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Fulfilling the Golden rule “be honest with your readers”, claim that you did not have before writing this article the slightest idea about what is hardcore and what it eats. My ignorance is warmed up interest to get to the truth and to find out more about this mysterious concept.

So hardcore – a category that does not have one clear interpretation. The search engine gave me a lot of interpretations, but they all agree on one thing – it's not quite the usual musical direction. Below I will explain why according to such determination.

Hardcore punk appeared in the US and UK in the late 70's and sang of freedom, of anarchy, of the will of man. If you compare this course with punk rock, the tracks are shorter, but heavier. Externally, the performers looked like this: t-shirt or plaid shirt, skinny jeans, sneakers, tattoos, piercings (the latter came into use relatively recently).

But it is necessary to distinguish between what is hardcore in Britain and America. Of course, the styles are similar, but there are its own peculiarities. In the UK there is a street punk, d-beat (here is dominated by hard guitar and fearsome, roaring vocals), grindcore, crust punk.

The Next direction, which is also called the hardcore – rap-hardcore. The music within is different a bit heavy and chaotic sound.

Hardcore techno appears in the 90-ies in the Netherlands, Germany, England; the hallmark is recognized carried out with the speed of the music experiments.

That is hardcore, knows every self-respecting musician seeking in this environment, but all styles did not know anybody. The fact that they are – countless, and occasionally there are new directions. Accustomed, of course, very few, but once familiar now, was new and unknown, but they conquered the planet and won the hearts of millions of fans.


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I would Like to list the most popular styles:

1. Gabber – one of the “at Warhol's" types.

2. Happy are hints of fun and ease that are quite rare in this kind of music, here the aggression is kept to a minimum; originally inserted to play the piano, for example, or a clipping from a famous song in the genre of pop.

3. Industrial hardcore – a very heavy direction in which the sound is literally pressure on the head, melody is almost there, so an inexperienced listener is practically impossible to master at least one track.

4. And I would like to mention speedcore – with a quick style, in which the speed reaches up to three hundred beats per minute!

It was Mentioned some countries, but it is necessary to tell and about Russian hardcore. He appeared in 1994, its founder recognized DJ Digger. Then, developing this direction came to creating a brand called "space station", which is suited to a variety of parties, which were attended by MC Pate, Or-Beat, Digger, Shark and others. Tradition became a friendly battle taking place between the musicians.

In 1998, a Russian hardcore has undergone dramatic changes associated with the departure of DJ Or-Beat in Canada. After this event, the program was handed over to another lead, but after a short action was closed.

Now on the Russian scene a hundred performers that adhere to a wide variety of styles.

But what is hardcore if not to take into account the music? It turns out that the mode of the popular game "Praetorians", which is considered to be more complex than usual. Part-time hardcore here – and the award, intended for those who will find such a complex mode and is all over the game.

Certainly, many have heard about hardcore in your everyday life – is a term used to refer to something hard, rough and heavy. As we say in some situations: “hardcore mode”.

Thus, there were considered three options for the definition of “hardcore”, but there is no guarantee that in the future this category will not be treated differently according to the time. But the old value is changing, and all around, and, most likely, new styles of music will make fans long to languish in expectation of a miracle.


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