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Anna Piaggi is one of the most famous journalists in the world of fashion, fashion stylist, and recognized throughout the world style icon. It – one of those people for whom the years are not a hindrance. On the contrary, they Piaggi synonymous with well-established, concentrated beauty, personal style and taste.

Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi: a biography of the early years

Future style icon was born March 22, 1931 in the family of Manager of the universal store. Her mother worked as a Secretary in the same Department store, so little Anna since the childhood was able to get in touch with the magic world of beautiful and stylish clothes. Unfortunately for the whole family, Anna's father died when she was only 7 years old. Mother sent Anna to the children's orphanage.

There Anna received a quality education, but as soon as the school closed the boarding school was finished, she went to explore the world. Like its contemporaries Elsa Schiaparelli, Anna chose free way, providing themselves doing odd jobs dishwashers or nannies. Anna Piaggi subsequently constantly pointed out that she managed to reach the top in the fashion world only through strict discipline instilled in the walls of a boarding school.

Anna Piaggi photo

Early career

Anyone not known for certain why girls fell on the fashion industry. However, in 1960, she arranged for the post of translator in the fashion publishing Arianna. Since that time, Piaggi begins very often to visit London. Only during his visits to London Piaggi was visited by about 87 fashion stores. In one of the boutiques she accidentally met the famous fashion historian – venom Lambert.


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In the process of communicating with Lambert have Piaggi there is a desire to collect old books, clothing items in vintage style, as well as elements of the interior. Anna began to experiment, blending elements of the XIX century with modern clothing items. But while her own style is a little different from the way ordinary women – a simple dress, slicked-down hair.

Anna Piaggi biography

Fashion magazines

Significant are for Anna the 60-ies, which are considered the beginning of her ascent to the Olympus of fashion. And it was at this time she met her future husband Alf Castaldi. The following starting point for Anna was working with the publisher Cond'e Nast. Together with her husband Anna produces reports from the latest fashion shows, writes articles about fashion trends. Editor of the journal of the same publisher's Vanity Fair in 1981, becoming Anna Piaggi. Photo fashion journalist has survived from those times thanks to the stylist Karl Lagerfeld. Since 1974, he carefully collected pictures documenting how the journalistic work of Anna and her fashion images.

Anna Piaggi's personal life


Since 1988, Anna Piaggi began to work with Vogue magazine as a fashion consultant. She starts reading his own column. Her fashion intuition makes the magazine extremely popular. Readers start to buy it just for the sake of its reviews.

It Should be noted that thanks to the collaboration with Italian Vogue Anna Piaggi was able to show all his talent. For example, the British edition of this magazine is meticulous and sad photographs, the main feature are the French version of patriotism and the tendency to follow the local fashion traditions. And the Italian publishing house Anna are plenty to fantasize and experiment with images. Complete freedom – this is the main advantage we had in the journal of Anna Piaggi. Photos young displays already formed in her taste for everything fancy.

Many of the great designers of the time rightly called Piaggi “architect careers”. It only should appear in the image or dress, created by some unknown young talent in front of him easily opened gate to the world of fashion. As it happened, for example, with Julian McDonald.

Where did blue streak?

Approximately in the same period in hair fashion journalist appears the famous blue streak. Anna Piaggi claimed that it is completely random. It happened during a regular visit to a barbershop. Suddenly, Anna saw that the master had changed. Really, the concern was obvious: a mix of paints entered into a chemical reaction with the hair, and the strand has purchased a bright blue hue. But Anna Piaggi did not hesitate, and since then, this strand has become an integral part of image of amazing women.

The Work of Anna Piaggi were inspired by such great designers as Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Lacroix, Versace, Stephen Jones, Galliano Blahnik, and many others. Credo Anna Piaggi was: ‘you should Never wear the same dress twice”. So in her wardrobe there were 2586 dresses. And most likely, it was just a small part of what she liked.

Anna Piaggi photo young

Anna Piaggi: personal life

In 1962, Piaggi was married to Alfa Castaldi. He was not only her friend and partner, but also a wise mentor. The wedding was held in new York, and there Piaggi moved to a permanent place of residence. They have lived their entire life in harmony. Only in 1995 Anna suffered a misfortune: Castaldi passed away from cancer. However, after recovering from grief, Anna continues the creative activity and in 1999, he released a book dedicated to the ten-year history of her column in the magazine Vogue.In 2006, London was opened an exhibition titled Anna Piaggi: fashion-ology. It is possible to see samples from inventory the personal collection of Anna. Only one Shoe to 256 pairs.

7 Aug 2012, Anna passed away in Milan. Her age at the time was 81 years old. Anna Piaggi is considered the undisputed phenomenon not only in the world of high fashion, but in human culture in General.


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