal zone. And some of them, e.g. belonging to the genus Gymnothorax able to get out of the water that lingers in the crevices during low tide, and crawl many metres about the ground in search of access to the sea or to escape from his pursuers.

Sizes of eels

The Size of these fish can fluctuate with a large amplitude. For example, the giant Moray eel (otherwise it is called Javanese lycodontis) reaches a length up to 3.75 meters, and it weighs up to 45 kg. there are also quite small specimens, not growing more than 10 cm, But their mouths also equipped with sharp little teeth.Moray eel fish photo

Males of all morays are noticeably smaller than females.

In the world there are 200 species of these predators. And the majority of their lives in the warm waters of tropical and subtropical seas.

In the Red sea can be found the genus of Moray eels Echidna, which include eels-Zebra and snowflake Moray, and Gymnothorax – geometric, star and pelobatidae fish. The largest among them reaches 3 m in length.

The Eponymous inhabitant of the Mediterranean sea and grows up to five feet. It is a monster and used as a basis for the emergence of a terrible legend, came from the ancient time.

Way of life

Murena-fish, leading night life. Day of the predator sitting quietly in the crevices of rocks or in thickets of coral, and after dark go hunting. Its victims – small fish, crabs, octopus, and cephalopods.

Among eels there are species that spetsializiruyutsya mainly on sea urchins. These beauties can be found on the form of the teeth. They are perfectly adapted to cracking the shells.

By the Way, look at hunting Moray eels are not very nice. She digs her teeth victim into small pieces, and in just a minute she has no choice.

And octopus Murena pushes into some crevice, pushing back the head, pulls him tentacle for tentacle, while the rest of it will not be eaten.giant Moray

About the collaboration with eels

Murena-fish, of which there are a lot of dark legends about the insatiable as a dangerous creature that knows no pity. But there are other eyewitnesses who served it to us the way from the other side.

For example, the Moray eel may cooperate in hunting with grouper. He invites her for prey, swam to the hole and shakes his head. If the snake is hungry, she goes after bass. That leads the fish to the hidden “dinner” and waiting until the monster dives into the hole and catch him, to then share with your hunting partner.

A fish-wrasses altogether meekly allowed the dark body of the predator, as they are known and respected doctors. Those nimble, bright fish, working in pairs, clean the body of the eels, starting with the eyes, moving to the gills, and they swim fearlessly into the jaws. And, interestingly, eels at the reception of these doctors do not touch not only them but other fishes, sailed for help, wrasses and awaiting their turn.

What is special about the saber-toothed Moray

Separately, perhaps we should mention the Moray eels living in the Eastern part of the Atlantic ocean. Their black stripes adorning a yellow body, called the tiger Moray eels. The jaws of these predators is decorated with two rows of teeth of different sizes. By the way, this is another special sign of the fish data.

saber-toothed Moray

The fact that saber-toothed Moray is armed with a transparent, glass-looking teeth, which, however, can easily crush the shell of a crab or cancer. On the purity shining weapons care shrimp-cleaners, safely living in the jaws of the terrible creature.

Attacks if snake person?

It's a grim and surly-looking creature, of course, unsafe for people. But the bite Moray eels will follow only if the person he becomes for her a source of danger. That is, if the diver tries to stick his hand or foot in a hole, where it hides this fish, though not surprised of the reaction of a frightened animal. Especially not worth it to pursue fleeing from Moray.

It is Dangerous to shoot a harpoon into the crevice, fearing that there might be a predator. After all, if she really would be there, then, having become angry, will try to attack you.

Remember that this fish does not attack just being, surpassing it in size, and then leave her alone and she will not touch you. Moreover, if you are careful and prudent, the Moray eel (fish in the photo that you had the opportunity to see here) could be you friend. About it repeatedly wrote the famous explorers of the ocean and divers.


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