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Today we will tell you who Eugene Muravyev. His biography will be discussed next. We are talking about the Russian playwright and poet-songwriter. He is the author of the libretto-musicals. He also was the author of texts of songs performed by stars of the Russian stage.


Eugene Muravyev – the poet, who was born 8 Jan 1961 in Kazan. After leaving school he became a student at Sasovo flying school of civil aviation named Taran, G. A., Eugene was a pilot, worked in agricultural aviation, flew the An-2 aircraft. In parallel, he studied at the Kazan aviation Institute named after A. N. Tupolev. This University our hero has graduated with honors.

Eugene ants

In the nineties, he changes lives dramatically and sent to Estonia and moved to the city of Kunda. There begins to work as a school teacher – teaches physical education, history and Economics. The career of our hero as a poet starts in 1995. And in 1998 he moved to Moscow. Our hero is married, loves to travel, enjoys photography


Eugene Muravyev – songwriter. He notes that in this capacity, his main task – to get his personal feelings and thoughts passed first to the contractor and then turned into the feeling of the listener. He tries to catch the motive, which customized the heart and soul. Every song for him – this is a little story. He tries in every word to make more sense and to speak very sincerely.

Write poems Eugene he started in 1995. First, he wrote 25 test texts. After you have decided to show their professional composers. Being in Moscow on the way, he left his work to Arkady Ukupnik and Igor Krutoy. After 5 months, the last invited our hero to Moscow. Then he signed the first copyright agreement for songs. From the above compilation of best practices Igor Krutoy itself postponed more than half of the works. Arkady Ukupnik has chosen a few more.


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Eugene ants biography

In 1996, on the stage appeared the first song which was based on the verses of the poet, – ‘Her Majesty". Performed Irina Allegrova. Following came other songs: “last night’, ‘Gallery of broken hearts”, “Harem”, “a branch of the chestnut". Our hero became a winner of the “Song of the year”. Irina Allegrova recorded about 50 songs on poems of this author. In collaboration with Igor Krutoy songs created “You know mom” for Diana Gurtskaya and “River tram” for Alla Pugacheva.

Our hero, along with Kim Breitburg organized the duet of Boris Moiseev and Ludmila Gurchenko, who sang the song “Petersburg-Leningrad”. Further, this creative Union gave another song on the verses of the poet – “Hate”. Nadezhda Kadysheva and Alexander Kostyuk create the song "Wide river" on poems by Muraviev. For the anniversary of St. Petersburg was written the anthem of this city. This work is also of interest that it was attended by the leading artists of the domestic music. Clip on that song were broadcast by the Russian channels. Soon the song could be heard on the radio. She also sounded during holiday events held in Saint Petersburg. In total, since 1996, was written about a thousand songs on poems by Muravyev.

Eugene ants photo

Since 2010 Evgeny is actively and successfully working on writing the libretto for different musicals. Our hero notes that this genre has captured it so that it allows to cross the boundaries of one songs, to change the form of verse, to extend the range of described stories to get away from the principle of verse-chorus. The author notes that it is incredibly interesting to animate characters, build their world. Our hero is the author of literary translation of the play by I. Kalman “Bayadere”. The author is the Russian copyright society.


Eugene Muravyev collaborates with Alexander Ruzhitsky, Arkady Ukupnik, Alexey Garnizov, Alexander Kostyuk, Kim Breitburg, Alexander Morozov, Igor Krutoy. He also is creative alliances with Juliana Donskoy, Egor by Sechinym, Alexander Dobronravov, Alexander Lukyanov, Maria Fedorova, Alexander by Fedorovym, Alexander Kosenkova, Sergei Voitenko.

Eugene Muravyev poet


Eugene Muravyev wrote the lyrics underlying songs performed by: Sofia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva, Joseph Kobzon, Irina Allegrova, Philip Kirkorov, Laima Vaikule, Valery Leontiev, Nadezhda Kadysheva, Larisa Dolina, Nikolai Baskov, Olga Kormukhina, Lada Dens, Taisiya Povaliy, Angelica, Lolita, Alexander Buinov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Boris Moiseev, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, sister rose, Lubov Uspenskaya, Alexander Marshal, Arkady Ukupnik, Alexey Goman, Jan Osin, Ludmila Nikolaeva, Natalia Vetlitskaya, Alexander Panayotov, Diana Gurtskaya, Ruslan Alehno, Alexey Chumakov, Vladimir Vinokur, Alena Apina, Igor Slutsky, Efim Shifrin, Katya LEL, Marina Devyatova Irina Ponarovskaya, Evgeniya Otradnaya, Renat Ibragimov, Alexander Malinin, Natalya Varley, Valery Zolotukhin, Alexander Domogarov, Sergei Kuprik, Garik Sukachev, Elena Hops. He also collaborated with Sergei Pereverzev, groups“Girls”, “Prime Minister”, “Yin and Yang”, “Cuts" ensemble «friends», «Bayan Mix”.


Eugene Muravyev is the winner of a festival called “song of the year”. Also he is multiple winner of awards for achievements in the genre of chanson. In addition, the poet many times became the laureate of the festival called "New songs".

Reviews and videos

Irina Allegrova noted that Eugene Muravyev – Balzac, living in our days. According to her, the man who wrote such verses, understands what a woman needs is her character. Sergei Neighbors said that our hero creates an eye-catching poems, which, combined with the music of worthy composers are key to the success of the albums of the stars of modern pop music.

Eugene ants songwriter

To many songs on the poetry of our hero were filmed videos, among them: “River tram”, “Wide river”, “Hate”, “You know mom”, “Her Highness”, “Swing”, “Right last night”, “happy birthday!”, “Harem”, “Half”, “eye to Eye», «Boss Lady”, “We continue show”, “Holidays”, “the kiss Control”, “Cloud”, “Selfish”, “Red cat”, “maiden”, “ever”. Now you know who Eugene Muravyev. Photo of the poet attached to this material.

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