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Space is far to ordinary citizens. This is a huge space, people have tried to conquer many years. Developed secret technology and fuel, to finally one day get him open space. All the famous Yuri Gagarin, dogs the shooter with a Squirrel and, of course, Titov, Vladimir G., Soviet and Russian cosmonaut. This is a great man who will remain not only in Russian but also in world history.

Vladimir Titov: biography and family

He was born in the beginning of nineteen forty-seven years - the first of January. His father, Georgy Vasilievich participated in the great Patriotic war, passed it and received the rank of Colonel. He always taught his son courage, steadfastness. His efforts were not in vain for the boy.

Vladimir Titov

Vladimir Titov after ten classes decide to enroll in higher aviation school of the city of Chernihiv. He wanted to stay to learn where he was born, so as not to leave the family. At the end of this school in the seventies, Titov received a specialty not just of the pilot and the engineer. Then he went to the University of Marxism-Leninism on formal training and successfully graduated in the seventy-fourth.

The qualification of the administration officer fighting Titov, Vladimir G. received on completion with honors at the correspondence Department VVA Gagarin. That was in nineteen eighty-seventh year.

Here is extensive for the Soviet era educational biography. Vladimir Titov was the cosmonaut already seventy-sixth year, combining training and study. He passed the entire course of General space training. In these courses he was trained to fly on spacecraft such as the Mir and Salyut.


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The First flight of Titov

In nineteen eighty-third year, made his long-awaited first flight of Titov, Vladimir Georgiyevich. Astronaut flew in the expanse of a flight engineer Strekalov and researcher-cosmonaut Serebrov. This flight passed twentieth of April. Vladimir Titov was the commander of this unit and the spacecraft "Soyuz T-8".

Titov, Vladimir G.

During the flight was scheduled to dock their spacecraft with the orbital complex and on Board to produce scientific, medical, biological and technical research. But the control Centre made the decision to cancel the docking, as there was considerable variation in the course of approximation to the complex "Salyut-7".

Dangerous start

In September, Titov and Strekalov were preparing for another flight, everything went fine, no one was expecting any surprises, and the more possible trouble. In just a few seconds before the ship was built at incredible speed to rush through the sky, there was a fire in the booster. An emergency rescue system worked instantly, saving the lives of two astronauts. Camera people went down near the grid. This flight could become a real tragedy for the entire Soviet Union.

biography Vladimir Titov

A Year in orbit

After failed start Vladimir Titov for four years waited for the flight. His second journey to the stars, the astronaut started the twenty-first of December the eighty-seventh year. He was appointed commander of the Ship "Soyuz TM-4". Vladimir Titov, the Russian cosmonaut Manarov and researcher Levchenko went into space to dock with the Mir complex. Titov headed the complex scientific expedition, which was the third in a row. During his stay in the complex was produced extensive work on experiments and observations, was performed the reception of the visiting expeditions. Vladimir Titov during his stay at the station three times to go into space.

Vladimir Titov biography and the family

In November, and eighty-eight "Mir" took French crew on Board your. Three weeks, the cosmonauts worked together, but it's time to return to Earth. So Titov and Manarov set the first world record for staying in space in earth orbit. The time from the start minutes before the time returns to Land amounted to three hundred and sixty five days, twenty two hours, thirty eight minutes and fifty seven seconds. The astronauts returned home, too, of the twenty-first of December, and started.

Hero of the Soviet Union

In the Soviet Union have a new hero - Vladimir G. Titov. Achieve this astronaut for an extended stay in space was considered and awarded the title of Hero. For courage shown in the course of the expedition, and heroism Titov was awarded the order of Lenin and medal "gold Star". These awards Vladimir earned through honest work, risking his life and commanding detachment.

Titov, Vladimir G. biography

Marital status Titova

While Titov was on a year leave the Land and go on an expedition into space, he already had a family: wife Alexandra, twelve-year-old daughter, Marina, and two-year-old son George. Wife is sad, knowing that there is a year to part with her beloved husband, but was proud of him and his work. The daughter really missed my father, drawing space ships, from the window where she waved to dad. She imagined that he is in the sky directly over their house, and constantly sees them. Family for Vladimir means a lot, he loves his wife and children. For them he tries to be a hero, not only in space, but an example for his son and pride for her daughter.

Vladimir Titov is very sorry that his father hasn't seen his flights and achievements, could not rejoice over the son. Georgiy Titov died before the first flight of the son, in the sixty-first year. Vladimir says that all of what he has accomplished in life and space, is a credit to his father, his proper upbringing of his son. Father George has always been an example. A little boy Vladimir used to look at military photos of my father. He said that when I grow up, I will be a hero and become a Colonel.

Titov, Vladimir G. astronaut

Mother always supported his beloved son. She gave him all the warmth and kindness, teaching child honesty and order. Vladimir supported the mother after the death of his father, was next to her in the sad moments. When his son was awarded for the flight and heroism during the expedition, the mother could not hold back tears of joy and pride.

His Wife, too, was Vladimir, was tolerant of his frequent and long absences, waited home from work. She supported the Vladimir, when it suddenly occurred failures, worry and lie awake at night while her husband was in space.

Subsequent flights

After his big one-year-old stay in orbit again for many years waiting for the flight of the Soviet cosmonaut Titov, Vladimir Georgiyevich. Biography of his flights became rich after the Soviet Union collapsed. In the ninety-second year Titov was ready to fly on American spacecraft under the international program. This training took place in the center of NASA, in Texas, again far from home.

The Third flight was not very long, it took place from the third to the eleventh of November the ninety-fifth year. At this point, Vladimir Titov was not in space for more than seven years. He went in as a specialist on Shuttle flights. Planned program they have successfully bonded with the complex "Mir" and walked at a distance of only ten meters.

Vladimir Titov cosmonaut

Next, the fourth flight, Vladimir Titov made on the Shuttle in late September, ninety-seven. The plans were docking with the Mir complex, and they successfully made. The first of October, Titov went into space aboard the space Shuttle.

The Twentieth of August, the ninety-eighth year, the Colonel Georgiy Titov resigned. But he did not sit in a rocking chair, encountering old age, and went to work for the benefit of the space further. After Titov retired from the squad and from the army, he went to work as a Manager in the office of programs for piloting. With ninety-nine he was appointed Director of a major international space company in the CIS and Russia.

Vladimir G. Titov: achievements

This distinguished astronaut and a great man has gained worldwide recognition. He received the title of hero of the Soviet Union, received the Bulgarian order of Georgi Dimitrov in Afghanistan he was awarded the "Sun of Freedom", in France - the order of the "Legion of honor", and two orders of Lenin and medal "red star". In addition, Vladimir Titov has two medals of "space flight". These awards were presented to the astronaut at NASA.


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