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What are the sources of literature and any other art? What driving forces cause the artist to do? According to the laws of dialectics, such forces are the different kinds of contradictions often hidden in the depth of the process. Take a closer look to well-known curriculum writer. What are some interesting facts from the life of Turgenev we can find?

What do we know about the author of "Mumu" and "Noble nest"?

The works of Ivan Turgenev is an integral part of the classical heritage of Russian literature of the nineteenth century. His books continue to shape the minds of the Russian people has for the second century. The ideas of the writer are still relevant, and his artistic images do not lose their expressiveness and in the early twenty-first century. But contradictory facts from the life of Turgenev attract the attention of not only researchers of his work, but the simple readers of his stories and novels. And in the writer's life there were many interesting events and controversial circumstances.interesting facts from the life of Turgenev


If you describe the life of Turgenev short, the first striking the following strange circumstance - all fond of Russian nature, the writer preferred to spend years of his life as far as possible from Russia. Can be him from a great distance it was easier to write a lengthy description of the Russian forests, fields, villages and estates? Inspiration is a capricious thing... But in reality everything was much more prosaic. Get a good inheritance and a steady income from estates, a writer is much more comfortable outside the country. The aristocratic elite of Russia are willing to read Turgenev. That's just political views to share it could not. All the most interesting facts from the life of Turgenev somehow connected with his worldview. That was a strange landlord-serf.years of his life Turgenev


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The Great Russian literature owes master landlord that he was one of the first writers who drew attention to the life, the life and customs of the common people. To "Notes of a hunter" by Turgenev it was not in Vogue. The very name of this series of stories invented by the editor of the magazine "Sovremennik" Panayev, to somehow justify to the reader a little unusual range of topics and images, with whom he will meet on the pages of this book. Interesting facts from the life of Turgenev begin in its pages, where the image of the narrator is easily recognized the author of the narrative. And the landlord is a gentleman with deep compassion and attention to the plight of ordinary Russian peasants, serfs. And that's not the most interesting in the life of Turgenev. A simple sympathy for the oppressed, the writer does not stop there. He did everything in his power to change Russia's current order of things. life of Turgenev briefly


Perhaps the best years of his life Turgenev took place in France. It was eagerly welcomed in the highest aristocratic circles and the Bohemian salons of Paris. His books were translated, published and read throughout enlightened Europe. Writer traveled a lot and loved to visit on the Cote d'azur of France, in Italy. He was often accompanied, as an honorary escort, tour the famous French singer Pauline Viardot, his beloved. Did not go unnoticed and such interesting facts from the life of Turgenev, as his frequent visits to the gaming house and casino Baden-Baden and Monte Carlo. Russian writer was an extremely venturesome man, and the means is not particularly needed. But with all this long kept him in Europe does not love riotous living. Stay away from the homeland was mainly due to the mindset of the writer who in considerable degree was contrary to the ruling circles of the Russian Empire.the facts of life Turgenev

New people Turgenev

Of Course, the writer was not alone in his efforts. He represented his creativity increasingly powerful acceleration for social thought. Wherever the years of his life Turgenev, his books were aimed at the gradual approach of the inevitable socio-political change in Russia. In addition to the serfs, he brought to his works a gallery of such types, which previously in the Russian literature was not simple. But they appeared in the mid-nineteenth century Russian society and naturally reflected on the pages of novels and stories of Turgenev. We are talking about commoners-revolutionaries. The people categorically do not like a centuries-old way of Russian life. Of those who painfully sought ways to change the existing order of things. One can argue about the attitude of the author to these new characters, it is far from clear. But the writer-realist immortalized their spiritual quest in his books. And today we would be without them is very difficult to understand the pre-revolutionary era.interesting life Turgenev

Country is on the verge of great change

The Writer had to leave this world long before Russia was swept by a whirlwind of wars and revolutions. Andtoday we can only guess about how Russian classic would have reacted to what happened in the country half a century after the abolition of serfdom. But the writer-realist Turgenev has always been at the forefront of the public debate and in his works could not reflect the anticipation of great change. Through his book revolutionary ideas and sentiments came to the consciousness of a whole generation of the Russian people. There was not a single future of a revolutionary who is not familiar with his work.

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