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Biography of Victoria Manasir — a striking confirmation of the fact that modern business woman does not have to give up personal life for a career. Being the wife of one of the richest people in Russia and the mother of four children, Victoria has successfully developed his own business, travels a lot and always finds time to communicate with their sons and daughter.

Victoria manasir biography

Early years

Victoria V. Manasir (before marriage — Sagura) was born in Moscow in 1981, the girl's Mother was a professional conductor and childhood instilled in her daughter a love of music. In 1990, Vicki was born the youngest sister Margaret.

Parents brought their daughters in severity, always presenting to them demanding. Because of this Vika grew up girl is disciplined and responsible. At the age of 12 Victoria Manasir had a keen interest in ballet, but the ballet school she didn't want to accept because she was too old to begin to dance. In this difficult situation, helped her mother, who agreed to work in the school accompanist only on the condition that her daughter will take it for a trial period. Doubt choreographers were in vain. Lithe and graceful Vika quickly mastered the ballet moves and achieved unprecedented success in the art of dance.

Introduction to Ziad Manasir

After graduating from the choreography school she was invited to perform in the famous ensemble. Moses. In the early 2000-ies to one of the concerts of the band as a guest was invited Jordanian tycoon Ziyad Manasir, doing business in Russia and is the founder of the holding company “stroygazconsulting”. The entrepreneur liked the soloist Victoria of sagura, and it started to take care of it. Soon after they met, the lovers began to prepare for marriage. For Victoria this was the first marriage, and her lover — the second. Ziyad Manasir, who was older than Vicki for 16 years, before I met her was already married and raised two daughters Helen and Diana. Latest after new marriage of father began to live with him and stepmother.


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Victoria manasir age


Marriage with businessman opened in the biography of Victoria Manasir new happy period, giving her the joy of motherhood. In 2004 Vika gave birth to her husband's daughter Dana. A year in the family of Ziyad and Victoria had a son Alex. But the two children the couple did not stop. After 4 and a half years, the former soloist of the ensemble of Moses Victoria Manasir gave her husband a son Roman, and September 1, 2017, in the family of a businessman and his wife had another boy, whom they named Andrew.

The Status of mothers are not afraid of Victoria. Since childhood, the wife of an oligarch dreamed about a large number of kids and even his little sister literally begged my parents. In an interview Manasir said that in the future plans to have at least one child. Spouse desire Victoria supports, because he was born in a large family in which except it grew another 11 children. To date, Ziyad Manasir, over 50 nephews, given to him by his brothers and sisters.

Ziyad manasir manasir and Victoria

Further education and business

Biography of Victoria Manasir is not limited to the education of children. After marriage, the girl graduated from the Financial Academy in the MBA program. In addition, Victoria has a diploma of designer and psychologist. Excellent education and financial support of her husband allowed her to establish your own business, which brings her not only income, but also moral satisfaction.

In 2003, Victoria Manasir opened on the right Bank of the Moscow river private clinic "French house of medicine." Later the wife of a businessman had the idea to create an institution where children and their parents could reveal their creative and intellectual abilities. And there was a kids club and family entertainment Vikiland, which Manasir chose Bolshaya Tatarskaya street in Moscow. Some time later, the club Vikiland opened a branch in Barvikha village.

Victoria manasir children

In his club kids Victoria Manasir offers to learn foreign languages, to learn acting, drawing, vocals and dances. Also Vikiland teachers work to teach kids the sport, making pottery, and playing chess. The club can prepare your child for school. Parents don't get bored while their children are in the classroom, they Vikiland you can meditate in the yoga room, to painting lessons or vocal. Victoria is often in its established club not only as hostess but also as a visitor. It is like working with a Potter's wheel and practice yoga.

Secrets to parenting

Journalists interested in biography Victoria Manasir, often ask her about her kids. The spouse of the businessman gladly answers these questions, joking that motherhood is her greatest success in life, profession and Hobbies. Despite his busy schedule, Victoria always puts the interests of their children. The manasir do not trust domestic education, which, in her opinion, suppresses the freedom of the students. To the older children received a good education, she sent them to study in the boarding house Bilton Grange in London. The novel is too small for studying abroad, so Vika had to put him in the Moscow school. In your free time lessons Alex is a hockey, Rugby, horse riding and music. The daughter of Victoria and Manasir Ziyad Manasir, Dana loves to paint, her works are shown at art exhibitions. The novel deals with basketball, tennis and swimming.

Victoria brings up children in severity and instills in them respect for older people. She never punishes them, and all the conflicts with them prefers to solve through talking.

Victoria manasir ensemble mosaic


Age Victoria Manasir allows her to stay cheerful and energetic, despite the busy rhythm of life. Together with her husband and children, she loves to travel. Favorite vacation spot Victoria are a cozy European resorts, but she did not refuse from trips to Africa and Antarctica.

Victoria has received several formations, but to stop there is not going to. Her dream is admission to the directing Department of the VGIK. Manasir feels the potential for the creation of a movie and I'm sure in the future will be able to shoot interesting movies.


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