Mikhalkov, the "Elephant-painter": the analysis of fables feature heroes.


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The Life of children's writer and satirist Mikhalkov took place mostly in public. He often published in Newspapers, appeared on TV. Everyone remembers him as the author, who was loved and adored. Not one generation has grown up on the poems of such a great writer.

His works are remembered simply because they concern important issues and morals. The poet shares with the people and sorrow, and joy. The genre of the fable by Sergei Mikhalkov's "Elephant-painter" sets the task of guiding people to the right path, teaches morality, chastity and decency. It does not lose its relevance to the present day.

Mikhalkov elephant painter


The Elephant is an illustration of what not to please everyone around. The ability to elect is necessary, reasonable and in conformity with recommendations by developing a personal point of view - fair principle in this particular case.

Hero of the depicted landscape, but he is not fully convinced about his talents, as a result, decided to learn judgement of associates. The scenery was good, but each man failed to merit to evaluate his talent, and only noticed the flaws that were found significant.

fable Mikhalkov elephant painter

The Elephant in order to please everyone, only defaced the painting, drawing on it elements that voiced companions. And came out a jumble. Any person should have their own opinion and to reasonably protect their beliefs. To listen to recommendations, but ultimately decide carefully.

The Heroes

The Central character of the fable Mikhalkov's "Elephant-painter" is an elephant. He was elected poet is quite logical. Since ancient centuries, it is reputed the most intelligent animals, capable of many ways to impact society. The Indian elephant is a Holy animal. Ganesha is commonly represented with elephant head, which symbolizes wisdom.


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The Work of Mikhalkov's "Elephant-painter" teaches us that you need to find the boundary between the uncertainty in the forces, weaknesses, and extraordinary arrogance. In fact, such food for thought brings her readers the author has put their life wisdom in this verse.

Sergei Mikhalkov, the elephant painter

The Main theme of the fable Mikhalkov's "Elephant-painter" is also considered to be thinking about, is it possible to please everyone. The poet finds the answer quickly. Everyone has their own opinion on things. For this reason, to please everyone is impossible. Therefore, following the recommendations of various experts, you have to think with your head, listen to yourself and your heart.

Every poetic creation is like an iceberg. Only a small part of the story is on the surface. In order to take in the problems addressed by the author, have to do a full analysis of all poems Mikhalkov's "Elephant-painter". Only serious reading and work with their own mind will help to understand it. It is necessary to penetrate the thoughts of a poet, to comprehend the idea. Fable Mikhalkov's "Elephant-painter" gives you the opportunity to reflect on the many circumstances in life that happen every day with anyone.

The Famous Mikhalkov comes from an old Russian family, even from his youth, he shows his literary talent, passion for poetry, a sharp eye and not the child's vision. The first creative work he wrote at the age of nine years. It is extremely curious to get to the core of the known and heard. Considered fable - example.

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