M. Prishvin, "Pantry of the sun": a review. "Pantry of the sun": the theme, main characters, summary


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Very often to understand the meaning of the work helps opinion. “the Pantry of the sun" is a fairy tale-a true story of a famous Soviet writer Mikhail Prishvin. This book is intended for children, it was taught in the sixth grade, but it carries a deep philosophical meaning, as its main idea – the vital problem of the relationship of man with nature. The story is imbued with a warm sense of love of the author to his characters and their surrounding living environment. However, the narrative has a fine sense of humor that readers loved this story.

Opinions about heroes

In the preparation of a school lesson in the present work will help opinion. “the Pantry of the sun” is considered one of the best works of Prishvin. In this novel fully manifested his talent as a writer-artist who praised the beauty of Russian nature. Readers in one voice say that the main characters of the tale, brother Midrasha and his sister Nastya, turned out to be extremely successful.

Brave, brave boy, striving to be independent, and sensible, clever girl immediately won the sympathy of fans, admirers of the writer. According to their observation, the author skillfully built the story on the contrast of their characters. Review (“the Pantry of the sun”, thus, became not only a tale of true adventure in nature, but interesting story about the interaction between the two so unlike each other people) about the book shows the preservation of the interest of modern readers to this simple and somewhat naive story. They noted the fascinating story, detailed psychological characteristics of actors and colourful description of the landscape.

opinion pantry of the sun


The Work begins with descriptions of the lives of the characters in the village. The action takes place in a village near the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Nastya and Midrasha – orphans, their parents died during the war, so they are forced alone to our economy. The girl gets up early to have time to do all the necessary work, and Midrasha around helping her. Readers point to the truthfulness and accuracy of the description by the author of the complex conditions in which children found themselves. How users liked this entry, shows opinion. “the Pantry of the sun” is one of the most widely read books Prishvin it is due to faithful reproduction difficult of the postwar era, for example the everyday work of these young children.

pantry of the sun the main characters

The Plot

The Impetus for action was the decision of a brother and sister to go to the forest to collect cranberries. They are carefully prepared for your hike, as the path was coming not close to the same in the road they could be in danger. The story “the Pantry of the sun”, where the main characters deserve the love of the reader for its frankness and courage, contains a very vivid description of the forest glades, where to send the children in search of berries.


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Readers will note that this place is one of the best in the whole of the story, as a writer with a special love and warmth conveyed mystery and beauty of the Russian forest. In their view, this passage carries great meaning, as it is a mysterious forest and was the place where the unfolded main events of the story. The book “the Pantry of the sun”, where the main characters during a campaign had an argument and went their separate ways, which led to an amazing adventure Mitrache amazes the readers with a picture of the landscape that precedes the main action.

m Prishvin pantry of the sun

Scene in the swamp

She had found a glade with cranberries and are so enthusiastic about her collection, that she forgot about the fight with his brother. And the latter meanwhile, went deeper into the woods, until they finally came upon a swamp. Readers rightly point out that the writer is not so vain described the whole path of a boy in search of berries: according to them, the bleakness of the wilderness, dark of the trees, an empty area creates a sense of danger and impending misfortunes. Like no other Soviet writers, was able to create an atmosphere of mystery in nature Prishvin. “the Pantry of the sun” - a vivid example. Narrative about the journey through the swamp Mitrache, in the opinion of the readers – one of the most intriguing moments in the entire book. The scene created by the author is fascinating and scary at the same time, so the ensuing incident produces a dual effect.

pantry of the sun content

The House of the Forester

Especially touching and heartfelt, the author tells about the life of Intipuca in this wild and terrible place. It was a small hut, which he occupied along with his dog Weed. This man was a local Forester, and despite the sad situation, in which he had to live, he retained warm personal feelings to everything around him. Great importance to these secondary characters gave M. Prishvin. “the Pantry of the sun” is not only a kids ' story, but the story of the life of man in nature. By the time of the action of the novel Antipas died, and in his small house there was only one Pot. She was hunting rabbits, not knowing that herself in danger, as there are constantly scoured the big bad wolf, called localresidents of Gray Landlord.

 Prishvin about nature


The Most acute and intense moment in the story is the scene in which the author described the adventures of Marashi in the swamp. The boy chose a very dangerous path in order to get to the glade, and, passing along a narrow path among big trees, accidentally fell into a Blind Elan. So in a village called forest swamp. The story “the Pantry of the sun”, the content of which is marked by restraint and deliberation, is characterized by alternating patterns of nature and breathtaking scenes.

According to readers, the incident in the swamp is one of the most tense and dynamic throughout the novel, although the narrative is in the same spirit and pace. However, according to users, the author was able in the same style to convey the dynamics and tension of the moment. According to the majority of readers, especially expressive it turned out that the episode in which the author emphasizes the firmness and judgment of a boy who lost his presence of mind, remembering the advice of his father and managed using Weed to escape from death.

pantry of the sun theme


In school lessons pupils are often offered a theme of “Prishvin about the nature of”. The expression in question is the best fit for the disclosure of this issue because in this forest is a full-fledged protagonist. The author, following the fairy-tale motifs, shows how nature sometimes helps kids, and sometimes, on the contrary, poses a danger to them. Most users said that the writer held the idea that careful and intelligent interaction with the environment helped the heroes escape danger. So, the story “the Pantry of the sun’ is – the need for unity of man and nature, is recognized as one of the best novels in the genre of fairy tale-a true story in Russian literature.

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